Hot Springs Trip Day 3

I was so excited to be the one to get River out of bed. He’s all snuggles in the morning. Changed his diaper, and we played a bit before breakfast. Fun times! You will be shocked at how much he eats! See….

We soon headed out for the day and parked close to Hot Springs National park. And walked in to the shops. The sun felt good on our faces as the temps climbed into the sixties and low seventies pretty quickly. Here’s Cody, Katy, and River!

And guess who….

I love the tree lines sidewalks that are in this part of Hot Springs.

The cell phone reception was pretty gnarly most anywhere we were yesterday. It was hard to read and respond to comments or simply get text messages or post. It’s not always like that so my guess is that there were just big crowds of everyone tying up air space lol.

Is this not the fanciest Starbucks you’ve ever seen?

We toured the bath house museum located at the National Park Visitor center. Wanna steam bath? Me neither lol!

River tried on a ranger hat at the park visitor center gift shop.

The fountains were still green from St Patrick’s Day! We enjoyed the shops and guess what! George bought the ukulele he looked at the day before. They gave him some free stuff (chord chart and pics etc because he put a bridge on a banjo ukulele for them.

Then we ate lunch at the Bath House Brewery.

River learned to color but wanted to eat the crayons. I mean when you are at the table and your bib is put on and someone gives you something – you think it’s food right? lol I guess we devoured our food. No pics taken! But the food is always excellent! Here’s the beer list, lol.

Afterwards it was River’s nap time! We waddled back to the far way parked car and got him down and played monopoly. Christmasopoly!

It was truly a mean game of monopoly. Not a friendly one! Katy won but George tried all his tactics! The sneaky fart! lol

I tried to get some sets of property bought up and get houses but darn if someone’s does it first you can get so bankrupt. I had to mortgage off most everything. lol I take some risks but went to far! I also went to jail and that seems to ruin any and all plans!

Then back out to Hot Springs for the Christmas shops and to dinner. Yes we are a lot!

Buddy wanted to go home with us but there was no room in the car!

I met a cute friend on the street!

So dinner was at Diablos and was fabulous! The margaritas excellent and food very good! Also live entertainment, which was unexpected but very good! I had chicken enchiladas one with mole and one with salsa verde and with pintos and cilantro rice.

This character was on the wall! lol Musicians were playing in the streets. I loved this one with the dog!

And we headed back again for an evening at the cabin where more monopoly was played until midnight. Since I’m severely impacted by lack of sleep I went on to bed around 9. As it was I woke up about seven times at least – I counted. I woke up and also woke up when George woke up. Looking forward to my bed tonight with less interruptions.

But we made it work!

And we are packed up and on the way home!

I didn’t get to play with the camera! But another time! The grandson was more fun and we stayed busy!

Our trip was perfect and so was our little house – except for the bed being smaller than we intended – I think it’s a regular bed. I could be wrong but I don’t think so. We didn’t have much room lol! But the place itself was very nice!

We are planning a trip “same time next year” to Fredricksberg Tx! We will have to fly, which means boarding dogs I guess! Because it’s time for a dog!

Well this long weekend sure went by fast! It’s not easy saying goodbye! I had tears but didn’t blubber! lol Last time I really wanted to blubber. This time I just accepted it and forged forward. Doesn’t mean it was easy!

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  1. I’ve never been to Hot Springs, but it looks like a lovely and sunny place to explore and photograph. Thanks for sharing and have a good day ☺️ Aiva

  2. I enjoyed your photos. It sure looks pretty there. That is funny about Roo liking to eat. Growing boys do eat a lot more than girls it seems. They stay hungry.
    Wait until he is a teen! Great pic of you and husband and grandson. I know he loved being with his grandma and grandpa.

      • Does he have a cozy coupe? That was one of my grandson’s favorite things at that
        age. I think Little tykes make it. It’s yellow and red. He played in it inside the house and outside as well.. Seeing you with your grandson brings back memories.

  3. Oh Sonya, what a lovely fun filled few days. River is so cute, he is also lovely and friendly no tears to be seen…..I know just how hard it must have been leaving them again, but always look forward to the next time and thank God for technology that means they are only a click away. Hope your journey home is a good one and all goes smoothly….Hope also you get a really good nights sleep and so ready for work tomorrow….God Bless

  4. What a wonderful trip. I am glad the weather was nice. I have never been that far into Arkansas. I think Little Rock is as far as I have been. It looks like a beautiful little city.

    I totally love the pics of River. He definitely loves to eat!!! Travis does too.

    I know you are looking forward to your November visit!!!!

    • So Hot Springs is about an hour away from Little Rock, maybe less. It’s an old town. Lots of decay around but lots of charm and you seek out your favorite spots. A mini Gatlinburg of sorts.

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