Relaxing, Walking, Eating…. The Ups and Downs of the River Walk in San Antonio

George and I had a great morning of reading and drinking coffee. Just relaxing. A rare time that was much enjoyed as we waited on the kids to arrive.

Dexter was running around and playing with his buds. George and I decided to grab a salad at a nearby restaurant- 2 salads for $45 lol 😂. It was good though and very filling!

We ate outside and the weather was nice.

Some pics from our complex. Used to be grain processing plant.

Family arrived and after Little Roo’s nap we went to get ice cream. George and I split pistachio and it was so good. Then it was on to the River Walk.

The pictures here show up great. But it was hard to maneuver a stroller as too many stairs involved to cross from side to side. Waits too long to eat for a toddler. Mile long line to ride boat. So…After $30 to park for about an hour and a half – if that- we left! But enjoy the pics here. It makes the River Walk look fun. lol

At least we got some walking in!

No one could make a decision where to eat. So we saw a playground where Little Roo could play. And we had a beer while we decided dinner strategy. With everyone tired and hungry we decided to eat close to home (the condo).

It turned out to be great choice. The food was great! Service was great. Food quickly to table and everyone happy!

They had a cucumber salad that was so good! Puts our Southern one to shame. I must try the Japanese recipe!

I good some Yugoshobi noodles – that’s probably not it- but something like that! I can’t remember English words anymore much less Japanese ones.


So the plan today is to eat breakfast here and go to Fredericksburg- in the hill country of TX!

Yesterday wore me out. I was already tired from miles of walking the day before. George and both were woken up in early morning hours yesterday with leg cramps lol. We have bananas on site though! And ate with breakfast.

The condo is great and has charm. But we discovered it doesn’t have a dining table! What? I never even noticed when we booked it!

So breakfast will be on the sofa!

A front came thru with storms overnight and our 78 degree day turns to upper 40’s low 50’s! A chilly day!

Now to go fix coffee. We have a Keurig and it will be loud and afraid it’ll wake everyone up. Might go get back in bed.

7 responses to “Relaxing, Walking, Eating…. The Ups and Downs of the River Walk in San Antonio”

  1. What fun you are having..despite having to walk miles !! Some great photos, isn’t the wee one a smasher ! Love the photo of the two of you with the stroller ( we call them push chairs !) looking forward to seeing next days trip to Fredericksburg ?
    Have fun

  2. Such good pictures. Roo looks so happy with his bright brown eyes. He is getting big.He is a cutie. I bet he is running all over the place now..At that age boys love to run. And are in constant motion. I sure remember those times.
    I know it feels good being there with them. I hope the storms are missing you guys.
    That was expensive for a salad. Wow, usually one is around $10-$ But yours did look good. Your noodle dish looks interesting.
    It is pouring rain here, but I am curled up with my blanket and a book. I don’t have to be out in it today.
    Have fun and take care.

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