How to Set Alerts with WordPress

Ok so I took some “screen shots” of my phone to share regarding the WordPress Alerts. I also looked to see if it was something I had accidentally clicked to say “no alerts” but there was nothing I did or changed. It looks like the alerts are controlled in the Readings settings. You can elect to have it show in WordPress “Reader” if you would like. Or you can sign up for the email alerts. Depending on what you have elected and what your settings are.

Check your Word Press Settings

Check Your “Spam/Junk Mail” if You Follow by Email and Make Sure you are Allowing Word Press Alerts

It would be easy to accidentally cut off your alerts if you told WordPress not to send any more alerts because you got a stray ad that you sent to the spam list or you sent it junk mail. I’m sure they probably send you OTHER emails from time to time and perhaps you surpassed those not thinking that it would end the blog alerts too. So you might check up on that.

If you get alerts on your phone, it could be that those are not coming through if you had changed your settings. You could have everything set up perfectly on WordPress but if you told your phone not to allow the apps alerts, that could do it.

Or You Can Try These

I am so sorry you all are having problems with your alerts. I hope this helps. I sure like getting your comments! It seems we are having an increase in traffic with new people arriving and following. But I don’t usually get many comments. I did make it easier to comment though so hopefully that helps with that. I just hope your alerts are fixed. Keep me updated!

Why You Might Like This Blog

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Good morning! Recently I updated my “About Me” Section to Include a bit of why anyone might like this blog. I feel the “About Me” section is one of the pages in which someone visiting your page decides they may stay or not, subscribe or not, or keep the link or not. So I made the following points about what my blog really has been about these last few years. While it DOES show and reveal my day to day life, I DO think that others can get ideas from the blog.

For whatever reason I was not able to copy and paste into the WordPress template, so I just snapped a pic. I think these ideas are pretty much what a reader would get from the blog. Perhaps you have more to add?

As readers, you have told me a few things that inspired you from the blog. Some read to see what Nashville is like, some read to see what all new things I’m doing or trying, some read just for the curiosity of reading about another person’s life, several have gotten to know me well and read because I’m a friend and they genuinely care. Some read because they are also fifty something and we are all in this aging thing together, we need to see what works, what doesn’t and share ideas. And of course some read to see if I will slip up and say things I shouldn’t. Now that I am not in HR that is less of a highlight. I never liked being on the gold throne of perfectness because I’m not and don’t want to be held to a higher standard. I just want to be ME! I want to tell it like it is, tell it as I saw it, tell it as I believe it. And if it exposes something that is wrong. Well, perhaps it (the blog) did what it should have. Some family read because they want to keep up with me as their family member and go behind the scenes. Other family read without me knowing it because they are curious. And some family never read because it makes them mad. And some of you have read the blog because you are just pure angels of encouragement and I feel God sent you my way! Whatever the reason, in most cases I’m glad you are here! And there are about 85 to 100 of you that visit daily. That may not be many to some, but it is impressive to me.

Update on Life These Days

Roger has made a mess by stepping in his dog dish (top of photo). A daily mishap. We have to put it in the middle of the floor so he will see it and think to eat. If not he will forget or not see it. Doggie Dementia! We’ll have to do something else when Mom arrives so she doesn’t trip over it. We do ourselves. I don’t know how many times I’ve stepped in his dish. Makes me mad every time. We need a different system.

His paw is recovering and he got to take the bandage off yesterday. But there is still a piece of tape we can’t get off as it hurts when we pull on it. We will keep trying. I fear Roger will get it off and get the tape stuck in his mouth or swallow it. Life is always a challenge.

Beef Brisket

George fixed a beef brisket last night for dinner! It was so good!

Weekend Plans

We are planning on moving a lot of Mom’s things via cargo van. Even any furniture that will fit. So it’s a big weekend. George is planning on getting a lot moved into storage. So while ya’ll are celebrating and kicking off summer we will be working our tails off.

Think of us!

Got a lot done on the video this week! The voiceovers are finished. Just need to edit down some more to cut down any minutes I can, add music and a few graphics and it’ll be done. I probably need another week!

Ya’ll have a fun weekend. I’ll try to pop in on Sunday! Not much else to report on. Looks like I get to drive in with the rain today. Running a bit late. It seems I need about 15 extra minutes these days. Maybe I should get up earlier!

You Get to Weigh In: Improvements and Changes to the Blog

Good Morning (Afternoon or Evening) Lovelies!

I’ve overslept and not time for my normal entry. But I thought I’d pop in and ask you a question or two. And for those that read my blog often I’d love to hear from you. Even those that don’t normally comment.

  1. What keeps you coming back here?
  2. What do you like about the blog?
  3. What would you like to see more of?

And geez, while I curl up like a raisin when I ask this one, I feel I need to. I’m pretty sensitive so be nice.

4. What would you like to see less of?

So why am I asking these questions? Curiosity and Connection mainly. For a long time this has been my place to come and just vent, talk about my day, talk about plans. My blog is my therapy.

But I wondered a few things in recent weeks while thinking about the blog and any changes that I might make. I won’t give away my thinking because I’d love to hear your thoughts first. I don’t want to lead you down any paths.

Again, please be nice. Everyone has been nice so far for the most part. I don’t mind constructive criticism especially if I ask for it, and please be mindful that so far, my blog has been everything I myself has wanted it to be. But there is and will always be an element to my blog that I want readers to enjoy besides it being a blab fest of my day or feelings. So here is your chance to let me know: why you like my blog, what appeal does it have that you want to remain, what would you like to see more of, less of, and we’ll throw in a bonus question, what would you like to know more about me?

I’ll be sitting on pins and needles waiting for your answers! LOL.

And I appreciate you so much. Your comments mean so much and your comments could definitely impact any change the blog may experience! So Weigh In! Don’t be shy!

Daily Update

Ya’ll have a grand day! I’m off to set into Wednesday. Must get a lot done today as it’s a 4 day week and I leave a bit early today. Tummy is healing for those that read the previous two days. I’m on soft foods now and escalating to more normal foods as I can. It may be a few days before I can hop back in here. Busy days ahead with Mom coming for Easter. Lots of cooking, cleaning, traveling, pedis, seeing neighborhoods, eating out, a bit of shopping. So yeah…I’ll pop back in as I can!