Hot Springs Day 2

Little Roo enjoys breakfast floor level! He ate earlier than the rest of us!

The owners/staff left flowers and banana bread for us! A nice touch!

I took some cabin house decor pics! Lots of nice things in the place to admire! This place feels cabin like inside but is really a house! The ceiling makes it feel like a cabin.

That’s black out curtains added in this room for nap taking! In case you wondered.

In case one has the desire….don’t, lol!

Here’s the house. It’s waaaaay back in the woods. Stucco.

We had breakfast at the house. And play time.

Then headed to Hot Springs in town for some shopping and pizza! I wasn’t hungry but River was. Some were almost hungry so we split one pizza.

Random shopping pics.

George was very interested in the round ukulele! Look what a big boy he is!

After afternoon nap time, we ventured back into town to the Arlington Hotel for a seafood buffet dinner – oh my word it was so good! Hotel is at the end of this clip.

Waiting in the lobby – (DD Katy). Notice the grand decor.

Overhead view because ya gotta see it!

Then there was dessert because it was free! Not pictured (devoured).

And it’s taken me off an on all day to get the blog entry done as we’ve been busy. But hope you enjoyed our glimpses of Hot Springs Day 2!

Few words. It’s hard to type so much on my phone. I’m not a big texter either.

Slept better last night. I’m not sure George did. lol Maybe we just take turns lol. Actually we were both up a few times for potty breaks- ha! When I get home I can take my BP meds in the morning, but afraid to while traveling (water pill).

Ok off to play Christmasopoly as the River naps! Coffee brewing!

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  1. Hi Sonya, what a lovely house/cabin you have got, I’m so glad it’s turning out well. The wee one is so good isn’t he. I pray that you all sleep well tonight and wake to another great day tomorrow…..I have had a lovely day my niece and husband came over with their wee Granddaughter Lila who was 2 on a Wednesday. She is so cute and very clever it was such fun to have her……Take care. God Bless

  2. That looks like a neat place. Little Roo looks cute in his little sneakers. I know you are enjoying your time with them. Take care. This has been a very windy day here. Broke my neighbor’s bush in two.

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