Weekend Update and Sharing the New YouTuber’s I’ve Found that You Just Have to See!

Hello all! Hope your weekend has been wonderful. It’s been a fabulous one here. When I get a Saturday at home, I am well pleased. It makes me feel like I have a chance at not being insane when I do, lol.

Saturday was relaxing even though I worked in the house a bit. There was a lot of laundry. Dexter was a bad boy several times yesterday. He pee’d on the sheets in the floor, barely missing the carpet. Then when the new sheets went on the bed he pee’d on the bed, and I had to change them again. ::sigh:: He doesn’t usually do that.

I also started working on and made huge progress on the next video. You will like it. It’s the trip to Hot Springs where stayed back in the sticks at a cute and cozy house in the woods. It includes a few other things as well. Was pleased to make progress on that in a short amount of time.

I was on Canva and saw these little templates. I decided to put what was upcoming for the rest of September and what my focus is. Honestly I had a lot more “to do’s” than that, but some of them seemed pointless to put on such a formal little spread, lol. So I just put a few things on here. It’s Sept and I need to be wrapping up 2022 goals. They won’t be all wrapped up and many of them will move into 23 – like “clean basement” for example. Anyway this was fun doing. Although probably too little to read on a mobile phone. ha.

Sister Wives will be back and also Christina from said show, will be doing her own cooking show.

I can’t spend long on here today just need to use this afternoon to get a few things done. As far as this week goes, we’ll be taking Mom out to eat, probably on Thursday night. No doc appts this week. I get my nails done Monday night.

I did not get the shingles shot Friday -nor Saturday. Since the docs were not in Friday afternoon and I didn’t really want to lose my Saturday morning (they were open til noon), I decided to just get it on my next doc appt for blood pressure med renewal. I’ll have to try to book it on a Thurs or Fri though in case it makes me sick. So it’ll be a few weeks/months.

I forgot to send the $15 to pay for the birth certificate, to the state darn it. So my form came back and I will need to write a check for that I guess and resend. Didn’t even think about it. So I have to redo that. I also have to send some mail out for Mom.

And I will try to get as much done on my afternoon to do list as I can. It’s a lot, lol. Puzzling, show watching, and reading is on my list so that way I can’t feel guilty! ha.


Why do I want to share these? Because sometimes TV is just too bad. These folks have their own series! And they are good too.

I wanted to share though some new vloggers that I watch on YouTube that I found recently. I still watch some RV’ers and some Sailer’s out there but some of them stop for boat building projects etc. And I’ll look for others til they get through with those shows. I like watching them explore and go places but could care less about the boat projects. So I ventured out and found three more that I really like. I will put each’s latest vlog post as of today.

This one is called “Little Blessed Nest”. I just started and I’m two videos in but I already love it. A sweet little lady sharing her life with us. She loves to thrift and is working little by little to make her home. Sweet family. You will end up being blessed by watching. She has children, pets, and a sweet spouse too who often sings a little praise song by the end of the video. Someone you know you would be friends with if you lived close.

This one is just exciting to see.

This one is “Jetting Julia” and she takes us with her on her layovers. She is from Dallas area and is married and has a dog named Luna I believe. I’m only two or three shows in on this one and love it too! She does a great job with her videos.

This one is Kara and Nate and they recently just went on an excursion to the North Pole. They are adventure travelers of sorts. Interesting and charismatic. And hilarious. Good quality “TV” with talent. You are going to love it. I highly recommend watching the latest 5 or so episodes of this North Pole trip. The trip was fun and they were fun and funny. I laughed! I never laugh! George says I never laugh. I do it’s just that I take life so seriously so if something EVER makes me laugh, it’s a keeper! Like Mr. Bean. I love Mr. Bean. They are not like Mr. Bean – but I love them still! They are on my subscription list and I have checked 3 times to see if there is a new video. ha! I think they post weekly.

YouTube suggests these to me based on what I’ve watched before. I’m telling you. You Tube is free and you can entertain yourself with it! Yeah there is a paid version but this is free content here.

OK so I’m going to get off of here and get some things done. The afternoon is slipping away. We went to church and then to the store, ate a sandwich (from home), did laundry and gotta go finish that up and get to all the other things.

Busy week ahead focusing on all of the above. Hope you all have a good week and I will be back as soon as I can.

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  1. Hi Sonya. Good morning from BOX, I’m so pleased you’ve had such a nice weekend. Our weekend has been watching TV almost non stop as we watched our beloved Queen leave Balmoral to make her way ( at least the hearse carrying her) to Edinburgh. It never fails to make me proud to see how little security is needed, I’m sure every other country would have so much security guards police guns at the ready etc etc etc. I’m and yet there was our Queen being seen by her people on her way down it’s 175 miles but it took almost 7 hours as at each town the cars went very slowly so the 1000s of people could watch as she went pass. (My other American friend mentioned the fact that the hearse had windows she thought they had been made specially but no ALL hearses here have windows). Among the crowds watching was a line of farmers in their tractors lined up in a field as they passed also a line of around 15 horses and riders. Although the cars drove slowly in towns and some villages they were able to speed up a bit on the clear roads…there was two motorbike outriders in front to make sure the roads were clear…..So that’s been my weekend..No doubt the rest of the week will be in a similar vein. She leaves Edinburgh after lying in state for 24 hours to go to London where she will lie in state from Wednesday evening till her funeral on Monday. A very sad time for us all…..

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