What’s Gonna Happen After the Election?

Well a trip to the store brought memories of lock down. I don’t hover over the news and I’m even fairly disconnected from social media except to pop in here and there. So I’ve not really heard a lot. I also don’t talk a lot about current events except with those I trust, because most conversations are really just opinion based, is heated quickly, and no one REALLY knows what is going on. I find it next to pointless. Everything communicates “spin talk” these days and frankly I’d rather just keep myself busy with things I want to do and ignore all smogwash. Yes, that is my term for blurry smoky hazy hogwash – my term for all the spins, opinions, questionable news media, rioting, racial stir ups, etc!

That said, I’ve heard that after the election, it has a chance of “not being pretty” if certain ones win or lose. Some family members think there will be a civil war eventually and most certainly civil outrage in many places. If certain parties win and tries to remove the rights that our founding fathers set, that our countrymen fought and died for, that there will be a civil war to bring it back. There is a huge section of our country wanting change. The change they are wanting, they do not realize the impact it will have and how limiting and controlling life will become, and with less choices. How fitting that Yellowstone has been so popular. Imagine a Yellowstone on a grander scale.

So by saying all that, I’m guessing that these are the reasons the shelves are bare – especially the toilet paper and paper items. Why this is the first to go I have no idea. I guess because this has been a real sh** storm and so we just need it to wipe up the mess? LOL The rest of the store seemed very stocked with little or no holes – just the toilet paper and paper towels. The produce seemed a bit sketchy, and not as fresh. But otherwise after a long busy day, the shelves were packed elsewhere.

The parking lot was busy. It was as if it was the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving or the day before July 4 – everyone hustling about to get that last few items. Some had buggies full and others just popping in for a few items. So did I get anything extra because of the hoopla? Yes, but not much.

I bought a couple of things of rice and a couple of things of dried beans and an extra pack of water, and three rolls of paper towels as I thought we were out (later realized we had two others already and we usually buy by the six pack anyway) but that was it as far as extras for me.

I also noticed that it looked like a Friday night in town. The restaurants and bars were PACKED. I was confused. I’ve never seen a Monday night so active. George said that it was probably people fearing “whatever” and having a last hoo rah before COVID shuts everything down again or before the election brings whatever doom and gloom it is going to bring. I mean the way 2020 has been so far, people don’t expect good things after this election. As for me, I am always ready for election day so the dang adds and hoopla will go away. Sadly this year, I don’t really think any hoopla will go away.

I have also noticed a LOT of foreigners in our town this weekend. In the grocery stores and in the shops at Providence. Now, it may not be a weekend thing anymore. I just don’t shop much out anymore. But it has certainly changed as to the clientele I saw out this weekend shopping. I thought that I was in a foreign country myself as not many were speaking English. This area used to be an old country boy redneck, updated by a few families from Nashville relocating to suburbia. Now it may as well be some mall area in _________(pick your country).

Our borders have allowed so many people in that it seems like we are another country entirely. And sadly as the older generation slowly passes, we are becoming something different here in America. The values are changing, the outlook is changing, what people want is changing, but many are being deceived.

And yes, I know, I know, as I type this I realize that “foreigner” is not a proper or politically correct term. I realize that all of us came here from somewhere else, our families of the past. I don’t mind new people being here, but if we have a greater number of immigrants than we do people who actually live here – then in a democracy our land WILL become something differently defined. I’m just not sure that some of us like that. So it will be interesting. But it is sad to watch our country die as it is now, with values deteriorating as fast as the statues of the fathers that built our lands. And that is what it feels like. A slow, dying, death.

And there is NOT a dang thing wrong with Aunt Jemima’s syrup. The only thing that stands for is a good dang syrup poured over a pancake. Aunt Jemima could run for president if she wanted to. No one thinks bad of her. She does not stand for anything other than a good breakfast meal. Why make something bad out of that? What is there not to cherish there? Smogwash I tell ya. How pitiful. Things have gone way to far. By saying that, I am not racist. I just know a good pancake syrup. It was never making fun or being mean to anyone anytime I bought it. I loved it. I mean it was a good thing! Don’t be telling me I’m something when I’m not. Just because I like a good syrup. Naw! That is a pet peeve and will make me madder than a murder hornet on a hot July day. I will without reserve tell you that you are wrong! Don’t be messing with good food people! lol

So I didn’t mean to go there today. But that is where I went. It is election day. We won’t know the results today I don’t think. I could be wrong. But certainly will be an interesting week for sure. We have to wait for all the mail in votes and for the debates of who cheated and why and where and investigations and lawsuits and all that smogwash. Then we will know.

Did you stock up? I think we have all already stocked up on things so that this never happens again. It used to be you stocked up for an emergency – ice storms, hurricanes, tornadoes – now it’s elections, social unrest, and a likely manufactured corona virus that has been spinning out of control. No pun intended. Or was it? So wonder what is going to happen after the Election? I guess we are about to find out. What fears do you have? I really have chosen to just trust God in this one. I have voted. As most of you, I hope the voting is fair and that there is no corruption or vote tampering. Accusations are being widely thrown between parties on every level of course. But I guess grab your favorite drink, stuff a few packs of toilet paper back, grab a seat, say a prayer, and hang on! So what are your thoughts? Fears? What is your spin?

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  1. Hi Sonya, it’s sad that looking on from over here your poor country looks so divided, but like you I can only pray that God Knows what’s best..not me not you not even those who wish harm on your lovely country. I think everybody thinks first of themselves and a long way down the list is others …whereas God tells us we should think of Him First, then neighbours etc who are our neighbours
    Not just the folks next door, but our country, and everyone who lives in Gods World….. even if the result is not what we think it should be we can only rest knowing that God is in charge only he can see the end. So despite all the challenging days that may lie ahead know that God is in Charge. Whether people like it or not…our voting polling stations are open from 7am. till 10 pm so that people can vote before they go to work or when they come home. Thankfully we only have to tick one candidate so it only takes a few minutes. Only if you are disabled or have some other disability an you get a postal vote……Good luck…

    • Yes you are right. I just want our values and traditions to hold tight. We are also open all day for voting. Mail in ballots have been a source of controversy as possible corruption exists. Loving ones neighbor is certainly what Gods commandment is! You are right!

  2. I don’t think you want my spin. lol
    I just want ALL the American people to do whatever they can to fight Covid-19. I want it g.o.n.e. Until there is some control of it, life will stay messed up. Politically wise…I will spare you.
    I’m just a coal miners granddaughter living in a cabin in the woods. 😋

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