Hot Springs Day 1

Ahhhh! It’s so good to see him! So good to see all of them.

We got up and headed to Chic Fil A and ate on the road. We also had sandwiches packed for lunch and ate those going down the road.

We arrived in Hot Springs early. And snuck in a Capo Taco and a beer while waiting for our house to be ready.

Fajita Taco at Capo Taco

We had coffee left over in a thermos, still hot with steam and everything! So I enjoyed a cup while we formulated plans. River was “ trying to nap”. The nap was short and we finally got to see him.

The place is so cute!

The afternoon brought temps of 77 of which we have not had back home much unless it included a lot of wind or rain. There was only a gentle wind. And sun!

We took coolers, went to the store, put all on ice, and then went to eat. There had was a St Patrick day celebration. So crowds were wild. We had not anticipated that much of a craze.

We finally got thru and made it to our restaurant, a seafood place with a Cajun twist. I didn’t even get a pic of my meal or the restaurant. It was Fat Jacks.

And it was so good. George had dropped us off as parking was hard to find. When he got back to the restaurant, there was parking spot at the front door. lol So after dinner we walked three blocks back to the car. We probably needed it.

The bed was comfy. But what was advertised as queen bed was really regular size. ::sigh::

I did not sleep much as George’s snores kept waking me up. Plus I’d forgotten to take my BP meds when we arrived and so I took it before bed but it has a water pill in it. So I was making trips to the bathroom all night. It’s almost six and I’m waiting for George to get up so I can try to get another hour – maybe of solid non snoring sleep. When River naps today, I may also have to. Then maybe tonight I can get to sleep before he comes to bed. Zzzzzz Right now I’ve moved to couch. I’ll try to sleep here.

Y’all have a Good Friday. We are fixing breakfast here today and not sure of plans after that.

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  1. I hope you can get a nap in. It is horrible trying to sleep beside someone who snores.
    Have fun with baby Roo.

  2. Great news that you arrived safely and all is well. Hope you get a better sleep tonight….River is sure growing fast isn’t he…he is gorgeous…looking forward to hearing how tomorrow goes. God Bless

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