Home Sweet Home, Surprise Stop for Sushi, and Czann’s Brewing Company in Nashville

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So we are home from our magical little trip. Sleep was good last night, and not near long enough. I’ve discovered that naturally my body seeks out about 9 to 10 hours of sleep now for some reason. When I’m off I normally sleep that much. So the 6.5 during the work week is why I’m so tired by mid-week I guess. I’m learning these things of late. I did not want to get up this morning at 4:20 and honestly – I didn’t. I set another alarm for 4:40 and that seemed like 2 seconds.

The drive home seemed long on the last half of the 6 hour journey. We had stopped to grab lunch at Wendy’s. And then as we approached Nashville, I reminded George “we are never on this side of town” and suggested that we go to Czann’s grab a beer and maybe hit Trader Joe’s for a few groceries for this week. He agreed and was totally up for that.

A lady at Czann’s told us about a good sushi restaurant called Sonobana. We were so full from the weekend and sushi was about the only thing that sounded good. Of course eating out with George is NEVER light. I ordered what I wanted to eat and then he ordered a lot of appetizers for the both of us and it was too much. I should have said no. lol But it was all so good.

Then we went to Trader Joe’s and brought home some healthy food for the week as well as some favorites that we like from there – like their tamales. They have beef tamales and also black bean tamales – like original ones that are frozen and taste so good and so freshly made. Anyway we are planning on eating foods that make you lose belly fat this week. My nudge challenge did ok but was blown out the window on our trip. lol

I snapped this while watching Dr. Berg on YouTube. He’s mainly Keto but has some really good lessons on eating. No I’m not taking Cod Liver Oil but I might buy the pill version. The hamburger listed here is hamburger steak. While red meat is not so good to eat all the time, once or twice a week is supposedly fine and this is a hamburger patty (not the hamburger on bread with toppings). I was shocked to read that too. I think we bought most of this but the sauerkraut and broccoli sprouts. I actually did buy nutritional yeast to sprinkle on things.

Oh, while waiting for a table at the restaurant we went to a little market next door and bought some asian foods. Oh well, you can’t see what we bought as the bottles are turned around but these are sauces and noodles for some Asian dishes that George likes to fix.

So it’s back at it this week. A full week with some catching up from last week. Most everything was done but a couple of things. And when I close payroll tomorrow it will be Month End/Quarter End so I will have a LOT TO DO over the next month. A lot of staying a bit later, not taking much time for lunch and maybe a few early days, but at least the days are lighter now so it won’t be dark.

I really haven’t glanced too much at the to do list yet. I wanted to enjoy a few days without thinking about a to do list. I know I have a few amazon orders to do, have a lot of laundry to do. I will resume with my video projects and get on with the clean up of the last one and will set up some files for the future ones from my iPhone. On my board it says I need to organize files from Dec 19th til present so I need to do that.

On the way to Hot Springs, I deleted over a 1,000 pics and videos that had already been copied over into files and many in a video. Once the video is made and uploaded I’ll delete them from my phone. I only do that a couple of times a year- or maybe quarterly. I usually can only do a few at a time as I do it while waiting or riding somewhere. I’m afraid to delete them from the cloud until I’m done – I’m sure it would be fine but one time all my pics went black in iMovie and I’m not sure what happened so I just leave them there from now on until I am completely through. But…I need to do the flip side and get the ones I haven’t made into the files for creating the next movie. I give them a theme or a title and break them up into their respective folders. For example, I’ll have one called “Hot Springs”.

Ok so I guess I’ll be back on Wednesday for a mid-week check in. I think Mom has her doc appt on Friday. And then Fancy Trim Saturday. So we at least have Sunday this week to do things in the house and do errands, store again, and then try to get some of our fun things done. The struggle is real to sneak those in.

I have a ship load of laundry to do, but I will have to do that at night I guess. Not here to get it done. And I’m getting off of here before I begin wining about time. I’m getting slower to accomplish everything but still determined to get it all done.

So ya’ll have a grand week and I’ll be ticking off boxes everywhere I can.

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  1. Oh Sonya, I’m so glad you had such a great few days….away from worries work, etc etc etc,,,,Now back home safely is always a nice thing. Sorry that you can’t sleep more in the mornings. But I understand. I go to bed at around 10.30 and make myself wake up around 5 am. So that’s about 6 hours I recon….sometimes less if I can’t get to sleep….I know you like to do your blog but I like to play a few games of scrabble with my friend in CA and she goes to sleep around 7am. My time so by time we chat etc she is ready to sleep and I can’t even drop off again….still like you and the blog it’s worth it we both enjoy our chat and I do enjoy reading your blog. Just wish I could see your pictures every time…it’s odd as sometimes I see them and others not ! Anyway good luck at work today. God Bless

    • I can’t see photos on anything either if the wifi or cellular is low. In Hot Springs everyone downtown was on cell and so I couldn’t get anything to load. At home we are starting to have issues too. Can you check with your carrier? I can’t do anything different on my end I don’t think. I don’t want to make them small. I wish you could see them too!

  2. I try to eat healthily but it seems like my weight stays the same. My tummy use to be flat as a board when I was young. I think they are putting stuff in our food to make people gain weight. I need to join a spa and a personal trainer to show me what machines to use.
    It sounds like a wonderful trip. Maybe they can come to visit you before too long.

    • I know it’s so hard to lose no matter what. I had liquids only except for nuts today until dinner. Katy and Cody are coming in December. But we will see them on November.

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