It’s Our Last Day in Texas!

This has been my bed and even though it’s a sofa, it’s been comfortable. We leave tomorrow to head toward home via Hot Springs.

George came and got me yesterday and we went out for Breakfast at Adrianas Taqueria. We got the bacon and egg burrito which is my favorite over the kolaches that George prefers.

Then we went to swap out my dirty clothes for clean clothes from my big suitcase at his lodge. I’ve just had an overnight bag packed for two days. But I got enough for the remaining time here and our overnight in Hot Springs. Also did some of our laundry here.

Then we went to some boutique shops. I bought a couple of things. The hunt is always fun. We headed back to Katy’s house. They had been to the Pediatrician in Abilene. Our Little Roo (I am shortening his name as Buckaroo is too long to type on here on the phone- but I kinda like it!- our Little Roo’s numbers are going in the right direction on the bilirubin. They told her to keep doing what she was doing.

We bought a few more grocery items for the kids and replacement coffee as we’ve lived on coffee-all but Katy who tries not to have caffeine.

We brought home lunch from the Pit Stop!

Chopped beef, sausages, and my request was for some potato salad. And it hit the spot! Here’s The Pit Stop.

It was a really windy day yesterday 25-30 sustained winds and gusts to 40. The lake by George’s lodge was like an angry ocean with white caps. We got a good video coverage of it. I had hoped for another walk but it was too windy for an enjoyable stroll. We did get to see Cody go over the house in a helicopter 🚁. They have to count deer and pigs once per quarter. He texted when he was close to the house. We waved.

Our Little Buckaroo is wearing his Little Buckaroo onesie. My phone is remembering and suggesting “Buckaroo” now.

He’s had a few spurts of alertness here and there which should continue as time goes on.

And I believe here he is telling George he is hungry. lol Meanwhile Findlay was in my lap! She’s not getting her normal attention from her Momma and Daddy right now but she knows her Nonni (MommaSoni) will take care of her. We’ve explained how much fun Little Buckaroo will be. But we have also talked about her sneaking and coming home with us! lol

I will miss them all when we leave. Even Ford, the cat, who is much bigger now and comes around at night and early morning for the most part.

I’ve been eyeing what I believe is our Christmas/Birthday gifts. Not sure “when” Christmas opening time is. Maybe next time when we come back when everyone is awake.

George has kept the humor going of course. Even Findlay is entertained! And Katy felt better yesterday and wanted to do a few things in the house, cleaning the nursery and such. She mostly slept as she should have when the baby slept. The baby doing quite nicely now in bassinet. Everyone is getting more sleep now that the routine is working out.

We ate a pizza casserole last night and I believe we will have to recreate this dish! It was great! A friend brought it over. Along with bread and salad kit, and iced tea. I made garlic toast out of it with butter, garlic salt and onion powder, and parsley flakes.

So today is our last full day here and we set out tomorrow. I’m sad to leave but I do miss our home, my bed, my routine, and will even be ok to go back to work and continue checking the boxes off for quarter end/year end. I am also looking forward to ordering some things online and working toward some goals, working on a study/reading/watching corner of my office, making more videos and doing some writing.

I know Katy and Cody were glad we were here. It was crucial times here until mid week when Little Roo finally took to the bassinet. Every thing has to be figured out. But now I think it’s time we go so they can take it from here. The dishes and laundry will pile up and quick meals eaten but it’s ok until strength and time lengthens themselves. They’ve got this. I’m happy we got to help for a short time. Not happy I can’t see him again until later in the year. But we will figure it out with FaceTime and photos. And will hold him again one day. We still have today and in the morning! I feel like our new year will start when we get home. Going to make hair and Pedi appointments too.

Better go eat my breakfast. Poppy arrived with a bacon egg croissant!

4 responses to “It’s Our Last Day in Texas!”

  1. Lil Roo is so precious!! I know you will miss him as well as Katy, Cody and Findlay. I’ve been following you on your blog and Instagram as I had to set-up a new facebook .

  2. By the time you get reading this I think you may be on your way home as it’s already Saturday morning here. I think you have done a great deal to help Kate and Cody by being there for them and for baby Roo…I’m sure getting him to sleep in his proper place was the major help. Mary and I love his photos he looks as if he has grown already ( I think when you see them all the time you don’t notice the changes so much)
    God Bless you All …..Drive safely and try to nod off if you can as you drive along, your going to need to catch up on the sleep in the next 24hours. or you will never be fit for all the work that is waiting for your attention….
    God bless drive safely…much love from a very wet Box, Wiltshire,( near Bath )

  3. Drive safely. I know you will miss your grandson. I miss mine every single day. You really were kind to help Kate and Cody this past week. My own Mother came and helped me for a day after my daughter was born. Creating a new human and delivering them is a big undertaking. I can’t get over how cute Little Roo is. He looks like a healthy boy.
    I have a feeling you will be on facetime a lot seeing both of them.
    I am heading out to the market today. Wearing my mask and keeping a distance as much as I can. Our hospital is full. No more beds. It is really scary. The tent city is now behind the hospital. I think they have 30 beds.
    I miss my family terribly. I did finally get to see and exchange gifts with my sister. We wore masks and had it on our patio.
    I just want this thing to be over. Be safe and hope you have a good trip home. I know you will be glad to be home in your own bed.

    • I’m sorry things are so bad there. We know you have been so good to stay quarantined. We have been in then out and in and out. I try to find peace ☮️ in whatever is going on and God certainly has been my refuge!

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