New Camera App, Bucket List for Fall, and Findlay, the GrandDog

Good morning! Popping in again before heading out. I had a good sleep last night and feel pretty good and ready to tackle the world. Have tried to work fast this week to get ahead. I did a lot of my Friday stuff yesterday so I could work on filings today. Still have to do a few things this morning. I worked til 6 doing the Friday things that were kind of mindless, like ordering pay cards and looking up PTO averages. After 5 my brain is shot from the day and to try to figure out to do a tax filing which is a little different in every state is just not in the cards. This takes a fresh mind. I really don’t want to give up my Sunday. I need that day to get my to do list done which is monstrous, and to clean and to grocery shop and to do my devo, and have some alone time and if I don’t get that I will be very bear like next week and impossible to be around. Everyone needs their balance and their weekend.

We have a yard sale tomorrow, so no working over today. I’ll try to go in early but it’ll have to wait til I get this blog entry done and drink my coffee X 2 cups.

The sunrise has been pretty. Took that above. I installed a new camera app, Dream Camera Lite, which is a “professional camera” app. I don’t really know how to use it. But I saw it in an article about Apps you need to have. I really liked the clarity of the videos. And I liked the way the photos took but it does put their icon on it. I think you have to pay or buy the premium version to get that off of there. I thought I’d try it for a while and see. I’m not sure how to use all the bells and whistles but it worked great and was able to make some of my dark photos I took look much better. I like the widephoto it will let you take and of course you can still use your regular iphone camera if you want.

It’s a goal of mine in the next year, to learn how to take good video footage and to learn how to make a video movie with good sceneries to make it appealing to watch. Preferably nature, landscape, towns, markets, shops, restaurants, dogs but not necessarily people – but not opposed to it.

Grand dog Findlay

Here is my Grand Dog, Findlay. Katy sent us the pic yesterday. Is she not a cutie pie?

This one didn’t turn out to good as far as the camera and lighting. Oh well. It’s very grainy.

I kept forgetting my lunch this week and one day I had Cracker Barrel. I love their grilled chicken. It’s so flavorful. Their iced tea is so good. It hit the spot. I keep forgetting to take a frozen meal in with me. Yesterday I had tuna and bone broth. Not very exciting but it got me through without spending money.

Bucket List: A small version

Ahhh, I was not wanting to fool with poster size Bucket Lists although it does look better and make you see it as you come and go and make plans, but sometimes life is too full to do a life size Tyvek list lol so notebook paper it is. Plus since I took a pic, it’s on my phone now. Is there a Bucket List app? lol Probably.

Anyway, let’s see – what is going on with me? Let me get more coffee and I’ll be right back.

Well I am happy and content. I am loving going to work to do my job. I love almost every minute of my job. Every day being different and the challenge is getting it all done and timely and accurate, but my teachers have shown me how to check for accuracy – still there is a LOT of room for error so carefulness, mindfulness, alertness – and being “on your game” as they say is key. You can’t let your guard down. A lot of people count on you. You have to also watch out for other’s errors that could keep someone from being paid correctly. So I try to get a good night’s sleep – which has been a challenge a few times lately. I try to eat right and keep sharp. I’m still goofy though and there is nothing we can do about that, but push through it, lol lol lol lol.

Ummmm we are starting to get into the busy season of our year (it’s all busy but the holidays put on some extra pressure, but extra fun. I guess it is that way for many. But to go into fall with the realization that every Saturday is booked, was quite shocking. We are having to turn down events that we would normally go to. But our life is full and happy and we will enjoy it. I do kinda get a bit of anxiety at our schedule filling up. It’s exciting but I do have anxiety that goes with it in the way of getting things done that need to get done – like laundry, grocery, gift shopping, wrapping and such. Sometimes we don’t have time for that left and that wigs me out. I also have to have my quiet time for a few hours to recharge my batteries and reboot, or I am not worth being around. So this makes me a bit nervous, but I’m trying to stay ahead of things. Which is impossible. lol I have a mounting to do list. But leaving the house at 6 ish and getting home at 6:30 to 7 – I’m finding I’m spent and want to do nothing but crawl in recliner with ipad and play my game or watch TV. I took the energy e-shot (natural ingredients plus caffiene and adaptogens one night at 5:30 I could be alert and keep going- not an energy drink compared to other energy drinks on the market. This is Isagenix and a natural one that is good for you) but it kept me awake until 10:30 p.m. I have to take it by 3:30 or 4:00 and no later. It peps me up to get things done after I get home.

More on the To Do List this weekend. But – we have a Yard Sale Saturday. I’ve still got some marking to do but not much. Tonight we will be setting up tables and that will make it easier for me to mark and have somewhere to put it. We are having pizza or something easy tonight so we can work on all this. In the morning all we’ll have to do is open the garage doors and take the tables out. If it’s raining we will have to have it in the garage, which I don’t want to do b/c I don’t want people grabbing things that are not for sale, lol lol.

Anyway, better go finish getting ready and get out the door! I am going to try to knock out many of these filings today if life will allow. I did notice that the company piled as much as they could into this position, lol. There is hardly any time to even eat lunch. But I usually do if I wanat it. It just means you have to stay later if you do. Anyway, I see why the previous person never took one.

Before I go, I do want to ask that you pray for George’s work. A new company took over and people in his department have been laid off. They have shut down this mine before and so we hope that doesn’t happen again. Right now George still has work. But as with most companies, there is a business cycle and eventually a company usually ends unless it is able to compete and surpass others. So we are all susceptible to this. It’s a way of life now. Companies are bought out, start up, end, whatever. But it is something that needs to be prayed over. So please keep us in your prayers. It could happen to any of us really at any time.

Well better get on the move. More later after we get through this yard sale. It has big things and we don’t want to have to haul it off. Otherwise we’d probably just donate. A no, I know my family is wondering if we are selling Nanny’s furniture. No we are not. Even though we will probably not use it ever again b/c it is regular size, it’s still gonna be sitting in the basement. I feel bad b/c I feel like someone could be using it that needed it, but we will hoard it b/c it’s sentimental because that is what the family would want us to do. I like it – I just like my office better, 😉 b/c that is what I really need and want now that it is just the two of us, we only need one guest bedroom. We hardly even have one guest. lol But at some point we probably will need to sell it b/c even Katy and Cody are wanting a larger size bed for their set up. So……and no one else in the family wants it so eventually we will have to part with it but even I am not comfortable with that yet.

Ok gone for real….have a good one!

5 responses to “New Camera App, Bucket List for Fall, and Findlay, the GrandDog”

  1. Will pray about geoge’ Job he just finally got settled in after the job he lost . Yes companies are changing for sure used to be you could retire from the company you started with it is uneasy times but you both have jobs and that is something to be thankful for

  2. Pray for George’s job. Hope you have a successful sale. Let me know how the photo site goes. I am looking for one to hold my pictures. I am studying for the new season. If Ken retires it will be my last one. If not I guess I will keep at it.

  3. good luck at the garage sale tomorrow. i will say a prayer about george’s job. i hope all will work out in the end.

  4. Findlay is adorable!!
    I hope your garage sale is a success. I will say a prayer for George and his job. Fingers crossed. Is his work related to the coal mines?
    It’s beautiful Autumn Glory in my neck of the woods. Beautiful!

  5. You are busy, but it’s nice to have things to look forward to. I love how you make a bucket list for each season. I have family keepsakes I can’t part with either.

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