How I Came Up with The Phrase of the Year, a Book Review, and Ordering Online.

Good morning! Here’s the link BELOW to this mornings video. In it I explain 2023’s phase of the year and why I chose it and “how to choose” one of your own. I made it fun – full of graphics, sounds effects, Dexter, Mom and I getting our Mammograms, ordering on line, and I do a little book review of the book I’m currently reading. This one’s a short one!

Next week’s will be the Valentine excursion! And today I’m videoing my day off so the following Saturday will be about what all I get into today – which should include many things – we’ll see. I’m hopeful and excited for today’s time at home. It’s been 3 weeks since I had a day at home! Too long.

I hope you enjoy the video. If you want to make sure and not miss the future ones, please subscribe on YouTube, leave me a comment or a like on there as it really helps out the channel. As always I appreciate your support! Thank you for being here, and there, and anywhere else you follow Less Hustle More Coffee. Muuuuuuahhh! (Little Kiss!)

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  1. Hi Sonya, I’m a bit late getting down to saying. Thank you for todays. vlog….Sorry…
    It was nice as always hearing your voice telling us about everything you were hoping to do this week. You know that I only ever try to say how I truly feel about your Vlog and it was interesting this week but perhaps just a little bit to much chatting ..I know how difficult it is to have more movement intercepting …is there such a word !!….your words but I think more movement would help …..Otherwise keep going, no doubt you’re getting better week by week…. Hope you’re enjoying today, don’t forget to video whatever you’re doing !! Take care. God Bless.

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