Abilene and Graham Texas

It’s kinda neat to wake up with a farm view. Sitting here drinking coffee and pondering our day yesterday. We spent the morning drinking coffee and (me) blogging. George and I had a left over hot dog for breakfast from the night before. After showers we headed off for our day to Abilene. But first, we stopped at a donut shop so George could get a Kolache. They are in the left photo at the top shelf and it is a hot dog (some type of sausage or kielbasa) inside the pastry. Many have other things in them like jalepeno. He discovered them and loves them.

The donut shops here are “a thing”. All Mom & Pop around here – no chains. It seems to me that no matter how small a town is- if there is a community at all- there’s a donut shop and they have donuts, kolaches, and breakfast burritos and I think some have tamales. Yesterday I got a cinnamon roll. It was so good and fresh and reminded me of the donuts I had as a kid. I guess it didn’t have preservatives in it b/c I did not feel stuffed after eating it like you do now with the chains. No guilt. Although by habit, I did call it “sin #1 of the day” on my Instagram Story post. It was a good sin and one likely to be repeated, but at least I confessed it, lol. Thank goodness for God and Isagenix. There are shirts that say that. ha. I’ll do a cleanse when I get back and dive into my shakes.

Then we drove on to Abilene. Katy had told us it was a scenic drive. It was beautiful. I think it took like an hour and 15 minutes.

Wind Turbines near Abilene

On the way there were these incredible wind turbines – just fields and fields of them. It looked like we were on another planet. Just eerie almost. For as many miles as you could see.

We then went shopping at a couple of strip mall that included Old Navy, a store that had everything $5 or less, Kirlands, and Burlingtons, and TJ Maxx. George I bought two matching dog beds for the car for the trip home and we will use them in the car going forward when we travel and at home as well. Going home we will not have as much stuff to make pillows/beds for them and so we decided this would help. And when we have nothing back in the back we can put this back there and they will be comfortable. The beds have sides to make them feel more sturdy.

Successful Shopping

We did have a successful shopping trip by the looks of our trunk area. Then we headed back to Breckenridge. Oh also we ate lunch at a place called the Cotton Patch Cafe in Abilene. I had salad and soup and we ordered an appetizer to split of “country fried bacon” served with both ranch dip and country gravy. Oh it was good. But that was “sin #2”, lol.

Country Fried Bacon at the Cotton Patch Cafe
Sunset behind us, returning from Abilene
Gebo’s, Breckenridge, TX

We stopped at Gebo’s – kinda like a Mom and Pop Tractor Supply Store or a General Store. They have a little bit of everything. George wanted to stop and get Quail Eggs for the pickle tray for Thanksgiving.

Then we headed back to the house for a while and rested til it was time to go to dinner. When Cody got in we headed out, kinda late, after 7 to a town about 45 minutes North, Graham, TX. We at at this place below.

Dos Leone’s, Graham, TX

The food was fabulous. I got a platter that had a taco with fajita meat and the meat was wonderful. It had a spinach enchilada and the spinach was fresh spinach (not from a can) and it had the white cheese sauce on it (o.m. gosh) and it had a beef tamale with chili on it (:-O) and a tostada and mexican rice and beans which was like bean soup. All was excellent. That was a lot of food and I didn’t eat it all. But I got close. I only got part of the tamale and tostada – but scraped all the chili off and the fixin’s on the tostada and mixed it all together with the left over salsa and poured it on the rice. (Sonya’ mexican rice salad, lol). Then I broke the chip part of the tostada which had refried beans on it and scooped up the rice with it and ate it like it was dip. But still didn’t eat all of the tostada chip. Anyway all that to say – I loved that platter and would get it again sometime. But the fajita meat was incredible, so next time if I ever get back there, I will get the fajita plate that has extra veggies – it has all the norm, plus more – like squash and carrots. I almost got it but I’d been craving enchiladas lately.

Katy and I got the cucumber margarita. It was great.

Then we made the 45 minute trip back. We were all about ready for bed by then. Dogs out one more time and Maisy and I got settled in bed and then George and Roger came. We slept pretty good considering the tight squeeze of 2 humans and 2 dogs in a regular size bed, with George snoring up a big one in my ear and dogs layed out across our feet and George kept getting texts or something this morning. People from work have been texting him I think – not regarding work things – just humoring back and forth – telling him it’s quiet without him lol. Or it may be some kind of news or weather alert this morning, and then after that my alarm went off to remind me to get up from work. Tonight we leave the electronic alerts OFF. Well I will anyway if I can remember. That makes sleeping past 4 much easier anyway. I guess I can’t complain about the texts – I often get up and answer people’s texts from the night before early in the morning, so I’m sure I’ve woken people up unintentionally – but it doesn’t change the fact that it did wake me up this morning when sleep was a bit hard to come by with so many of us beings in a tiny bed. 😛 But I think I slept better than the night before. I’m not complaining – just stating the facts. It’s all good, because I’m glad to be here. And some sleep is better than no sleep. I might be a bit grumpy though not having a solid nights sleep. So I get quiet when I’m grumpy – unless I get too grumpy and then I am loud and bear like. lol

And that brings us to this:

That’s the mug I’m drinking from this morning. And I’m going for a 2nd cup. I will leave you with a couple of pics from Kirklands. I loved this print with the winter trees on them. They were by Kate (not my Kate though) but I did think it was neat.

I thought this snow flake ornament was cute.

And this area just made a nice photo. I might use it for my lock screen after Thanksgiving is over.

Hope you all have a good day today. And I’m going for more coffee. George and Roger is up now to join Maisy and me. And once everyone else is up we’ll shower and get ready. I think we are going to Graham for groceries – the town that we went to last night. All the towns around are 45 to an hour and 15 away or so and depending on what you need – you go there. Breckenridge is pretty self sufficient though. Big enough to have a McDonald’s, Sonic, and even a Walmart. It does have another grocery store “United” Supermarkets, but the best/biggest one is in Graham and they carry more items and Katy likes to shop there. Their church is also in Graham so it’s nothing to drive 45 minutes to Graham! Even just to go eat. We thought of Mom and Dad who liked to travel to the Alabama line just to eat catfish at their favorite place and then drive back.

So anyway, we’ll be going to Graham and getting groceries for Thanksgiving today and we’ll be eating at a special steak place tonight and get to see Katy’s friend Shelby that she brought to Nashville. We had told her we hoped to get to see her again over Thanksgiving. We get to meet her family and her kids.

Well I am off of here for more coffee! What are your Thanksgiving plans for this year? You going somewhere or is everyone coming to you?

I’m sniffling this morning after several big sneezes so I am hoping I’m not getting sick. The weather to blame if it is – hot and cold. We went from 30’s to 70’s in just about 3 hours. And it was a beautiful 70 degree day yesterday. Have a great day. Gone now for that 2nd cup!

4 responses to “Abilene and Graham Texas”

  1. sounds like a fun filled day. enjoy yourselves. the food sounded delicious. my husband and i have both been sick, various ailments. but we’re going to try to head out to our daughters to celebrate thanksgiving with her and the grandchildren. hope you find everything you need at the grocery. take care.

  2. I opened up the NYTimes this morning and read woman killed in Texas by feral Hogs. She was attacked when going to get something from the car. I thought to myself Gosh I hope it wasn’t Sonya. Sorry, you haven’t had good sleep. I think I would sleep on the couch if it’s too crowded.
    Enjoy your time with your daughter. Stay safe.

  3. That must have been a fun day. Nice pictures and the food sounds good. I hope you’re not getting sick. I caught a cold while in Washington, D.C., but am feeling better. We’re hosting Thanksgiving so I’m getting ready for that. We’ll be traveling out of state for our family Christmas.

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