What Makes You Bubble Over with Joy?

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Not much time to blog today. It’s not usually a blog day but I wanted to hop in and ask a question.

What gives you “bubbling” joy? I had what I guess you could call an “epiphany” today, while reading my Activating Joy book by Jessica Hurtado in my morning devotional. Many times I’ve made a list of what makes me happy. I had never really thought about what causes me to be “bubbled over” in happiness. So it was fun thinking of what those things are. Here’s the first few that came to mind. I would love to hear yours.

  1. Seeing my Grandson
  2. Seeing family I don’t get to see very often
  3. Seeing friends again
  4. Being with a friendly dog

These are the things above that give me a bubbled over excitement that shows. There’s a few more that are a little more subdued below. I may not bubble over with excitement outwardly but I can feel the joy swelling within.

  1. The first sip of coffee
  2. Getting off of work and heading home
  3. Sitting down to blog
  4. Sitting down to work on my videos
  5. Sipping a glass of wine
  6. Sitting down to read
  7. Watching a favorite show when I can’t wait to see what happens

And while it might not be the first thing I mentioned, and I might not be all bubbly first thing in the morning – I’m always joyous to see what the Lord is going to show me when I sit down and open His word and have time with Him.

He revealed to me yesterday out of the blue some things that He wanted me to do, after asking for a while what it is that was my purpose. He promised more joyous days would come by doing those things, including a dog. 😉

The next YouTube video is 74% loaded. I have started it for the third time. lol. This is the hardest time I’ve had loading one. It’s one of the shortest I’ve done. Anyway, soon I’ll have another video up and will come back and send you guys the link.

Oh, I wanted to ask you again if you would let me know what makes you bubble over with joy? I’m sure I could list more – but the ones I listed where my first thoughts that popped in. It let me know why I’ve been in the dumps lately. I’m not getting to see many of my friends and not much family and I don’t have my dog yet! But I’ll be really bubbly VERY SOON! On all accounts! Have a good day. Off to do payroll. It’s my long day and I need to try and get their earlier.

11 responses to “What Makes You Bubble Over with Joy?”

  1. I bubble with joy over many of the same things you do I can only add warm and sunny days after a long winter! Sunshine always makes me happy!

    • Yes sunshine and spring and flowers are so nice to soothe our souls. Also I bubbled with joy at the deer I talked to up close on the side of the road this morning! I animatedly talked to them! Of course they were like “ummm what’s happening?” lol

  2. Spending time with family. Spending time in Nature. A good meal, my warm comfy bed. Just the simple things I guess.

  3. Bubbly things…
    Some people
    Most doggies 🐕 ❤️
    A really good book
    Apple pie 🥧
    Long ride in the country
    That’s right off the cuff…

  4. I think you need to make contact with your internet provider about your upload/download situation. Not normal. It’s 2022. Not 1997 dial-up!

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