Saying Goodbye and Heading Toward Home

How do you say good bye? Well ya just do the best you can, give pats and blow kisses, and promises that “it will get better” in reference to sleep!

I hate we are so far away and cannot help. But we are not yet cleared for retirement so back to work we go! I got to hold him for a long time this morning and rock him while looking on to the ranch property there. The ranch cat Ford was stalking something. The birds scurried about in the early morning sun, flitting from mesquite trees to ranch fencing posts. I love the peaceful place there. And I knew I was within an hour or two of leaving. It is what it is. Somehow I braved the morning with no tears. Perhaps the tiredness and thoughts of sleeping in a bed again had some appeal. A special time it was, this week. Never to be forgotten. A tough week, yet a pleasant week.

Roger did good. Thank goodness for the diapers which gave some confidence and peace of mind.

I took a few pics to remind me of being there.

This is on the kitchen counter
Unless there is a newborn in the house….

We opened our gifts yesterday from them. (We has shipped ours before Christmas knowing they would be too tired to open this week). I’ll show more pics later. But here is one gift that was so thoughtful! I loved it! A mug with me and Tugie and Maisy!

And another gift above! A kitchen towel.

We let Findlay say hello. She’s so curious. And River (Little Roo) actually noticed her! Sweet!

I took this so you could see how small Little Roo is!

Got a sweet pic of Roger snoozing last night!

And the wind of the last two days was crazy. No storm clouds just wind- and dust. Wind sustained 30 -40 mph with gusts to 50! The house popped and cracked at times. And at sunset you could hardly see the sun. I was afraid there were fires around and kept checking radar and weather notifications. Cody and Katy reassured it was just haze/dust.

I coughed anytime I went outside as that stuff got in my lungs.

As I type this we are almost to Hot Springs! I’ll save today’s journey for tomorrow’s blog post.

We are hoping for Tacos tonight, and our ready to reach our Hot Spings destination! Prayers for safe travels requested for the rest of our trip!

3 responses to “Saying Goodbye and Heading Toward Home”

  1. Well love as I write this I am hoping you might both be asleep but perhaps not, maybe your awake early wanting to get on the road before to much traffic. Whichever I wish you a safe journey knowing that God us with you every turn of the wheel,…..every mile brings you closer. Home sweet home….hope Roger has settled easier this time and the little holiday has helped him forget a bit about Masie…..
    Looking forward to your next blog to hear your home, had a great sleep and having your coffee before heading off to work…God Bless. Xxx

    • Reading here, about an hour after you wrote- just fixed coffee in the room. Slept pretty good. George said it’s the best he’s slept all week. Our bed was really comfy, along the lines of a fluffy Hampton Inn bed. Lots of good pillows and soft. Roger did ok. George got up with him twice as he wanted down and I got up when he whined to get up. Sipping coffee and then shower and head out. Then laundry 🧺!

  2. What a beautiful baby River is! Nothing like it is there? The smell of a newborn baby, the cuddles . Its so different when you’re the grand parent. I remember my son saying to me “MOM! Please don’t let him fall asleep again!” LOL Grammies just have the touch~!

    Safe travels home!

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