Puncture Wound and Changed Plans

Ready, set…start your violins!

Well, I was so excited to get started on our weekend. I had so much I wanted to do today. I relaxed yesterday after work knowing I’d have today and tomorrow to get things done.

While getting ready to take the dogs for their trim, I went to the kitchen for something and stepped on something sharp. It was a piece of glass I determined. George, who was doing something in another room said he had broken a glass earlier.

I went to the bathroom in a hurry to sit down where the blood would not drip on the carpet. It seemed to take George forever to get there. I needed someone to go get the band aids. Glad he was there. Although he must have been playing some game or something. He finally came back and got a flashlight and ran his finger over it and said he didn’t think the glass was still in there.

However, the damage was already done at that point. It hurt to put pressure on my foot. The bandaid stopped the bleeding at least. But we were in a hurry now to get the dogs to the groomer. I debated whether to go but I know it’s hard to drive with both dogs in the car. So I went so I could hold Maisy.

I can’t take the basement steps and had to go out the front. I hobbled to the car. And I hobbled and hobbled and hobbled. I can walk on the side of my foot or the heel at least. But I came home and put my feet up and have been watching YouTube shows.

I had told George I was not going to go anywhere else if I had to hobble. So when it came time to leave for the graduation shower, I told George he could go ahead. I wasn’t going to go hobble around someone’s house and be the butt of attention. So nope. I just stayed at home and didn’t get anything hardly done but start a load of clothes.

My morale is busted and my spirits are low as I prefer to be able to do what I want to do when I want to do it. And we were going to Cracker Barrel after also. So I guess that’s out. I don’t want to hobble through Cracker Barrel.

I was so bummed that I wasn’t even in the mood to work on the video. So you know I’m bummed. I can sit and do that. At least I gathered up the spirit to do this blog. I almost went to bed. I’m so mad this happened.

At that point I think George decided to make sure all the glass was up. I wish he’d thought of that beforehand or let me know it had been broken so I could do it. Accident prevention is key. If there is a glass chard left behind a foot will most certainly find it as mine sure did.

So I didn’t get to go to the party. I don’t get to go to Cracker Barrel. Who knows what it will feel like tomorrow. Now I’m having a pity party. And trying to decide whether to order dinner out and have it delivered. George will no doubt be full from the party food. I don’t want to stand up and cook anything as it makes my hip hurt having to stand on one side. So I may just order something and have it delivered. I guess I’ll wait til George gets home and make sure he’s not hungry.

So I’ll be ok and I’ll get my spirit back. I guess I will work on the video. I got a glass of wine. I could read. I am just disgusted but will have to get over it. I also was told I should soak my foot in Epsom Salt in case there is still glass in it. But the glass came out I think. I could do that I suppose if I can find something to soak my foot in up stairs. I can’t get down the stairs and George is not here yet. So that may have to wait.

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent, haw, spew, and get the violins playing. lol

I’ll update tomorrow and we’ll see what happens. I guess God intended for me to stay at home. I need to take the dogs out but I can’t make it with both of them. They are sleeping right now so when they wake I’ll take them one at a time if he is not back yet.

Darn. I wanted to go to the grocery tomorrow. Maybe if I cushion it really well and wear tennis shoes? It was just too early to put a shoe on it today.

Oh well, let me go work on the video while the dogs are sleeping. Darnit!

4 responses to “Puncture Wound and Changed Plans”

  1. Sorry to hear about your foot! Sounds painful! I would order dinner to be delivered, and be careful tomorrow. It will need time to heal. At least you can blog!

  2. Ugh!!
    I’m late here but could the husband pick up & deliver?
    Or get something delivered. Sorry you missed the party. But look at all the germs you missed as well.
    Ah well. I’ve been debating(arguing) with my niece all afternoon. So exhausting. I am a lover not a fighter. But if I have something to say, I will!
    If your foot bled a lot, the glass is most likely out.
    I wish you a relaxing evening:)

  3. That sure hurts. I think it has happened to all of us before. Just take it easy and stay off foot. Maybe it will feel better tomorrow. The husband always tells me if he breaks something. So I will make sure to wear my shoes in the kitchen, it seems like there is always a sliver of glass we miss when sweeping.
    Enjoy your weekend ..

  4. Morning Sonya, it’s 5.45am here. I woke early for me, I’ve been and washed etc so thought I would check out me e mails then found yours which must have come in overnight as I sure didn’t arrived by 10pm. I did see on Facebook that you had trodden on glass. I hope by the time your reading this that your feeling better and by now you should be almost back to normal, unless you still have a sliver of glass in there.”.if it’s still sore I think that indicates there is something there and you will have to get it out. How you do that ???? I’ve not got any idea LOL but think it will be up to George to search again. First you should soak your foot in warm water as long as you can …..let me know how things go as the day passes. Take care. Xxxxx

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