Hot Springs and Working our Way Back Home

We headed out east from the ranch near Breckenridge about 9 a.m. or so yesterday. The dust was still settling over the area.

We headed to Arlington, TX and stopped at Total Wines, Sam Moon, and In/Out Burger.

It was a rough start with Roger being unsettled but he finally slept.

We stopped for a Starbucks (thanks Auntie M and Uncle K for the Starbucks cards). This gave us a morale boost on one of our stops. They gave us a pet pup cup of whip cream but Roger had settled and faced against us and we didn’t have room to set it so George ate it! lol We got in a huge traffic jam and WAZE to ok us around it. It cost about an hour of extra time.

I played my game some but read a lot in my book that I chose for this trip. It’s really good, seeing what the crew does working for yachts. I am not sure what my life’s connection is to boats, yachts, sailing, and all things nautical but there’s always been an interest there.

Roger sleepytime above. It took forever but about 6 pm we arrived in Hot Springs at our hotel, had our arrival cold beer from the cooler while Roger ate, then headed for dinner to Capos Tacos where Roger stayed in the car.

Many Tacos to choose from. We had to ask our waiter for the favorites. And they were very filling!

Their margaritas were good and hit the spot. When we got to the car Roger was stuck in the floor board with a pillow over his head and howling.

We slept good last night. Roger needed to be up and down a lot. He had a diaper on. So no trips outside in middle of night. And he held it. Good bit it is concerning a bit. George said he’s not peeing as often as he should. When we get home we will watch his habits with and without a diaper.

A text this morning revealed that Little Roo had a great night last night. He slept! Except for feeding times. I was happy to hear that. As I woke up a couple of times and worried that were not getting enough sleep to function.

Amazing that I got in all rings of activity being that we were in the car most all day but we shopped and my day started at 3 a.m. hour.

We just past Memphis and will be home in 3 hours or so! Can’t wait to be home! Might be a couple of days before the next post while I catch up to life!

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  1. Hi Sonya, so glad to see you are nearly home, indeed it looks like I received this at 6.38 and as it is now 7.47 you must be almost home..tired, weary, and so ready for bed and sleep. Hope Roger will let you both sleep well tonight. Perhaps Roger just won’t …go…in the diaper he isn’t used to wearing them is he ?…if he is you need certainly watch that he is drinking and we weeing !!
    Sleep well dear friend. ( forgot to thank you for my birthday wishes, I had a lovely day, in fact it’s been a lovely 4 days of eating sweet things….it will have to stop or I will be so fat I will need a new chair LOL.
    Night night. God Bless.

  2. Poor Roger. Glad to hear he survived the trip. I can just picture him howling his head off wanting George to rescue him. Sounds like everyone had a good trip.. And you have the memories of holding your grandson. I still remember how good it felt holding and singing to my grandson after he was born. I think there is a strong bond between grandmothers and grandkids. And since they live so far away it will make the times you do get to see and spend time with them more special. I love the coffee cup. I am sure your daughter and sil will be fine. It is just a big adjustment and a shock being Mom and Dad and taking care of the new baby. It will get easier and they will be pros in a few more weeks.
    I have been cleaning and getting rid of old stuff this weekend. I want to get the house organized.
    We have too much stuff we never use or wear.

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