Spend a Day with Me as I Overcome Seasonal Depression and get a Day off for Rest and Rejuvenation

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It was a tough little spring. I attributed it to less light and an overloaded schedule, sprinkled with a few frustrations, and lack of enough rest. It hit as we came off of our busiest season in a long, long time – January was exhausting with year end deadlines at work, travels out of state, and other family commitments. We had put a lot of things on the back burner and I was trying to keep up. It was a hard time.

Since I’ve always been honest on my blogs, and my vlog is an extension of the blog, then it is only fitting to share this side of my story. Don’t worry, the video itself is not depressing. I invite you to share the day with me at home. It was a restful day even though I was busy at home doing things, cleaning, doing laundry and making a smoothie, putting on some makeup for the camera – it’s all good. They day was just what I needed!

Only a couple of more videos I think before Dexter is introduced. The channel intro will change and it will be shorter.

Thanks for your support of my channel. 😉

8 responses to “Spend a Day with Me as I Overcome Seasonal Depression and get a Day off for Rest and Rejuvenation”

  1. Excellent video!!
    You make it seem so easy. I know it’s not.
    Our makeup routine is similar. I do use a pinch of pink 😊 blush.
    I hope your weekend is nice & peaceful ✌️

  2. My mom suffers from seasonal depression but of course she doesn’t believe us when we tell her! Its so real especially after the hoopla of the holidays. I’m glad you took a day for yourself. We all need those!

    You make your make up routine look so easy! I want to try Thrive but its so expensive that I tend to stick with ELF . But Thrive is on my stocking list for Christmas! 🙂
    And I love your hair that length ! So cute with a little flip of curls! Mine is just long and wavy. I want the curl but do not like to do anything to my hair except through it up or a high pony tail! ( Yes, I’m 59) with a ponytail! lol Funny how my whole life everyone told me that I had to have short hair. I always wanted it long and waited to do what I wanted until my accident. Why do we wait until something happens to do something for ourselves? I will never understand that! Anyway, I’m rambling again! lol

    Have a great week ahead and enjoy your Sunday!

    The vlog is getting better and better as you go on!
    Rose 🙂

    • My makeup routine could use a few steps lol! I’m glad you are wearing your hair like you want it! I’m in search of a new style!
      Thanks for watching the vlog and for the nice comments- it was a long one. Trying to cram in the last few weeks before introducing Dexter and the new intro and vlog look.

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