Egg Maker, Office Modifications, and more Geeky Apps

Had a pretty productive day yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed feeling good and getting out. The first thing on my agenda yesterday was to get the “condo” booked for our Amelia Island trip. I ended up getting an entire house for 8 days! It’s blocks from the beach – so not on the beach. We found at Tybee, that we could deal with that. While I love my ocean view, we end up getting a lot more space, comfort, and ease with the dogs. Our goal is not to hang on the beach anyway but to get out and explore and see my family there, eat seafood, and for me….take lots of pics and create some memories. We booked through VRBO and I couldn’t be more excited. My Aunt and Uncle drove by the place to check it out. And honestly the King size bed and having a yard for the dogs kinda won me over. The decor had to look nice and inviting and there is a back porch area. All the condo units had stairs both inside and out – a lot of concrete, very little grass, and so this just appealed to me. So now we can begin to plan our trip and what all to do while there.

It’s also getting close to my trip with Katy to Tulsa. Only about a 5 weeks away! We talked yesterday.

George and I dropped the babies off for their trims yesterday. Roger just shakes so. It makes him nervous as sometimes there are cages involved and he is scared of them. Rightly so as it’s how he lost his teeth, we think.

Then we went to Chic Filet and I had a breakfast bowl. I wasn’t really planning on having tater tots but it came with and I am coming out of my illness and devoured them. But at least they were soft. I think next time I go I will order scrambled eggs and fruit and coffee and let that be it. Maybe a double order of scrambled eggs. lol I am thrilled to know you can just order an order of scrambled eggs – it doesn’t have to be on a biscuit. I wish they had grilled chicken bites for breakfast though. But on mornings when I need a quick hot meal, I will remember this. Fruit is not hot but I’ll eat the eggs and then I’ll be good with the fruit either to finish off breakfast or for snack.

Then we ran some errands and hit up Target to get household needs and what groceries we could get there. George is getting the fresh stuff when he goes and gets his oil change today.

At Target I found this egg steamer that boils eggs (steams them to boiled), makes omelettes, and also poaches them. I am so incredibly thrilled with it. I can set it up and not have to stand there and watch it. It makes a cute little jingle and turns itself off when it’s done. I can do this in the mornings when getting ready for work when I want a hot meal. It was only $16.95. I can also make up to 7 boiled eggs and we can toss them in the fridge and eat them as snacks or on salads or toss in tuna or whatever. So yeahhhhh! Win Win Win. I stared at it at Target, thinking – I don’t need this b/c we have a pan and a stove. But yeah, I needed it. It’s a gadget, but I’ve needed this for a long time. George looked at me questionably at Target but refused to comment as he knew I’d do what I wanted. So I bought it and love it and wish I’d had it a long time ago.

It was nothing to peel the eggs either. They said to put it directly in cold water or ice water and let them cool for a bit and it would help keep them from cooking longer and would help them peel and it worked. I had dressed/deviled eggs in no time. And in true fashion, they are all gone this morning! 😉

We came home and I did laundry and worked on the kitchen some and before long it was time to go get the doggies.

Roger was sleeping and I did not get a pic of him yet. But Maisy was playing around on the sofa and I snapped her pic. She was glad to be home. And her ears look so big. I like it when the hair grows back a bit and it spreads out like a butterfly. She looks so pretty though. Good for another 8 weeks. We take them back in April. Here’s a close up.

So I worked in my (home) office yesterday afternoon as it’s been driving me crazy to work in an unorganized office. (Work meaning play mainly – blogging, bible study, THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY I DO’s orders, email, facebooking, weather checking, To Do List updating, and so forth.)

So I moved my Bulletin board to a different locale and put new decor up. I went shopping downstairs in the basement. Since we are not using the finished basement for anything but storage, I decided to use the “travel” pics up in my office area. Works for me. I still have one wall to put something on and I want to put a big sign or something up in writing for that space. It’ll come but I’m not in a hurry to find or fix that spot.

Here’s what I ended up with:

The chair above is in here now so I can watch “TV” on my Mac. Mainly You Tube and Xfinity shows (sister wives).

I had to adjust the rug also as it was driving me bananas. My chair would not scoot back when the rug was in the center of the room and my chair would scoot back and kick the rug up and I’d get up and trip over it. lol

So I got George to help me and while he lifted the table up I scooted the rug underneath the chair and table and now the edge of the rug is no longer in the way. I was about to buy a new rug and didn’t want to spend the money. I loved that rug as it really makes the room come alive. But I’m glad this worked. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before.

I love being organized. And once I was organized I did a devo.

This morning, I’m trying out a new app called BeFocused. You list your to do list you want to do for the day and the app gives you 25 min to work on it. Then it goes to the next item. And so I guess the purpose is to not get distracted as you are being timed and need to get it done before the timer goes off. Well I’m big with games like that. So I thought I’d try it. At first I was like….I don’t need that…I’m focused enough. Then I thought of all the things that catch my attention and all the side trails I go down…so yeah we’ll see if it works. I set two segments for blogging, b/c there is no way to get a blog done in 25 min. I am doing this on my iPad. And my iPad keeps closing up on me and I have to reopen it. So I’m not sure how this is going to work. It’s a test. I wish the iPad would remain open so it can do it’s thing. I have a lot of things listed. According to that it’ll be a productive little day. lol

Maybe the bathroom will actually be cleaned today after my shower. Wonder if I’ll have any day left to watch shows. lol I’ll let you know how it goes. Kinda excited to try this though.

That is really all I have and all I know today. And just like that the first item is done. I do have a whole list of “to do’s” and things I want to remember that I update weekly using my “Focus Matrix” (a different app from above). This one is perfect for me to capture various things I’m trying to do and remember. It helps me remember what all I want to do and prioritize it. I work on this all week long. You can also download to PDF and print it out, sync across devices and update as you go along from home or wherever. Between this, and the app above “Be Focused”, my daily calendar planner, and my Evernote app where I can capture recipes, thoughts, links, etc —–I’ve got it down! I’m such a geek.

Have a great Sunday! What all you all doing? I’m loving just being here today. Sunshine and 60 – but like 2 weeks worth of rain coming our way. Yuk. So tired of all the rain and gloom. But let’s think positive. Soon we will see buttercups (daffodils) and will see some spring? Take care!

5 responses to “Egg Maker, Office Modifications, and more Geeky Apps”

  1. Maisy is so cute! Bright-eyed and ready to play. I like the egg steamer. I love kitchen gadgets but husband always claims I never use them. You have your office space looking nice.
    It is a beautiful sunny day I am off to buy my valentine stuff.

  2. Maisy is a very pretty girl! Lookin’ good:)
    I always put my hard boiled eggs on ice to cool them down. Your eggs look divine. Yummy. Now I’m hungry. Your vacation rental looks nice & sounds perfect. May is not that far away…
    Right now I’m looking at snow. And I could use a nap.
    Have a great Sunday & take care,

  3. My daughter bought one of those egg cookers (same brand). I asked why she needed that, we have water and pans to boil eggs. Now after hearing what it can do I’m kind of excited to try it. Haha. It’s still in the box because she’s been at my mom’s. Have a great day! Sheila

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