I forgot to mention in my blog yesterday I had taken time to reorg the glasses. We hardly have a set of anything – just a collection of mismatches. George doesn’t like to get rid of any of them so when I buy a new set, we don’t have room, so I quit buying new sets – story of my life, LOL! Yeah, then there’s the coffee cups, and well, that is my fault! LOL

I finally brought up the wreath from the basement to put up over the fireplace. This was Granny’s wreath that I made for her door in assisted living. So after she passed I brought it home. I think of her when I look at it.

We ended up going to LongHorn yesterday and had a great time. Gosh it was busy. But they were safe. You had to wait in the car, or the bar (if there was a social distance spot open). George found us a spot. Of course he did! 😉

Not sure if I showed you the monogrammed handbag? I ordered from Marleylily. I had ordered Katy one for Christmas (might have been her birthday – same day – I can’t remember! lol). I loved it so I ordered me one when they had a sale. It’s kinda “western” a bit. Reminded me of Texas and my Katebug!

I love Long Horn! We hung out there at lunch at least once a week when I worked at the envelope plant – it was a different one, that was near by – and at lunch it was usually loud with conversation and laughter and you’d see people you knew all the time. But ours here in Mount Juliet has a quiet sophisticated vibe – it’s just nice, quiet, and superb service and food. I enjoy going there. I guess we get to go about twice a year.

While were there a storm blew in. I was so happy we were inside eating! It was raining a little bit when we went to Walmart after but waited until we got home for the big downpours. And a big downpour it was sparking Flood Warnings with very severe warnings not to get out unless you are fleeing floodwaters themselves.

We came in and unloaded the groceries and was amused by the downpour. We called Little Bit in. He was ready to come in. He sat quietly with us in the den.

Roger’s diaper was changed and he was sleeping and oblivious to the torrential rain and storms outside.

Soon bedtime was upon us and I was so happy to sleep. I’m loving bedtime these days. Have you heard me say that? My little sleep world is my haven. Not to mention it’s beachy theme, including a painting/print with “Little Bit” in it.

Complete with back scratcher – lol. I mainly use it during the day but that’s where it is kept. Lotion for my feet and hands, nose spray which the doc recommends you use daily, my probiotics which another doc says is best to take at night. I also take my IsaFlush – which has all good things for the tummy, and my Sleep Spray – 3 little squirts that includes melatonin. Of course water and my sleep sound machine. I also only use half the bed so it’s easy to make up. And the bed is soft too. I sleep so good in there. I need to put a pic of River there too. My pics came in this week!

I fell in love with this playful print at a local gift shop. Just looks like a place I’d like to be – with a good book, a cold drink, and beloved pets by my side.

Today I have been busy loading files. I thought I was going to get through. It has taken me ALL day. I knew it was going to be a big project. I’ve also created files (LHMC = Less Hustle More Coffee).

Without boring you with all the details – I’ll try to summarize – which is hard for me to do, LOL

Dealing with Photos, Files, and External Drives on the Mac

Well, as you know pretty much since I’ve had the Mac, I’ve had to struggle with what gets stored on your hard drive versus what is stored on the cloud. I’ve had to figure out where my files are and decide which files need to be on the cloud and which on my hard drive and if it’s not in the cloud, make sure I’m backing up the hard drive so as to not lose that data either since it’s not in the cloud. And then there’s the OTHER external drive in which to park big honkers of the iMovie videos themselves and all their individual working files that went along with each video. It’s been a learning curve for sure. All that said, I’m still glad I have the Mac despite the naysayers. I absolute love it as I come to understand it more. It’s certainly the better deal for me with the way that I’m wanting to be creative. Having the ability to take photos on my phone and it show up on my Mac automatically saves soooo much time on an ongoing basis. So….here’s some bullet points from today. And by the way when I move things around on and off the cloud – it takes FOREVER – b/c you are working with videos and they take a while.

  • So the players are: my Mac’s hard drive, my Documents folder which is on the CLOUD, the Lacie external drive, and my desktop which is on the cloud and a temporary folder to park things sometimes.
  • I moved all my photos by year into my Mac hard drive which has a back up drive now. It doesn’t have very many videos so it’s not a huge honker and so far not messing with my hard drive or making my computer slow. If it does I’ll order an external hard drive to park my photos on, although then you have the problem of not having a back up unless you back up your back up somehow (rolling eyes here), but of course my current back up is in the same place as my computer in THIS OFFICE so if there is a fire they’ll both be gone anyway. If you really think about all this too much it will totally drive you insane. I’m sure I’m there! I’ve decided not to worry about it beyond here b/c most of the important things are on Facebook or the blog!
  • I moved all my Working Files to the Lacie External drive because when I moved it to my Documents folder (which is on the cloud) it copied them first instead of moving them straight out which doubled my data (wahhhhhhhhhhhh!) and I had no choice but to just do it externally to the Lacie. But once I copied things over and cleaned everything out, my cloud storage was only 1/4 used up, LOL. So I decided to move it back to the cloud like I originally wanted in the first place. But it’s a huge file, but still less than my storage so we should be ok – Lord help me if we are not. I’d just rather have it in the cloud until I’ve made the video. But it’s taking a LIVING FOREVER to upload. And I hope all this moving around of files is not hurting or corrupting my videos. Can it do that? Ahhhhh! (Insert home alone face and home alone yell!)
  • I also ended up with two folders of photos by year. (Insert pulling out of hair graphic here)!!!!! Apparently I moved the folder a few weeks ago but didn’t realize it made a copy instead of moving it. So I had two of the same – one in the cloud and one off. And I’ve added pics to possibly both folders (oh my gosh) so I didn’t just want to delete one as I might delete some photos for good. I had to check the files and it was too big to just dump the files into one spot and delete the duplicates – oh my gosh! Finally got all pics in the one folder and deleted the extra folder. Are ya with me? What a taxing day!
  • So I created video working folders for each of the upcoming videos with their footage/photos. I drug over to each file from my photos file (taken with iPhone). Now I have to add the footage/photos from my Canon camera files which downloads into a separate photo file than my iPhone photos. I probably should just make these download into my iPhone pics. I think that is an option. It would be easier but I’d have to clean out my photos more often. Matter of fact I outlined the date at which I need to start again to “move over” files from phone and camera for future videos, so I wouldn’t forget where I left off today. lol I still keep some pics on my phone/cloud/photo storage so it will all blend in if I don’t write the date down where to start next time.

I never dreamed how much of a process this would be keeping it all organized. Of course I enjoy doing it and once it is all set up for “major work flows” it will serve me well. The set up will make things so much easier now as far as work flow! I was just hoping to get through but I’ll have to work on the Canon photos/video segments this week to include its data in the video folder I’ve set up for the separate upcoming videos. I think there are 4 – maybe 5 videos to do now.

The Texas video will contain a lot of editing – or we may just have to just do Part I and Part II – very likely!

Ok enough file rants. I’ll be nervous until this final file RE-UPLOADS to the cloud. I don’t think I could lose anything as it’s merely copying it, and I’ve not deleted the other file yet. But my Mac has a lot going on right now as I also moved some Canon files to my desktop not thinking – and so it’s pulling double duty and here I am blogging on top of it all, LOL.

I know this bored you! Sorry, the geeky folks will get me!

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  1. Wow, that is a lot of glasses. I got rid of my old ones that we never use. And that was mix-matched. I still need to get rid of some old bowls and things.
    I just saw on the news how important sleep is. There is a link to Alzheimer’s and sleep apnea.
    It’s good you finally have a quiet spot to relax and sleep. It looks like little Roger is holding on and living his best life. I like the beach picture with the cats. I would like to live at the beach I think. He is more of a mountain lover. My grandson went back to in-school learning today. He was so excited to go back. It has been a year. They take their temperature before they enter the School. And wear a mask and wash hands and social distance as best they can.. He has been learning from home for the past year. I hope and pray they stay well. His teacher got the vaccine.
    Have a good week.

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