Snow Surprises, Standing Up for Myself, and Trip Planning

Well, excited to be in the weekend here. We had a little excitement yesterday on Friday. I think most people just don’t pay attention to the weather much anymore. They always make such a big deal over weather that never happens that we are all like “yeah yeah whatever”. And even the weather specialists don’t seem to really know. But we did get the same system Katy had a few days ago to come through. Only without the ice. Here’s a pic from Katy’s front porch.

Here are pics of my house…

And coming out of the neighborhood. At least the roads were fine for getting about. My kind of snow!

And here is at work….

And I photo I took to make 3D on FB.

So I have been getting better each day as far as recovering from diverticulitis. It is always such a touch and go situation – just up and down – wondering if something you eat will be ok to eat, wondering if you are really getting better, and shrouded with a bit of hope and a bit of depression, while you wait it out over the course of several days. I’ve tried to remain on the positive side. During the initial days of only getting liquids and starting the antibiotics and waiting to see if it “takes”, my positive take away was “yeahhhhh I get to sleep and rest for two whole days” and I went with that. Then when I got to add soft foods and coffee – well that is enough to be positive right there. I was happy to be able to work and not miss anything there as I am still rising up out of the year end stuff. And I’ve allowed myself to order vegetable plates from Cracker Barrel, Logan’s, and Jay’s Family Eatery, splurging and enjoying every morsel and letting myself have Mac and Cheese besides it slides down the trails really easily – being positive you know. We’ll worry about pasta and cheese sauce – later! And yesterday I was able to add chicken salad and fish (salmon) to the table. Will be progressing to meats this next week but slowly – probably starting with ground beef (maybe that this weekend). I do have to spend a chunk of the weekend trying to prep for what to eat next week. As much as I would love it – I can’t exactly eat out every day (take out) at the favorite places above. I did use Uber Eats yesterday too as I did not want to get out. Pricy but when you are busy, hungry, and recovering on a cold winter day, you will pay $15 for a good hot meal delivered to you. No traffic, no cold, hot food, and you get more done at your desk! Something I really only do about two to three times a year. So that was my positive splurge.

In addition to trying to keep my body going as I recover, I’ve needed to stand more – and really needed to do this all along. I just didn’t want to have to ask. However, I was really feeling desperate not to scrunch up my tummy when I sit or lean it against the desk. So I bit the bullet and asked for a stand up desk. Luckily there was one person who no longer cared if she used hers and she offered for me to take hers. Oh bless her!


I was so happy to be able to stand and get some work done that I stood almost all day yesterday. I only sat when I ate my lunch, and when I worked on taxes and needed to have a couple of folders, some papers, and work the calculator a bit – and at the end of the day when my feet began getting mad at me for standing so long. So it’ll be up and down for the most part as my body tells me or as the work requires. I’m just so darn thrilled. Another notch in the healthy way. I can move around more and do some steps in place if I think of it.

So I need to go rush a shower in real quick. We are taking the doggies to get groomed and then going to Target to use a gift card and get some things there and do as much of our store run there that we can but we may have to step over to Kroger or Publix for the rest.

My goal this weekend is to work on the house, my list, and my menu for next week. I have already done the biggest of my weekend “to do’s” and that was booking something in Amelia Island. I was able to book a whole house a mile or so away from the beach for less than a condo costs on the beach and they weren’t really that spectacular in views, had a lot of stairs, and stuff. But we have a whole house, a patio, yard, and King size bed! I just had to go with the space. Now we can cook a meal for Mom and My Aunt and Uncle. Mom will be staying with them and they are just a bridge away in Yulee and we’ll be able to eat with them and they are taking off work and we’ll go explore some with them. We are SO excited. Now we can plan the rest of trip with eating and shopping and exploring. I’ll post some pics once we get approved. I signed up for it but the owner has 24 hours to approve us. We did this through VRBO. Has anyone ever used VRBO? It’s a nice little set up. I’m going to use it to make a long weekend getaway for us in the fall if George will go for a 3 nighter later in the year!

Ok, take care. Gotta go hurry and get ready.

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  1. Yes, I used VRBO when we went to Hawaii. We stayed in the most wonderful high rise 2.5 million dollar condo overlooking the ocean for LESS than what we would’ve paid for a simple hotel room with no view! It was amazing! We’re trying a rental house through VRBO in Denver next week too while we’re there for my sister’s surgery. Nothing fancy but needed a place to stay near the hospital. I hope your VRBO rental is a great experience for you. It sounds like a wonderful trip you’ve got planned! Glad to hear the diverticulitis is better. That stand up desk is a good idea!

  2. Glad you got the desk set up. Can you also sit at this desk. I toured a new renovation of a local company and the desk were adjustable to sit or stand. They are an Engineering design company and they have lots of computer work. (design, specs, contracts etc.) They have 3 floors so lots of money for these desk. The workers love them.

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