Lebanon on the Square, A Lifestyle Grocery, and Lazy Sunday

We had a great weekend! Saturday we had a lazy little early morning at home and then set out around 10 or so for Lebanon, TN about a 20 to 30 minute drive depending on where you are going. We started out our little shopping excursion at Demeter’s Common. A nice little grocery store or more like a farmer’s market.

I had never heard of honey nut squash. We really didn’t buy any veggies. Probably should have, lol. But we mainly just looked around and the goal of the day was to get some Christmas shopping in.

I loved the store. And if you lived nearby – especially in the neighborhood – how cool would that be to just go and get fresh veggies every day – whatever you were in the mood for.

At home we usually buy everything on the weekends, but lately George has been going on the weekends and I’ll do a trip mid week. That really helps with the fresh veggies and only buying what you need for a couple of days. But what a great shop!

I have noticed there is a trend with the younger folks and growing plants. I’ve seen it in YouTube vlogs and also seeing it in this store.

I was so happy to get these pics. Such pretty colors. And look at the squash or gourds – I’m not sure what these are. Anyone know? But that one on the bottom looks like a bird. Such odd shapes that some of them have.

And then we went to the Square in Lebanon and side streets around the square for a bit of shopping.

We really wanted to go in this store above because it is Em + Kate and is a children’s and maternity shop. My daughter’s name is Emily Kaitlyn and we sometimes called her Emmy Kate. But they were closing for Sunday’s Open House. Sadly a shop owner nearby told me she didn’t think they were having an open house all on the same day this year. It was really fun the year we went. Each shop can have their own but there is not one to gather crowds on the same weekend. Oh well. We make our own fun.

The Antique Mall is always fun to go in and there was an Outdoors store that we went in. One of the stores had a juicery.

One store had a prayer center made out of a bed spring. How cool is that?

I wanted ice cream at this little gift shop and creamery, but we were about to go eat lunch and I was not putting sugar in my body. They had itty bitty ice cream cones and it was tempting. This nice lady let me take her picture. I found it’s easier to ask to take a pic when you have a nice camera around your neck and look like a tourist, lol. We were tourists, we just didn’t travel very far. I find it harder to ask with just a cell phone pic. It seems weird then at times. For me anyway. I try to shoot as much as possible where there are no people.

Lots of cute shops. This one is where George bought me a leather purse one year. I fell in love with it. It was so pretty. Truth is though it was hard to find anything inside it so I rarely carry it. But I will always treasure that purse. This time we made it out with absolutely NO purchase. lol

But what a cute shop!

Another shop made us laugh so hard with their Yellowstone T-Shirts:

I should wear that Beth Dutton shirt at the last week of quarter end! LOL. Because that is about right!

Once you wear the T-Shirt and get branded – you’ll never leave. But if you decide you want to they’ll take you the “TRAIN STATION”. If you watch you will know what that means!

The faith store was nice. Handmade items by women coming out of human trafficking.

An old cabin sits in one corner of the square. And wow, I could not get my nice camera to get the shot of this sign for some reason. I didn’t have time to play with it so I whipped out the iphone. You know, the iphone really does a good job compared against the new camera, but there are just some shots the nice camera does better and I’ll get better eventually. I still don’t know much of what I’m doing yet.

My good camera did this. I don’t know why. Maybe I had it on some weird setting by accident. But I think it had something to do with the lighting. And the sun was also in my screen so it was really hard to be able to set the settings and of course George was looking. So I’ve learned to point and shoot and go – I kinda need to always have the camera in the “automatic mode” and not “manual”.

Probably some setting right on the camera?

There was a meat shop also that we looked in. We brought coolers but didn’t really see anything we needed. The freezer is stocked full.

Look at the mural on the back of this building. Pretty!

We had to laugh at the street name. I bet that gets lots of attention.

And one shop had an entire table of pillows dedicated to me:

I loved the fox put he was up high and I had to left over my head to get the shot and of course it came out blurry. Foxes must be in. We enjoyed our Halloween shopping day. Weren’t these wine bottle toppers cute?

And how bout this?

Then we headed over to the Town Square Social for lunch. I thought we were going for pizza but we got this instead:

I really wanted a salad and I thought the tacos would be like street tacos but wow – I could not eat all that. We took one taco home and the other two I just ate the insides of it. Oh and I helped with the wings. George got burger and fries.

Pic of my camera with mask drape across. I noticed this was the first restaurant I’ve been in where about 1/3 of the employees had no mask at all. Another third had them on but down to their chin. I enjoyed a craft beer from one of the local Nashville Breweries.

The decor was very pretty. An old building, but these lights…..

Kinda looked like a spider. A perfect Halloween pic eh?

After eating a late lunch, early dinner, we went home to let the dogs out to do business and then back out to shop in Providence. I got a couple of pics of the sky. The feathery clouds were beautiful ahead of a cold front coming through, plus the cross in the sky made by planes, and then can you see the sun dog?

And one of the most gorgeous sunsets ever.

Pray for Mr. Roger. He’s having a tough time. I think it might be a tooth.

I made an egg scramble Sunday morning. It had chopped bologna in there – just using it up. Also tomatoes and red pepper.

George brought in some rosemary before the frost.

I did laundry and cleaned the kitchen but mainly most of the day I worked on the next iMovie for fall. George fixed me a Vodka and Soda with lime and bitters a “sundowner” of sorts.

I stopped to fix homemade alfredo to go with the BBQ’d Ham steak we were having. Dinner was awesome and we watched Somebody Feed Phil as the new season was out. Very entertaining if you have not seen it! It’s on Netflix.

I put the flannel sheets on the bed and went to bed with both dogs and then the cat joined us til George took him back outside.

It was a good weekend. Never long enough. Didn’t get my Amazon shopping done but we made progress on our Christmas shopping and some plans are coming together for gifts, so that is good.

Better get going and get ready for work. I did get my ironing and wardrobe picked out for the week so at least that is done. No more iMovies til I get some on line shopping done. lol. But I’m coming along with it. It has some serious editing to do on this one. And I’ve got to learn how to vlog and hold the camera and not move it or shake it when I’m moving around as it makes a clicking noise. I think it may be the strap hitting the camera microphone. Geez. This is certainly a learning curve. It does fine when you are sitting and not moving but I have to learn how to hold it and move it and all those tricks. I’ll get there.

Better go ya’ll. Hope you have a good week. It’s election week. Should be an interesting week for sure. My prediction is that we won’t know for sure for about a week. There will be all those outside ballots to count and I predict it’ll be a storm and a half getting the votes counted and a media frenzy and just a fight and a cluster. That is my prediction. Would you expect anything smooth for 2020 election? Nope not this one.

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  1. What a truly wonderful weekend you and George had..I would love to have visited that wee town. I smiled when you said it would be a nice place to go for vegs but it was 20 mins + to get there…We have to go at least half an hour to get ANY vegs at all and that’s just from the supermarket. There’s a lovely market every week that we sometimes go to on a Saturday but that’s in Chippenham about half an hour away on a good day and parking is hopeless unless we get there before nine ok….As well as the veg shop every one of the others looked wonderful. I’m glad you managed to get a start on your Christmas gifts. I’m afraid I just can’t get any enthusiasm for it this year at all…I do have most of the Xmas cards now and will one day get down to writing then. Maybe that will get my in the mood, hope so.
    Without our wee Masy will be very hard. I know some people think to mourn a dog so much is silly but I just can’t help it. Have a good day today…..drive safely going home….

  2. Everything looks good. Hope little Roger feels better. I can see from the picture he is not feeling good. This has been the worse election I can remember in my lifetime. I hate all the ads on TV. It looks like our country is very divided. So much hate if what the ads on TV are true we have even more problems in store. It is depressing.
    I will be glad when it is over.

  3. Nice sunny day for shopping. I would love to have a produce market like that around here. I have to drive almost 40 minutes to walmart! :~(
    I put the flannel sheets on this weekend. Yes! 20° last night & tonight.
    You took some really nice pics.
    I hope Roger is feeling better.
    1 day down, 4 to go.

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