Hanging out in Graham, TX

Well, a few minutes ago, I heard a pack of coyotes squealing, barking, and howling in their tribal hunt. They were pretty close. I turned the outside light on to the back and the carport area and it stopped immediately. I was thinking “I hope Maisy doesn’t get up right now”. Well, she did. I went to get my coat and told her we were staying very close to the house and she was staying close to me. I felt like we were being watched. Maisy went and I heard “thump thump thump” – which sounded more like an elephant running. I have no idea what that was, but we didn’t stick around to find out. I told her we’d go back out after the sun was up.

We had a great day of shopping yesterday. We started out at The Tattered Pearl on the edge of Graham, TX.

Trying on Clothes at Tattered Pearl, Graham, TX

The prices are affordable and clothes are different. Excuse my messy hair (after trying on clothes). I found several blouses that I gave George to wrap up. Bought some earrings. Had a great time. This is one of two of my favorite shops.

Then we headed on to lunch at 526 Pizza Studio for pizza and a BLT avocado salad. I ordered the Billy Joel pizza which had a white sauce and spinach and chicken and feta and tomato, but my favorite was the Hawaiian pizza which has repeatedly been my favorite pizza anywhere this year it seems. We ordered personal pizzas and shared and ate them all plus the salad which came with orzo pasta. I love orzo and forget about it. It’s great to make a cold salad with.

We shopped around the square in Graham at all the clothing or gift shops. Many of the places had dual roles – like a 2nd hand shop that also had new clothes and purses and accessories as well. And a tanning salon that had a clothing store as well.

On the square in Graham, TX
The Vineyard Branch, Graham, TX

We also stopped at a cute gift shop that is just fun to look through. I took a variety of pics in there, mainly for random Instagram (@backporchwriter) pics, as I like to sneak in positive and or funny sayings in b/w pics here and there. And then we went to a tea shop “NobiliTea and they gave us a little tea tour, explaining flavors and such. An adorable place.

I took pics of the types of teas and what they did for you. It made me want to drink more tea!

Then we headed for the grocery store to buy our Thanksgiving meal items. We each had our list.

Then we came home and when Cody got off work we headed out to Canyon Grill for a steak. It was so good.

Canyon Bar and Grill, b/w Breckenridge and Cisco, TX

We stopped and picked up Shelby, a friend Katy teaches with. Shelby came to see us in TN this year and calls us her “Tennessee Family”. We enjoyed seeing her.

While at Canyon Road, we laughed at these:

Finally got the Banana Bread Baked.
Facebooker shares Corndogs growing out in the wild.

Then we came home, took the dogs out and headed to bed. Sleep was the best so far since we’ve been gone I think. Almost slept all night. Maisy needed water last night and was panting. George got up and gave her water. I woke up then and then again at 6 when George’s phone got a text or alert. I got up and then Maisy got up a few minutes later and that brings us back around to where I started the blog this morning.

I will go ahead and share these pics from this morning already. I could see the glow of the morning sun through the window and ran out for a pic because I knew it was going to be good!

Sunrise, Breckenridge, TX
Doggies think they are going to get a Meat Treat. And they DID!

Katy is fixing breakfast for us and then we are going to hang out here and make a few things for Thanksgiving and have lunch out and we are looking at a few things on line. I am hoping to try out the drone today but not sure the weather will hold out. Can’t use in inclement weather. It’s been windy and will be raining for the next day or two. No rain here yet. Supposed to shoot a gun for the first time also. :-O May work on Thanksgiving cards either today or tomorrow. So not sure what all will happen but I’m happy to hang around here today being that we have been on the road a lot. But we have had a grand time.

Ya’ll have a good day. And a good Thanksgiving. What all are you cooking today in prep for the big day? I’m cooking my chocolate fudge pie today. And I might go ahead and make the potatoes. The cranberry salad can wait til tomorrow since all you do is open it up and pour it in: whole cranberries, mandarin oranges, and pecans.

Ok off to my day! Breakfast is ready soon. I can get used to this! ha.

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  1. I’m loving your pictures! The sunrise is beautiful! You’re making me want to take a trip to Texas! Have a nice day.

  2. Hope you all have a very happy thanksgiving I think having a day just to visit with your family is a great idea you don’t always need to be on the go. Enjoy them while you can!

  3. I can really tell you have lost weight in that picture. I love to shop, glad you are having fun with your daughter, Your little dogs look so fluffy and clean in their pictures, I wonder what they think traveling so far from home?. I am baking a cake today then packing to go visit my daughter and sil. Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. LOVED all your photos. Almost the same as me being there too. Have a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING with your family. ENJOY.

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