Pre-Weekend Update

George fixed minute steaks night before last. Oh they were so good. We had a baked potato with them. And I think some limas. I always use A-1 to dip these in with my fork.

I guess there is not really a LOT to tell and I don’t have a lot of time as I overslept and George had to wake me up. I’m not sure what is going on with my alarm. It is not working for some reason on my iPhone. I use that bedtime sleep function but I think I will set a regular alarm since it’s not working. That’s twice he has had to wake me up.

We watched a documentary “Arctic Daughter” (free on Amazon Prime) about a lady that lived in the Arctic (off and on) building a log cabin with her significant other at the time and living off the land in -30 and -40 temps at times. I discovered during the documentary that I had read her book. The author is Jean Aspen. She has since written more books. You can check out her website at

Kat’s Bar and Grill, Mount Juliet, TN

Our new neighbors, Chip and Ann, invited us to go to Trivia night at a local place called “Kat’s Bar and Grill”. I was amazed at how good the food was. We had wings for an appetizer and also I had a black and blue (steak and blue cheese) salad. The flavors were really good. The Trivia night was fun. We talked through a lot of it though just getting to know one another and talking. I’m not very good at Trivia but was surprised that I knew some of them. We got in late enough that I was in bed an hour after my normal bed time. But getting to know your neighbors are important I think so I was ok with missing a little sleep. I also did the vacuuming before we left as well as some laundry as Roger messed up George’s bedspread. Geez!

Fancy girl, Mom’s dog, has a sore hip/leg. She hurt it somehow – while chasing a deer and Mom yelled for her to stop and when she did she came back limping and then Mom said she pulled a blanket up tight and Fancy was laying on it and the blanket moved and hurt it again. She is limping but we think she is better. She is not drawing her leg in as far.

I have found Mom’s heart doctor- well I did the further research on each one checking them out and I think we have the one she wants to see. We had fun looking them up on the internet. I called Mom in there to look at them. I’m sorry to be disrespectful but one looked like a high school dork. lol. Another looked like Potsie from Happy Days and and another one looked like Robin Williams. Another looked like a cheerleader still in high school. I think we picked Potsie. LOL I have also found her a woman doc for the regular doc. She wants me to wait though before making an appointment with either. But at least we have a plan, and both are near us.

I have us an appointment to get our toes done tonight! Looking forward to that. This is Mom’s Mother’s Day gift I think. I took her to lunch but didn’t get her anything as she would just have to pack it.

Roger has eaten something that tore up his stomach which is why the bedspread needed washing. Fancy had that situation the day before that. So all we have done is clean carpets. (Insert favorite eye roll emoji here). I dread coming in and dread getting up in the mornings to see what kind of trail we have.

I did manage to get the clothes pressed for this week and part of next so I have pants to wear. I don’t dry anything. They shrink and/or have electricity in them so I just press them. Doesn’t take long but you DO have to have SOME time.

I need to go shopping for some more pants though and need to get my blue pants hemmed because I have so much that is blue now.

It’s quarter end at work, getting started on all that now so work is extremely busy.

Other than that I think we are getting *somewhat* settled. But who am I kidding. I don’t think any day will be settled for a very long time. Retirement cannot come soon enough for all that we need to do and have to do now. But at least we are not moving anymore. I think I am still recouping and trying to catch up from that. I am certainly breathing a sigh of relief.

I still haven’t done much on MY LIST from my previous post. It’s ok. We’ll get there. I did spend a bit of time yesterday morning in my “my time hour” to start looking through my videos and pics in the iMovie timeline for the next video. Just really trying to go through the footage, see what is there, start to adjust volumes/sound, and get ideas for how to do the voiceovers, and such. I will begin editing it soon. It’s always fun to see how many minutes it starts with. It’s about 1:19 right now. Got to get it to 19 or under if I can. Max is 21 to 23 ish if I just can’t bare to cut anymore. But this gives me an hour of pleasure about every other day, except the days I have to go in early (mainly Tuesday’s).

We are hoping to go to a concert on July 3. We will see if we can get tickets. Life is back in full swing I think. We *should be* going to church Sunday and lunch out with friends after. At least that is plan, and we will see if Mom likes the church. My luck is that she will not b/c we like it. That is usually how my life works. She thought it has instrumental music and women doing the preaching but none of us know where on earth she heard that. They don’t. I am at least appreciative that she agreed to go and try it, putting her judgment aside. I think someone she doesn’t like used to go there. After I told her they go to another church now, which they do, she agreed to go. Don’t know if the two are connected but I’m glad she agreed to go. The church is right next to her complex and several in her community go to church there so it will be good for her to go and meet people there. But the truth is, she will not do anything unless SHE makes up her mind to go. I told her I would take her, and I keeping my promise. If she decides to worship a corn stalk at this point, I’ll take her. I might not sit with her but I’ll take her. I suppose if it is someplace we don’t want to go I can at least drop her off. I will keep that promise. But I hope we can all go and be happy. This church I want to take her to really is the ONLY church George has been happy to go. But you know, I can’t please everyone. I have never been able to and don’t expect to now. lol. I will probably stand in the yard, look up at the sky and go “Why me Lord?”

Isn’t there a country song that says that? LOL LOL LOL

I guess I better go to work. I will leave you with some Little Roo Pics.

Meanwhile in Texas


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