Vietnamese Pho, Hurricane Laura Remnants, Shopping, and Sleep

Miss Laura will be passing over us today. Gusts of 20 to 30 supposedly from The Weather Channel at last night’s forecast. Already we have had a wave of storms roll through as we went to Walmart last evening.

We went to eat Pho last night before shopping and it was really good. We got fresh spring rolls. We are going to try to make these at home. We had a nice time. It was nice and healthy except for maybe a lot of starch in the rice noodles, lol. I think it needed a few more veggies! We talked to the owners a bit. They are really nice and hanging on during the Pandemic.

We got in the parking lot of Walmart (after we ate) and the lightning was unreal with the storms approaching. We got the groceries in the car just in time. I was thinking how glad I was to be so close to home and we’d be there pretty quick and then George said he had to go pay the water bill which meant we would be caught up in the storm. ::sigh:: but it is what it was. It wasn’t too bad and mainly sprinkled. So I think it skirted us. If it rained much I didn’t know it. George took dogs out and I unloaded the groceries. We both rebooted the dishwasher (clean out/dirty in) and I washed some other dishes.

After that, I poured a glass of Pinot Noir and turned on The Weather Channel and put my feet up. A very productive day and enjoyed our dinner but hauling two loads of groceries up the stairs (George got the 3rd load) kinda wore me out. We had been out of a lot. My muscles have been very weak this week. Scarily so. So I’m really going to have to focus on fixing that. I think it’s been the way we’ve been eating from vacation and maybe I need more D, more fruits and greens. It’s always THAT I think. I have to really focus to make sure I get in what the body needs because the normal way we try to eat does not get us there. George rarely infuses greens or fruits in the meal without my push for it. He prefers the beans and rice and taters. I do too but that doesn’t cut the mustard. lol

So last night Maisy had to go out about 1 in the morning. The deer was in the front yard. Got back in bed and almost asleep and then Roger had to go out. Darn it! He takes his sweet time. So by the time we got back in I was fully awake. I had to drink Sleepy Time tea and play Candy Crush and wait for it to kick in. I think I went to bed again about 3:00 or 3:30 and didn’t get to sleep until probably 4. I could not get comfortable. George was snoring loudly and had been all night. I am getting very close to moving myself into another bedroom. Seriously. It has been hard to sleep for a while. I think I may just need to for a night or two to get caught up on sleep anyway. I don’t always have this problem. But it’s a problem right now. IF I wake up in the middle of the night I can’t go back to sleep until it’s almost time to get up. But I worry if I go sleep in the guest bed, then Roger may try to jump out of the bed without me to catch him. Maisy will often wake me up if Roger is getting to the end of the bed. She looks out after him. Bless her. I would have slept in the guest room some before now but hadn’t because of Roger. But I may need to sleep in a couple of days this weekend.

I will try to be a good person today despite my lack of sleep when I was already tired out from the week. I am caught up on most of my weekly tasks at work – I had been a day behind, then half day behind and yesterday I caught up with myself, lol. I do have a lot of extra things people have been needing from me. But extras take a back seat until the main stuff with payroll and taxes and fixing all the payroll mistakes that people forgot to turn in. So now I can work on Friday’s stuff and if I get through with that, then I can work on the extras. That said, I am trying to go in early and leave early. Not sure if that can happen with me sitting her blogging, lol. If it looks like it is going to be pouring rain later in the day, I may leave early to miss it. After all I’ve NOT taken much of a lunch all week long. Have worked longer days and made up my dental appointment time. It’s hard to drive in pouring tropical rains. So if I feel like I need to, I’ll leave a bit early. With the way people drive in Nashville, they’ll try to go 70 in one of these downpours – they pass you and then you pass them later upside down in the median or slid off the road in the trees. I drive slow in the rain and if no one else does that puts us all in danger. So I try to NOT be on the road when it rains a stupid heavy rain.

OK off to pack lunch and scoot myself in. I’m so glad it is Friday. I hope I don’t nose dive on my desk this afternoon. I’m about ready for a nap already! Will Laura be impacting you? Or has she?

Ya’ll have a good one.

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  1. That’s funny Sonya as I was reading about your storm the sky here was getting darker and darker then we had a rumble of thunder, now the rain is torrential coming straight up and down!! Masy is lying on the couch wondering what’s going on.!! Hope you got into work ok and that you leave early today to get home safely….have a good day with no problems. Bye for now going to make a banana sandwich for Mary and me

  2. I’ve never had Pho, but I think I’d like it.
    Messed up sleep messes me up for the next 2 days. I can understand going to the guest room for a quiet
    night. I’ve been tempted more than once.
    Laura has been raining & storming here for 2 days & will continue this weekend. Thunder, lightning, high winds are not dog friendly. But I am not complaining.
    Labor day is around the corner. That’s unreal.
    I’m off to read before I close my eyes. 🙂

  3. I laid in bed last night listening to the rain. That is all we got from the storm.
    I hope you get some good sleep this weekend. I can’t sleep beside someone snoring. I would definitely go to the other bedroom. When I don’t get my sleep I feel terrible the next day.

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