Sunday’s Sunset and Pet Pics

I know George must’ve been surprised at my sudden jump to go outside and catch the sunset. We were watching Bloodline and it was really good. But I saw the “glow” coming through the house and I knew it would be a nice one. Anytime the sun shines through with storm cloud remnants left behind it is always beautiful.

I had some company “Little Bit” who loved having me out there and he got some extra attention.

Sitting out there has been nice at sunset. Don’t do it every night, but here and there.

George came out and while I was watching the sunset, he saw there were deer on the other side. They almost want to come up to you but the dogs scare them away.

The sun scattered light about the sky and dispersed its light to the clouds opposite the sunset. The main show was not where the sun was going down but the reflection of light through the atmosphere.

Imagine how much better this would be with the new camera.

We had another good weekend day yesterday. However, the night before storms rolled through and I was awake. I think it’s a new fear that the big tall tree behind us will fall and it will fall on our bedroom if it comes that direction. With all the tree falls this year, it’s made me nervous. And a year like 2020 has been – you kinda start to think, “yeah that tree’ll fall this year”. I mean like someone said – “it wouldn’t surprise me if a volcano rose up in the back yard and started to blow lava” at this point. So point made, I decided to get up and see how bad the storm was. Maisy got up too so I took her out real quick before the main part got to us.

Turns out it was a slow mover. I grabbed a blanket and tried to just sleep on the sofa. I was awake though and it was hard to go back to sleep. About the time I did, the big part of the storm came through with loud thunder and a lot of lightning. Maisy was so scared. The wind was not bad and we didn’t have anything as a warning – other than Significant Weather warning. It wasn’t severe. But Maisy was snuggling with me and I put her under the blanket and hugged her. I secretly like those moments as she is not normally a lap dog – she wants to be with you but she likes her space. She gets hot really easy. So I hugged her and as the storm let up and scooted back over to her spot. Then we both fell into deeper sleep and George got up. He was not wanting to wake us up to start the coffee pot I guess and sat in the living room and read. I was in the den. I woke up a little before I was ready but I felt reseted enough and got up.

I started the coffee and rebooted the laundry and watched some of my shows on YouTube. George fixed us leftover porkchops along with some of Houston’s homemade biscuits. He ate his porkchops on the biscuits. I ate mine with a fork and put molasses and butter on my biscuits. MMMMMMM.

I knew better though than to keep sitting there. I’d watch YouTubers all day long. So I got up and began moving toward getting things done for the work week. I actually made a list on Evernote on my Mac so I can keep focused on the weekends. So I don’t “hobby” all weekend and actually get important things done. Here’s my reminders:

(Sorry it isn’t copying and pasting in list form and I don’t have time to put it that way but you get the idea)

___Ironing ___Clothes picked for next week ___Grocery Run ___Food for Next week for Work? ___Vitamins for Next Week ___”That Wellness Company” Orders __  Amazon Orders ___Target Orders ___Bless the House (Clean) ___Special Weekend Cleaning/Household Projects ___Looking Ahead on the Calendar ___Reorg To Do List ___Planning Time ___Special Personal Projects ___App Updates ___Check/Delete Emails ___Video Creations ___Delete Unused Photos & Set Favorites ___Watch my shows, read, create, have fun!

So I did a lot of those things yesterday (and the day before).

George fixed the most awesome roast for dinner. It was excellent – made in the Instant Pot.

oh and is it me or does the western US look like it’s complete on fire?

We enjoyed Bloodline. I think we are about half way through what is on Netflix. We are half way through season 2. We can hardly watch anything else because we are trying to see what is going to happen next.

One thing I’m seeing on this show is how one person can totally destroy a whole family. I know it’s fiction but I can see how it happens.

Before I knew it, our day was gone and it’s the work week again.

That loyal Maisy. She is just always there for me and by my side. I thank God for her every night. God knew I needed her and she needed me and He got us together. Same thing with Roger, for George.

I sing to Maisy almost every night in the sweetest voice tone I can manage.

“I love my Little Maisy Girl, I love my Little Maisy Girl”

“She’s a sweet little girl and I love her!”

“I love my Little Maisy Girl”.

Very simple, to the point and then we both fall asleep. She also knows the words “Let’s go Seepy”. And she scoots down to the end of the bed when I finish my song, give her a little hug and a kiss on the forehead and say “Let’s go seepy”.

Around here, the animals get better treatment than adults, lol!

And so the time has come for me to skidattle to work. Another work week is upon us.

Keeping the Spirits Lifted

It was fun to get out yesterday. Just a gorgeous sunny warm day. A bit hot but not too bad and lower humidity than we normally have in the summer. We took a drive by the new Amazon building not too far from us- so big it should be called an airport! Here’s a clip as we drove by. I know the reason they are building near us is so they can be near me since I keep them in business! :-O

Our first actual stop was restocking on spirits! Ha, yes we have been low in spirits in several ways. Here is the store we go to on occasion in our area, Providence Wine and Spirits. See store – first photo at the top.

They are a bit different in that they have a gift area and they even sell Pasta from a long time Italian Restaurant in Nashville area, Coco’s.

We then went to Aldi. Going to the grocery stores always did bring delight in our family.

Side note: It was interesting that they no longer have anyone wiping down carts even with virus going full blown now. I think so many are just over it. And the numbers show as people let the guards down. We are hunkering down though. We did go to a grad party and that was our riskiest thing yet. But we really don’t want this thing and we really don’t want to take anything to our pregnant daughter in Texas and we don’t want to take anything to Mom. We will be seeing her soon as well. And as George says, if we get it, we could die. We would like to avoid that if we could.

But it doesn’t keep us out of the grocery stores for our necessities and we are both wearing our masks now as it is a requirement. Still there are some who refuse under the requirement. And one lady yesterday was on the phone “just a fussin'” about something at Aldi. We had to wait behind her. I thought oh my we are breathing in all her hot air and germs and I tried to stand off aside. Isn’t it funny the things we think now. I’m thinking as mad as she was flappin’ her gums that if she had COVID we were all going to get it. You want to stand up and say “no body exhale, just hold your breath til we come through ok?” LOL LOL LOL

Anyway regardless we had fun at Aldi. It had been a while.

And then we went to Houston’s Meat market. Had we ordered on line we could have got 10% off. But then you have to wait 4 hours to pick it up so we just got what was in the store. It’s a little store and kinda hard to stand 6 feet apart. But we all tried our best. We bought pork chops for dinner. I found my old recipe. I’m shocked at how worn it looks. It’s had a lifetime of use. Also found the BBQ Meatloaf recipe as well. Is that not awful looking?

But you know what it says? They must be some darn good ones to have been used that much. TRUE THAT! I think the recipe for pork chops needs to say 1.5 hours and check it. They are scorched looking at 2 hours but….they don’t taste scorched.

See, they looked burned. But mainly it was what was on the side. They were heavenly. And yes the beautiful casserole dish had to do a major soak. So yeah. 1.5 hours NEXT time.

I made a squash casserole with it also. YUM! And asparagus. And we had noodles left over so I made a pasta salad with simply olive oil, red wine vinegar, feta cheese, shredded carrots for crunch, garlic powder, onion powder and Penzey’s “Pasta Sprinkle”.

George is the usual one to cook. He loves it so. But it’s nice to give him a break. He needs it more in the summer as he spends a lot of time in the yard. I’m glad to do it. And last nights meal was pretty darn good if I can say so myself!

When the pork chops were put in the oven, George came in and fixed us a cocktail. He fixed us a Manhattan.

I picked the Rye Whiskey as I’m not much of a drinker beyond wine or beer or a refreshing herby or fruity drink – like a margarita, mojito, or something like that. I suggested a better one so it would be smoothe. I like to add an “e” on the end of “smooth” for dramatic effect when needed. I wanted smoothe! So we went for this one.

But our friends, Don and Lisa, made these for us in Tybee Island so it’s been a big hit. When the first round was gone in Tybee, as Lisa and I made dinner, I offered to refill the guys drinks as they conversed on the porch. I thought surely I can recreate these. I watched a video like I do everything these days when learning. And I didn’t have a measuring cup so I just guessed on the quantity.

Let’s just say the guys stuck to “sippin'” that one most of the night. And they STILL talk about my Manhattan! lol lol I guess it was a little too STIFF. Or should I add extra “FFFFF’s” for dramatic effect? It was a STIFFFFFFFFF one.

You know, more than anything, I think George loves my participation in planning our meals. I’ve noticed that he seems to really like my input and so I’ve tried to do more of it. We have taken a lot of joy during this Pandemic at planning our upcoming meals. Often we open the freezer and do a Geeky type of inventory and make lists of what all we could have.

It’s kind of a hobby to fill the freezer up and then work really hard at eating it all up before the next cow and pig we purchase. And George has a huge lot of recipes, also Geeked out in an Excel Recipe spreadsheet and organized by type and references the cookbook and page number. Oh yes. We are both Geeky in the things we do.

Here’s George’s plans, with my help. We will wait a bit to plan Week two upcoming here, but all our choices are in the side bar.

I personally like to have a variety of meats and not too much of the same in a row. I really like my chicken and fish and less of the reds these days as I think it’s better for you. And I’m a stickler for wanting my greens and veggies now. Really have worked hard to cut out the pasta. But I am keeping the taters and beans when it comes to carbs! Natural foods are better than enriched flour but sadly I’ve succumbed to bread a bit more.

Just this morning we had biscuits from Houston’s meat market. They have a lot there in addition to meat. They have a small store kinda like a campground store. Just enough to be able to have sides with your meat for the evening etc. But they also have a little cafe with a few tables and you can get plate lunches and sandwiches. It’s these cute little individually owned stores that make life wonderful. There should be more of them. No pics. Too many people and it’s awkward to take pics of everyone, lol.

I did laundry and worked on the kitchen and took some things down for storage.

I also have some VERY good news. I decided to bring up the flooring. We had a good day and I thought maybe it was a good time to bring it up. It’s usually never a good time to bring up spending huge amounts of $$. But, I asked WHEN it might be good to look at flooring and the costs and when it might be feasible to redo our floors. Adding in that the longer we wait the more of the house we’ll be needing to upgrade because later trying to match it might not be so easy.

I showed him a pic of the look I wanted. I really like the look of a grey floor. We had grey carpet in our old house and it was so relaxing looking. Grey blends with beige and just about any colors when it’s uniform throughout like this. Any room can be whatever decor you want and it lightens the room in a relaxing and refreshing way.

He also has his own ideas, but we will go and price this before long and he says either late in the year or as I suggested after the first of the year as we are still paying for major re-plumbing. Which probably means February as the baby is due in January and we can’t schedule anything. And I probably will be working whatever weekends we are not in Texas or traveling. January will be hard time to get it.

But, you know me! I’m as excited as I can be just having a tentative date. Who knows maybe we can do it sooner. But no pressure. I know he wants to get this other paid off first. Best to do 12 months same as cash on one thing at a time.

Of course if we end up moving that will be a non issue point I guess. But I was told by Kate not to move that they would be coming home before too long. I just know they are happy down there. But we have Momma up here. She may go with us to Texas but she might not want to. So that would be an issue of how to make sure she is taken care of, but I’d want her to go with us. I just have a feeling they will come home so the baby can be with the grandparents and they can have baby sitters. We can all help them get set up and re-situated when the time comes. Right now though, it’s probably best to stay put with the virus anyway – for them. On our end, we feel like getting in the car and hauling our stuff and just going down there right now. lol Of course we couldn’t do that. It would take a lot to get us down there. I mean new jobs, and selling our houses (plural if Mom goes). All that would not be an easy feat. Nothing is guaranteed, so I want to move on getting the flooring. Even if we do sell our house it’ll be a plus and add value. But like I always say, I’d like to enjoy it since I’ve waited for it for so long. No more blue linoleum. Soon. Very soon! Hearing those words were like the heavens opened up and angels came down and began singing a righteous and glorious tune that I will call “Sonya’s Song of Old Blue Be Gone”.

It was a marvelous day yesterday. We enjoyed our day so much! And today is a day of rest and fun and a few chores, and getting ready for the work week.

So what all did you do interesting this weekend? Cooking anything new? Any old favorites? What are you doing to keep moving and shaking? What are you doing to keep YOUR spirits up!

Camera Decision Made for My Lifestyle, Blog, and Vlog

Ugh! It was a HOT one yesterday, but I was inside in the A/C all day working on Friday payroll prep activities in advance of next week’s Payroll. Was also able to do some preliminary work (“pulling of numbers”) for doing my quarter end reconciliation. By the time I got off of work, it was still hot but a summer dry frontal system was coming thru lowering the humidity and it felt more like Arizona heat at that point. I was even surprised that it was 96 degrees! But that said, I finally made the decision on what camera to get!

Decision Made on Camera

So while I have a lot of other things I should be doing, I could not get ordering the camera off of my brain! It seemed like a big chore to figure out which camera would be the best for me as a starter camera for making videos and yet one that I would enjoy personally and also for the blog. I went to the main source that I normally use for information. I went with the YouTuber’s recommendations. I mean even the iphone takes great photos so my main interest in investing in the the camera is to do the vlogs and enhance my photos. I was a little confused at first. I steered away from anything over $1,000. That’s overkill and not needed at this point. My goal when I began looking was around $500 and I figured it would be more like $700. And it will be as I will probably buy a couple of items to go with it as needed. Like maybe a flash, some filter lenses, microphone and wind muff, and things I don’t even know I need yet, ha! Oh and the wide angle lens.

Hands down in my price range, it was clear that the Canon EOS M50 was the way to go as it has good color, dual pixel CMOS, a good autofocus, LCD touchscreen, and a microphone port which is a must. And it has built in stabilization. And I could go on. It has 4k capability but not recommended as that is not its best functionality. I’ve been told I don’t really need that as most everyone does excellent videos in 1080, although it has the ability for 4k but takes away some of your features and crops the video down quite a bit. And that is fine. The down side is the battery life – but I ordered a charger with 2 extra batteries to help remedy that, as recommended. The good qualities and the price make that doable. So I’m learning a lot but have a whole lot to learn. At least (I think/I hope) that I’ve chosen the right one for me based on the overwhelming recommendations on this camera. Oh and I already know I will want a wide angle lens. But will have to wait for that!

The Canon EOS M50

But here she is. I’ll be doing a lot of video watching to learn how to use it! And then from there I’ll take pics in the yard. Then I’ll branch out to taking various pics in the community as well as video and will be learning how to use it. It seems fairly simple though compared to many of them out there. And it’s lightweight and easy to grip and hold. So I’m excited!

By saving up my spending money since March (money on getting my nails done, hair done, and probably a bit less eating out) has allowed me to do this. I handed over $400 to George immediately just cash I had. The rest he allowed me to use our Amazon $ from ordering all year. We normally use it at Christmas. And then there was the rest of my stimulus money that he told me was parked in savings for my use. Although I didn’t get to use that as it’s no longer there. I brought that up, but apparently he spent our stimulus on fixing the roof/chimney. Darn it! I didn’t know that! Oh well at least the roof no longer leaking in the sun room around the chimney. Good thing I had not ordered that extra wide lens to go with it already thinking I remembering I had that money tucked away, huh? Maybe I should have and just called it an oopsie I didn’t know. lol. Yeah b/c I really didn’t know and it would have been the truth. But I do work too, so….I do see the wide angle lens at some point. But I have enough to keep me occupied for now til I learn what I’m doing with the regular lens it comes with. I actually thought the wide angle lens came with the kit I ordered as it had an extra lens with it but turns out it just had it showing separately I guess. That is why my heart is set on the wide angle b/c I thought I had it in this kit and I don’t. 😦 But it’s all good. It’s not necessary to have it yet, it just shows more behind you at a wider angle. It’s a later thing. And it won’t take me long to earn enough to buy it anyway with just my blow money.

Weekend Outlook & Other Thoughts

And so as I knew it would – finding the camera choice and doing this blog has taken a chunk of morning. But I’m two loads in on the wash. We are about to go out to run some errands and then I’ll be in for the weekend.

I’ve put in a request for Beef Stew this weekend. And what we have tonight will be something fresh we get at the store I guess.

Got the big Target order done – ordered some cleaning supplies, vinegar, and household goods, and alcohol pads in case we have injuries. You can’t get rubbing alcohol at least at Kroger anyway. So I have those in case we need to wipe wounds/cuts clean. I have peroxide already. Oh I forgot to order bandaids. Anyway Kroger was short on a lot of things and with the next wave of virus coming thru I wanted to make sure we had back up. I like to have at least one of something on hand now as some things are not as readily handy anymore.

George says as it gets closer and closer to time to go to Texas it is looking like we may not get to go due to Corona Virus. We decided to wait to decide when we are about a week out. He’s not worried about cancelling hotels but I am. Hey if he’s not worried about the hotel room then there is no worry over the wide angle lens, right? HA!

Anyway, excited to get back to my Saturday. But I can tell you that I am really excited about my camera! I’ve asked George if he will go with me to do some photo/video shoots? He really didn’t answer until I said “we could visit some wineries – maybe some will be open for tasting in some of these off the beaten path towns”. So we are making plans. But I’ll film the neighborhood spots first. I can’t wait to see what this camera will do! And I can’t wait to get out and use it! And my heart is still set on going to TX and I look forward to using it there. I just hope we get to go! I’ll be praying we do get to go.

More tomorrow! Gotta get get going on our Saturday. Wow, it’s almost noon!

Big Meatball Pasta Dinner, To Do List, and Nutrition

George fixed “The Big Meatball” Italian dinner last night. He went all out. He even put “snow on the mountain” with his Ricotta cheese. The buttered garlic bread was good with it too even though we don’t need it.

Was able to get most of the Withholding Returns done yesterday. Just a couple of things to wrap up there and follow back on. And of course there is Oregon which is an All in One where you do both the Withholding Return and the Unemployment Return as well as several other taxes and it’s very different in style and takes up a lot of time so I always do it last. That way if we WERE to run out of time on something its just the one state and not several, but I don’t think we’ll be late. So today I’m going to start working on my end of quarter reconciliation spreadsheet. Quarter End is right on target. It’s usually around mid month when I get to this point. I will work on it for a few days and then start the Unemployment Returns. But I have to get my Friday stuff done first. So the month is moving on – that’s for sure.

I’m glad it’s Friday. I have a lot of things built up I need to do. You can’t see all of my list on the screen shot. Each section scrolls up where you can see the complete list. Of course there is no way to get all of this done in a weekend. I just park my “to do” lists on here so I don’t forget to do them, or look things up. I love this app. It’s the Focus Matrix. It syncs across all devices.

I do not use the categories like they mention. It is confusing to me to have a block that you call “Not Important, But Urgent” – that seems conflicting, at least in my mind. If it’s urgent you still have to do it, but I guess it’s supposed to be a priority thing. Anyway, I use the blocks in priority mode as I call it from 1, 2, 3, and 4. The grey section being things I’m not even considering doing right now. The top two columns are the most priority.

I wish I was off today so I could get started on everything. But it’ll be here soon enough. I’m really excited to do the camera research. But I need to do a few other things first. I’m just glad to have “my spirit” back where I’m excited about something. It’s been a bit difficult to fight the blues away. But the nutrition thing is key. If I don’t get the greens and fruits in and the nutrients and Vit B’s and D’s in it is difficult for my body to function and think properly. It really impacts my moods. Even 1 day without my vitamin pack is noticeable. I know that sounds unreal. But it’s something I’ve noticed. So I try to make sure I’m doing what I need to every day on that. It’s helping have had more veggies this week. Squash, carrots – anything yellow and orange. Not just beans. Anything green. I eat a lot of potatoes and beans and meats here at the house. So we have to focus on adding those other veggies in or we’ll by pass them. Fish is also good brain food. And we are low on that front right now but going to Aldi this weekend. They have some pretty good frozen fish. I do have my “That System I use” that I can do my “greens” and “fruits” and also even the Hydrate water has vitamins. But I have to focus on that too or I’ll drink coffee, water, and tea and the day is gone. So I’ve been trying to notice and plan these things in my diet to help my mood, clarity of mind, and also keep the immune system boosted.

Got to have a long chat with my Katebug yesterday. She is feeling less nauseated in her pregnancy and was able to cook a meal finally. Food has made her feel so sick. But she’s coming out of it into the 2nd trimester. I can’t wait to see her and Cody in a few weeks. And of course I continue to pray we can go. She says right now everything is at full capacity in their small town. Even schools are starting back as normal. Stores are open as normal. So let’s hope it stays that way and we can get through. I guess as we travel it’s best to do small towns for our meals and restroom stops – less COVID huh? My worries is that states will shut down their borders. But I’m hoping that does not happen.

I also need to order more books from audible. I have 3 credits. I have had some very very very long books I’m doing, also some very boring. lol And I’m trying to get through those but I’ve waited to use my credits. I need a Christian book to replace the 5 Love Languages I’m almost through with. Not sure what other books I’m wanting. I think I have several already downloaded to read. Might even do a fiction one b/c right now, we kinda need some fiction! lol. Real life is almost too much.

Anyway, hats off to George and his “big as your fist meatball” pasta dinner.

He wanted to show you all how big it was! It was great!

Have a wonderful Friday! I have a lot of blog subjects I want to do but short on time! More later.

Making Hopeful Plans and Keeping High Spirits

We received this by text this week. I scratched out the last name for privacy and cropped the dates and info. I am hoping that we get to go. The nation is blowing up with COVID and particularly in TN and in TX and if they shut borders, shut restrooms and such it will be very hard to get there and when we do will we have anything to do for a week while Katy works? Maybe she won’t be working, but then again she may also be working from home and we’d be a distraction. I’m hoping we can go. Every time I say I’m excited George says “if we get to go”. I’m usually the one considered the “Debbie Downer” due to my training of looking for things to go wrong in advance and trying to pre-empt them for years and years in my career and being brought up under Mom that liked to be prepared for anything. Normally George says “it’s all gonna work out just fine” but with this every time he says “if we get to go”. So……I’m just not sure. I hope we can. But one thing is for sure, we are excited to know what the baby will be!

I’ve tried hard to take my vitamins, drink my greens, and get in as much nutrition as I can. With all of this COVID going on and how it has DULLED our life, any plans we ever try to make, along with retreating in doors due to the heat and less VIT D – it has really made me SAD. I think I mentioned recently that much like winter there is a period of summer that we retreat indoors when it gets so HOT as it is right now in the 90’s and earlier in the week near 100.

God provides the summer thundershowers although this week they have missed our area. So I think I’ll try taking an extra D until we get out more. But I’ve been sad on some days and some days not even wanting to do anything. And that is not me. I like to make lists, and do things on the lists, and check off boxes on the list, and feel good about getting things done. That has been the essence of most of my life is checking off boxes. It’s what excites me and motivates me usually. But when I don’t get enough nutrients and sunlight I start to think less, do less, and quite frankly just feel like a deflated squash! lol

Do you all ever do that? But I notice I can usually control that with nutrients. Particularly for me needing greens, orange and yellow veggies, making sure I take my vitamin pack and supplements, and exercise helps even inside with toe touches, sky reaches, windmills, leg lifts, side swipes – lol lol – all those things you did growing up in school when they tried to wake you up or had you stretch in gym class. Sometimes I have Alexa play disco or dance music and then dance like no one is watching and get a bit of cardio in. All of these things help when the “blues, stagnancy of winter, and muggy indoor dog days of summer”. It helps keep the spirits high it seems and the mind active. It also might help one’s immune system to fight better.

On the flip side of that, you can allow yourself a treat every now and then. When your coworker wins ice cream for the office, you get to enjoy a Nutty Buddy! And take a moment and view the cool air of the snowy mountain tops on your computer screen.

That reminds me…I should change my entire desktop theme to a winter themed pic. lol

Yesterday George and I went to the store. As we went in our county was getting weather alerts but it was to our east. God provided us with a pretty rainbow on our end.

We filled our buggy full yesterday, having been out of a lot. I will say that Kroger disappointed. Still we filled the cart full of other things we needed and wanted. I figured they would have most everything we needed, but now I’m going to have to go somewhere else to get the rest. While there is enough for survival, it’s still kinda unsettling to not be able to get cleaning supplies, rubbing alcohol, my organic oatmeal that has no sugar additives, and they never have my Stouffers spinach souffle!

There are less cleaning supplies than there were the last time we went. There are more sanitizers and toilet paper though. And meat is going way up in cost. And 9% of employees at meat factories getting the COVID according to an article George sent yesterday. Why are the people in meat factories getting it? I don’t get the connection but isn’t that kinda where it started in China – the meat factories? Is it being planted? It’s all suspicious to me. I know people are getting the disease everywhere. But in particular there are certain places where it’s been more prevalent.

I looked at cameras yesterday and actually had one in my cart in Amazon, but I took it out. The more information I look at, the more confused I am. One person says this one is the best, another one the next one is the best. So I will wait til the weekend and see what I think. I remember that I have some stimulus money George set back and said you can use it or save it. I may have used some of it buying maternity clothes for Katy as a surprise, but I still have some left. I have enough to cover all but about $100 in blow money so I think I will go ahead and get it and be learning on it. I also think we can plan some mini hikes that are not too strenuous. Or take a drive to some lake front views and let me capture some photos. I can also go to some downtown areas and get some shots of buildings and things – not Nashville though – too much COVID in the air around there. But I can begin to learn how to use the camera and go out on excursions for that. It would give us something to do. And I’ll be good at using it by the time the baby is here. So someone commented on the last post saying “go ahead and get it!” That is all the push I needed. Well, also George said I could get it too that $100 wouldn’t break us. So I think I will do more research this weekend and make my decision from there.

I also have to order George’s bday gifts! And wrap Mom’s. We are going to get to go see Mom. She invited us to spend the night. I know it’s been lonely for her – just her and Fancy, her poodle. So we are going to spend the night so we have more time together. We will be celebrating her birthday too. I have her gifts but need to wrap them. So we have that to look forward to. As long as they don’t shut us down b/w counties, we should be good. That would be harder for them to do.

I have lots of ideas for the next video for my “providing value” section – if that is what you want to call it. It’ll be interesting using the new camera to film from my home set up and I think whatever I get I’m getting the wide angle lens camera. I can’t wait to get it and learn how to use it. I’ve always been intimidated by them but I realize now that you get so much info on YouTube, I’ll have the help I need to learn how to use it! I NOW have a lot of reasons to use it. The grand baby coming, the new vlog, and it will make me want to get out more and go walking and go on excursions where we can.

It takes about two weeks to have enough collected to do a video. I do have some cooking scenes done. But it’ll be a little bit before enough things happen to even try to slap a video together. I also have to be in the mood! lol

My coffee is good this morning. Time to get a 2nd cup, get ready for work and pack lunch. Strong storms coming today and a LOT of payroll related work and then need to work on Quarter End. It has been busy crazy. It went from quiet to chaos in a heartbeat it seemed. And now I have to step it up to even have time to work on Quarter End. Will likely have to work over some to get it done but maybe not. Maybe I’ll have more time Friday to work on it. Just crazy times.

Looking forward to the weekend. As always! Feeling a lot better today after working hard the last few days to get the right things (and a few treats – like ice cream) in my body. Ya’ll take care! How are you coping? Sources say this COVID thing will last about 2 years? Hang in there.

New Camera on the Horizon and Enchilada Casserole

Good morning! Got my coffee here, getting me going. Nothing like the first few hot glorious sips of your morning coffee! The afternoon one not bad but…I look forward to this part of the morning every day! Drinking Starbuck’s this morning. Not sure which type – possibly the Colombian.

Photo by fotografierende on

Thanks to those that watched the video (see previous post) And I have 22 subscribers up from 17 I think. So I thank you all for that. The views, the likes, and the subscriptions help with the “algorithm” that brings it to the top or keeps it stuffed down to the bottom since there is a lot of competition out there. The fun part is to enjoy the journey. And I love every step of making the videos.

I’m already entertaining the thought of a new camera set up. Even have a certain one in mind. But I’ll wait til 1) I have enough blow money saved up and 2) til we can start getting out there and going on excursions. However, it did occur to me that while we are NOT going on excursions that I could be learning the camera settings. I am intimidated by camera settings. I am not one that enjoys reading instructions either. I don’t know why but when it comes to learning, I’d rather be shown and take notes. And now there’s YouTube. And a lot of people are using the nice digital Canon cameras. I would really like to be able to take quality pics and videos. It will really make a difference when we go on vacation. I briefly considered buying the camera before our trip to Texas and got really excited. But I think I am a little short on the cash as I’ll want accessories and stuff. And an expensive camera is not something you buy on a whim, and it’s not Christmas or my birthday. I think it’s important to work for something and save for it and it makes you appreciate it more. It’s a hobby – not flooring after all. I think we need flooring worse but we’d do 12 months same as cash for that. lol

I need to do a little more research on them to see which one is the exact one for me. But it is something that is getting closer! I might also add a little twist of making myself have a certain number of subscribers first, but having a better camera and better videos may bring more subscribers, so….maybe that is not something I should have as a stipulation.

So this past Sunday, I made an Enchilada Casserole. George and I decided it would be in our “keeper recipes” and something we immediately wanted to make for everyone! lol.

It was also a recipe we did together. George fried the tortillas for me and sliced up the avocado I chopped, sautéd, and layered. For some reason it reminded us of George’s Dad (Granda) who so lovingly made his tacos for everyone.

You must start out with a pretty casserole dish from the Pioneer Woman! You get a set of 2 sizes at Walmart for practically not much. I think it was under 30 dollars for the set.

A layer of fried corn tortillas on the bottom – didn’t call for casserole to be greased since I guess this puts out enough oil, lol.

The grass-fed beef was amazing in this – 2 lbs. I used anaheim peppers (3 of them) and a medium onion and cooked it all together along with some garlic. And add your tomato sauce to it. Only I forgot to add the sauce so I did it in the next step. lol. It worked out.

You do a layer of tortillas (6 of them) and then put in half the meat mixture. Then you put another layer of tortillas (6 of them) and the rest of the meat.

Then you pour on the cream of chicken soup and if you forgot the tomato sauce add it here. And add a 1/2 soup can of milk and shredded Mexican Style cheese. I used the whole package and I believe it was 2 cups.

Then it baked at 350 for about 30 minutes until the cheese was all bubbly.

I recommend having a fresh sliced avocado available or fresh tomatoes and what I wished we had was some shredded lettuce and sour cream. We served with black beans, but it would also be good with refried beans or western style pintos.

We loved this! Although this dish is good anytime… I think this dish would be good at Christmas time or Thanksgiving when everyone is tired of ham and turkey and traditional holiday fair. It would also make a good “vacation” casserole if you have a condo or cabin with a kitchen. It didn’t take a lot of effort to make this. Even the tortillas fry up about 30 seconds on each side.

It’s a keeper recipe and will now be one of the favorites. We may try some variations just for fun – like using enchilada sauce instead of tomato sauce but as George said “it was really darn good with the plain tomato sauce”

And of course we are now in Season 2 of Bloodline. Only I fell asleep on the 2nd show. I guess I was tired and relaxed.

I had some other things I was going to blog about but I guess that will have to wait. It’s payroll day and I need to get going.

Hope you all have a good one and if you didn’t get to see the video, see the previous post.

Take care! More tomorrow.

New Video Uploaded and My Thoughts on Getting Rid of a Funky Mood

Here it is! My Social Media Experiment and Sharing Clay Pot Cooking. This one is shorter, has some good music, pretty scenery, our fur babes and a few fun clips.

If you like it, give it a thumbs up on You Tube and if you want to see more, please subscribe. My first goal is to get to 100 subscribers. I think I’m at 17 right now. And that is better than 4! I am enjoying learning how to create these videos and have a series of goals in mind as it progresses. I’m looking forward to being able to share more as we get to do more and travel more. For now most of these are simply shot at home. And while I will often have office shots, I long to get out and see some things and have some new experiences once this COVID thing is over!

Feeling a Little Sad and Lost

And I’m sitting here staring at the computer not sure what to say next! When does that EVER happen? I have just been at complete relax mode. And the result is that I am wanting to write in bullet points instead of complete paragraphs.

I’ve noticed, quite surprisingly, this weekend, if I’m honest, that I have been a little sad, a little lost, a little unsure, a little disconnected. My normal “drive” to work on things is just not there. I am pleased as punch that we are going to be grandparents so complete happiness there! But I have been a little lost with my time this weekend. I am disappointed when I don’t make the most of the time I have to “get things done”. But when I look at the list, there is just not much of anything that I need to be in a hurry to GET DONE! However, I’ve enjoyed doing what I wanted to do, which was “not much”.

Impromptu Evening with Family

But we did have a fun impromptu evening yesterday when Susan, my SIL called and said they were at the airport flying in from a trip. I asked if they wanted to come over for a happy hour cocktail on the way home. Yes they did. And we enticed them to eat dinner, which was Pheasant, home fries (potato wedges), salad, green beans, and pistachio pudding for dessert. And look at this, not even a photo of the food to show for it. As you can see that is quite unlike me. I’ve just let everything go by the wayside this weekend I suppose. But we had a great time hearing about their trip and talking. It totally made my day!

I had asked Mom if she wanted to come up for the weekend. I asked too late really. I knew we’d be going down there to see her in a couple of weeks. But at the last minute, once I knew due to the rise in COVID that we would be staying home all weekend with no outings, on a whim I asked if she would like to come. Mom has to have more notice though as she already had her own vision of enjoying the 4th at her house! I think she is like me and likes to plan and have a mindset sometimes before just taking off to go somewhere for a couple of days. Who wouldn’t?

Although impromptu is great sometimes, and it was fun and much needed when Susan and Kevin came over last night. We had a lot of fun. We also talked about camping. And you know I want to do some RV camping (no tent camping) but….I just don’t know where to start honestly b/c I don’t think George will want to just dive into this with me. Renting is a big deal usually requiring 3 nights and no dogs – at least the ones around here have not been easy for us to do. I have my heart set on something like a Leisure Van one day. George doesn’t want to pull anything but I’m still kinda thinking about a little mini something or other we could pull with my SUV as it would be less expensive. It would have to be small though. I just don’t know. There is also the thought that I might be able to trade mine in for something that would pull more. My wheels are turning on this and have been for a while. It would really set my heart in motion to be able to camp some of these COVID weekends. Take a book, cook our meal, go for a hike, or a walk, take a drive in the area. Meet some other folks in the process. Maybe one day.

Neighborhood Fireworks

Last night, once the fireworks on TV started from neighboring firework displays, we began hearing fireworks being shot in our neighborhood and decided to look. Never ever have I heard so many fireworks going off at once in a neighborhood area. And they were beautiful. People had the good kind. We stood in the middle of the front yard and twirled from side to side in a circle in awe as we saw the lights or heard the crackling sounds across the sky. It was amazing to hear so many going off at once and seeing them all around us in every direction. I started to take pics but it’s just never the same. And we have trees so sometimes it was hard to see many of them clearly.

Random Thoughts

OK, so we head back to work tomorrow. There will be plenty there to deal with. I also have to call my dentist and get rebooked and call my Physician and see if I need to do a virtual visit to get renewed for my BP Rx or if I have to go in. I really don’t want to go in with COVID all blown up as it is. But I have to have my blood pressure meds, so go figure.

I spent time yesterday getting my LessHustleMoreCoffee accounts (Instagram and Twitter) like I want them. I think I plan to just use those from now on but won’t remove my other one. It makes sense to have this one as my main one since it is a Blog/Vlog of my life anyway.

I’m making Enchilada Casserole tonight for dinner. I figured George could use a break. I also hear it thundering outside. We have some pop up storms coming I think. I guess we should take the dogs out before it gets bad. But they are sleeping good.

Getting rid of the Funky Mood:

I seem to remember that July and January always seems to bring a funk with it. That is totally what is going on. I’m in a funk! Do you ever get in a funk? I wonder what the key is to getting out of a funk? I think the key for me is to:

  1. Take a step back and look at everything and refocus on what is important.
  2. Make sure I’m taking vitamins and supplements because sometimes you just need a more balanced diet to be your best self.
  3. Plan something fun.
  4. Just get up and start moving.
  5. Set specific goals of what you need/want to do and then go do it.
  6. Talk with another human about any subject, lol.
  7. Journal like I’m doing now.
  8. Ask God what He needs you to do and are you Realigned. I guess that should be #1 huh?
  9. Hug your pet or your human?
  10. Drink coffee/wine depending what day it is and play a game, watch a show, read or create a diversion for yourself!
  11. Go shopping if it is not in the middle of a COVID pandemic! That always lifts my mood, lol.
  12. Change up the day somehow or try something new.

And I will leave it at that!

Hope you all had a great 4th of July Weekend! I’d love to hear what you enjoyed best about your weekend. I hope you all are not in a funky mood like I am! Ha! But I’ll be fine!

We’re Gonna Be Grandparents!

We are so excited! Do you know how hard it is to sit on top of THIS KINDA news? Our little grandbaby is due Jan 19th!

So we will be going to Texas quite often! We have a trip planned to TX before long for the gender reveal party. And again early next year for the birth. As far as after THAT? I guess anything goes and I’m not sure. I’ll be wanting to see my grandchild and THREE WEEKS of vacation is not quite gonna cut it. Eventually they say they will be moving back here. But…if not…we may have to move to Texas. :-O

We are incredibly excited. And it has been hard not to tell the world. But finally the day has arrived to share with everyone. George and I have a bottle of bubbly for today’s happy hour. Don’t you know we would celebrate it up right?

Katy picked out a name for me….Nonni or Noni. I’m not sure how you spell it yet. I’ll let her decide. I think it’s Nonni and Pops.

So Katy and Cody told us when they were here for a wedding a few weeks back. The timing worked where they could tell us in person but we have had to keep a lid on it til the formal announcement. We did pretty good I think. We had to slip it a bit at work to begin asking off for the gender reveal PTO (Paid Time Off) in plenty of notice. I’ve mentioned January (birth) already as well- was at first told no – and then was told it was ok. Although I’ve not formally requested the time, we have discussed verbally and I will ask for the due date off and the week after with a big asterisk “*” and “Depending on Birth”. I’ve promised to give it all I have in January to make it all work out. Jan is a horrible month to be off. The month with the most responsibilities.

As I said I was told no at first and my head was beginning to explode as I was trying to ponder whether I should just give my notice or be fired when the time came, because I knew when the time came, our car would be pointing SouthWestward once the baby came. I mean who would not take off for their grandchild’s birth? Especially when they have one child and it’s their first grand child. There is no stopping us. We would make all kinds of sacrifices. I was a little rattled at first for a few days after realizing I would probably lose my job if I went to see my grandchild. I asked family to pray for this because I love my job and didn’t really want to lose it, but I was prepared to as there is no way in hades I’d NOT go see my grandchild at birth. As my boss put it, “what kind of employer would we be, if we didn’t let you go?” Well, that was kinda what I was thinking, lol. But I’m glad it will work out. For once, I decided family was coming first. I’ve given my left toes to try to make employers happy all of my career. Not really, but it seems like it sometimes. lol So I was prepared for life changing events come January. And happy now that it’s one less thing to worry about. This doesn’t necessarily resolve the future of getting to see him/her. But I guess we’ll figure it all out. Besides as I always say, “The Lord Plants Our Feet”. I wasn’t sure how it would work out. I still don’t know for sure but I will trust Him!

So since we have been off work this weekend, I’ve just been pbbbbbthhhh!!!! That translates to I have not wanted to do anything but relax and do what I want. So you know what I did right? Yes, I finished the new video yesterday. I plan to post it tomorrow. Just finished with the Thumbnail and I’ll get it posted tomorrow morning!

I kinda feel bad that I have not been motivated to do much else. I just needed some mind rest, time to get lost in creativity and editing, and as usual “trying to make something of nothing” which without the music would not work. lol. I can’t carry it alone! It takes a LOT of creative magic, lol.

So Thursday night after work, George and I were going to go through the drive thru and bring Slim Chickens home with us. However, the drive thru was a longer line than to go in and get it and eat outside on their patio that had only one other table on it. So we did that.

Of course, masks come off when eating!

We were placed at this table because the others needed to be wiped off. But our dinner was fabulous. I had a combination of wings and chicken tenders. I love chicken tenders and don’t get them too often. I try to get grilled. But here, I’m not able to resist. I love this place! If not for Covid I’d be here continually!

Of course, we were happy to have a clean table, but I felt bad as it made us look like we were not following the rules when other people arrived. And they also sat people down at the table next to us. I’m not sure if we are at 50% or 75% in Mount Juliet now. It’s starting to get confusing. lol. But Nashville’s cases have sky rocketed. Of course with people making it politically and racially charged they keep saying it was the protesting. However, I don’t think that is what they are finding. I personally think that everyone relaxed a bit b/w Memorial Day and Father’s Day and everything in b/w. We ourselves went to a graduation party and have had dinners with friends.

Above is a screen shot of the news. Of that though over 7,000 cases are recovered and 111 have died.

I have not worried much about my To Do list. Maybe I should have. I think I missed a dentist appointment but I’m not sure they are even open. So I need to call Sunday. They may have charged me for it. I NEVER let that happen but we’ve not gone or done anything so my schedule hasn’t even been worth looking at. I thought it was in July. Well guess what! It was. It’s already July and it was supposed to be Thursday. lol

If they do charge me, what can you do? It’s my own fault. Although normally they call and send emails/vmails. I did get a call from someone I didn’t recognize but I’m pretty sure I have them in my Contacts so I guess maybe they are not open. I don’t have messages anywhere from them.

So, we are in relaxed mode this weekend. I’m ok with that. I am doing laundry and the house is fairly clean.

I plan on sitting back and reading, watching videos and netflix, and just enjoying the 4th holiday.

George is cooking Pheasant today. It’s soaking in the brine and we’ll see how that goes. Cody gave it to us from a hunt he’d been on. It’s been in the freezer.

So check in tomorrow and we’ll have video up! Ya’ll have a good 4th. Are you doing anything fun today?

Happy 4th to you! Here’s an old Graphic I made when I was first learning Paint Shop Pro.

Full Moon Coming and Impacts Felt

The difference in the past week and all the other weeks of late, has just been a little bit crazy. The week before a full moon – everyone gets restless, stirs the pot, and things shift sideways for whatever reason. So it’s not good when all that happens at month end/quarter end. Usually means someone has to wait for something. There is a lot to do, the phone rings off the wall, and everything goes sideways and upside down. Some full moons are worse than others. But with a Pandemic going on and all that – would you expect anything else than a full ON Full Moon? Bless its heart. Bless OUR hearts.

Photo by Juhasz Imre on

The full moon not only brings on restlessness it seems, but the horror of things to go wrong or “sideways” as I mention it. The moons gravitational pull shifts things around – that is my explanation of it. So this past week has been no exception. It’s been so big, bad, and busy lately. People upset everywhere, stirring the pot everywhere. So I decided to look at the calendar. Must be a full moon I said to myself. Sure enough. There she sits. By the time the 5th gets here it should be calmed down. It seems to be the 5 to 7days before it where things go awry.

So yesterday, true to the spirit of the Full Moon scenario, I realized I had erased part of our payroll program. I would call it a mistake. I would say it was my fault. But I was following the directions in the instructions that were given to me to a T so as to not make any mistakes. Yet I was the one that pushed the button, so I’m sure my namesake is mud and dirt at this point, creating a lot of work for other people.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

I felt sooooooooo bad. I wanted to dig a hole. I wanted to just cry. I did go to the bathroom and have a small cry. That is how I release stress and emotion. Writing and crying. I mean don’t anyone call 911 or anything. It’ll be ok. But – I mean who wants to create work for others when it is already crazy enough.

The same instructions that I followed this year is why that part of the program didn’t exist last year when I moved into the position. The previous person also had done the same thing and the check history register was not there for the previous year. However, I don’t think anyone really needed it. But this year they do. Go figure. Lucky me. Lucky us.

Photo by cottonbro on

So I talked to God about it and while I feel bad, He set me straight. His whispers back to me…. Look, you followed the instructions and the PR system should have controls in place where things like this cannot happen. Don’t beat yourself up for following, what was not verbal, but written instructions. It was not anything for you to apologize for as you had not intentionally set about to do this but intentionally set out to follow instructions as written so as NOT to mess up.

I think my exasperation over this was b/c I had followed the instructions. I felt as if I can’t win for losing. I try hard to do everything JUST right, and I want to make those around me proud of what I do, and easier for them. And so trying as hard as I do, it was just blew my mind. The kind of blowing your mind where you just want to throw your hands up in the air b/c you realize it doesn’t matter how hard you try things will still go awry.

So I didn’t apologize. I sent out the instructions to all concerned and said here you go, if the instructions need to change then yeah, we need to change them. So the instructions are changing, yes. lol

Photo by Yan on

And I was really upset for about 2 hours, and then decided to have a mourning period over it. Yes you can choose to flip a switch and be happy but it’s kind of like going to a funeral you know — ok not as bad, but you get the idea. When others are suffering it’s not the time to show your joy. So I mourned for about 2 hours. I was not going to be happy if others were having to fix a problem from a button I pushed, even though I was following directions.

Then I put in my headphones and got lost in the music. And became happier within. After all the week is moving on, I do love my job. I do like my coworkers. Life is good, even with coronaviruses and world tension. I can’t really help what others think of me anyway – that’s up to them. I can’t live up to the angelic images of other people’s favorites – all I can do is be me. And if that is not good enough then that is not my issue.

oh and sidebar…putting on the headphones (well, now ear buds as we say) are people magnets. I can be alone for 4 hours but the very minute I put in the ear buds, people come from everywhere! lol lol

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

No one has blamed me or been ugly to me in anyway. I cause my own anxiety because I hate it happened. And I’m dismayed with the feeling of “can’t win for losing”. But I am smart enough to realize that it’s not me this time. We have some faulty directions and a system that likely needs more parameters and backups. It’s not a true payroll system as far as like ADP, Ceredian, and so forth – but an internal one. It does pretty good for what it does. But hit a button wrong or enter a date wrong, or simply following directions can sometime cause severe pains.

Anyway, today is my Friday. I’ll not let this consume me. I hate it happened. But the fact that it did will bring improvement on all parts. Because we don’t want that to happen again.

And there are 3 days to the weekend, hopefully enough to recover! Anyway, I do have a LOT to do today. Not sure how much of it will get done. But I’ll do the most important things first and go from there.

I worked on my To Do List when I got home.

Thanks for enduring the photos from professional others via Pexels today as it makes the blog a little more interesting from the standpoint of simply making a point. And I didn’t have any of my own. It’s good to have a visual. The Pexel photos are free stock photos for Word Press website users to use. So just playing around with them today. I like to have my own photos but I’m not going to sit around at work and take various pics of me all day long. Although I have seen that some do! lol

I think George and I are going out to eat tonight at a place that has an outside porch – if it’s full or too hot or rainy we’ll have to eat in and then hope for the best. And then on to run an errand or two and then to the store for our weekend purchases. Then I guess we are in for the weekend.

What are you doing for the 4th? I think we are going to sit and watch fireworks on TV and try to keep Maisy calm!

And off to get my Friday going and one can only HOPE for an upside.

Photo by Miesha Moriniere on

Social Media Experiment Results, Our New Netflix Show, and Webcam Shots

Payroll is over for the week, now to stuff 3 days into 2. Busy week and quarter end as well. My month end is complete already. I just have a few states that I pay monthly and some quarterly but the QE process begins now where I do quarterly tax returns, quarterly unemployment returns and payments, if any. And I do a reconciliation spreadsheet, showing we have “trued up” to all for the quarter. So things are moving along fairly smoothly. So far. And it’s only July 1.

So, my Social Media experiment is over. Honestly I didn’t miss it so much. I think I had already kinda weened myself away from it. I only used it during pockets of the day for the most part. It used to bring me joy to check in with my friends, many of them new, at one point. We shared our lives, our food, our kids, our pets. We shared our excitements and our upsets, and what we were doing nearly every hour of the day. It was fun to watch and see how others “did their day” and made on with their lives. It connected us bloggers to get to know each other even better.

Somehow over the course of the last – I’m going to say 5 years, it’s changed. I enjoy Instagram Stories and got a kick out of that sometimes. But then once all the advertising kicks in and takes hold- even that got old. Everyone is selling something. Including me at one point.

So how did I fare with no Social Media (no Twitter, No Instragram, No Facebook or Messenger?) Pretty darn well actually. I only missed it at lunch time. There were a couple of times I wanted to post a pic or ask a question for others opinions and quickly the moment fleeted.

I will admit to feeling more lonely or disconnected. I had always said with Facebook and my iphone, I know I have my friends in my pocket. And well, I knew they were still there, but I didn’t get to actually see any of them. And most of my favorite folks on there rarely post anyway. Everyone is strangely quiet it seems unless they are selling something, have an opinion they want everyone to uphold or brace, or political and of late, racial. And if you post your opinion you are eaten alive because you yourself are not supposed to have one unless it meets the approval of all of your said friends, lol. And your thoughts cannot be your own, unless your sentiment agrees with the likes of those reading. (Insert huge eyeball eye roll so big you can’t even see anything but the whites of your eyes).

So yeah, overall it has been a great week. I have spent more time in God’s word, cleaned out my emails, watched my YouTube shows, cleaned more, read more. I was able to bring my thoughts closer in. They were not scattered among several hundred friends views or issues. My concern was really about those around me. Sometimes it is overwhelming to be concerned with 555 friends on line (of those commenting) and all the people in around you too. So my world got a little smaller and less to keep up with.

So overall it was a good thing and a thing to be repeated. I think when life gets overwhelming, stressful, sad, annoying or ___________________fill in the blank at the many reasons, one can simply just pull back, take a week or two off and set a date for when to come back. I like to announce it b/c I don’t want people to think I’m ignoring them. But I’ll be back on it today!

You can see at the bottom right corner, I only missed 4 IM’s on Messenger. And 187 Facebook notifications. Honestly I think it stopped there as it has been that for a few days. Or maybe everyone else that I get notifications on decided to get off too. lol

I have so much other stuff I keep myself occupied with that it truly wasn’t missed much at all. But I am looking forward to getting back on and seeing what I missed. I am believing that mainly I will be going back to a bunch of garbage as I’m not interested in seeing the news, opinions, and articles on there. I want to see people and their lives – their families, their pets, what they ate for dinner, and how they are doing. I want to see their new appliances and gadgets and what they are excited about or sad about. I don’t want to hear about political or racism or violence. I know it will still be there and I will delete it all out or scroll on past.

I’m coming along on the video. Spent some time on it the last couple of nights looking for the right song for a certain area of it. Finally found it last night just as George called “dinner”. So I’m anxious to get back to work on it. I have about 30 to 45 min a day to work on it. Maybe a bit longer if I work on it in the mornings too but I’m usually blogging then.

I found some things I like with the Canva app for Backgrounds – I was thinking of it for the videos – using the colors I use in b/w shots or to put text on. But I am finding I also like them as background apps on my phone. You can also make your own backgrounds by taking photos of anything you see with textures – like bricks, wood, etc. If you see colors and textures you like, snap it. Use it as a phone background. I doubt you do iMovies much but they will work great for that too.

I love the Canva app. I’m about this close (picture my fingers pushed close together, lol) to paying for the – I think it’s about $15 month. I’m trying to hold off, but I sure would love to use that feature to auto remove the background. Much like graphics if you have an image (what we called a tube) without a background, it can be layered in an iMovie as well. That way it blends into the picture. I can see investing in Canva down the road as I can use it here and in the videos. But I think I have to look at what all I’m spending on my monthly apps and programs. I mean I’m doing itunes, audible, WordPress premium, Epidemic Sound (royalty free music), and there may be others I’m not thinking of. But I need to do a review of these things or it will be like someone going to Starbucks every day spending $300 a month and not even knowing it. But I can rationalize that Canva would be well worth it. All the photos I want are premium and it’s aggravating to use the free version as you long for the ones you can’t have. They know that. lol Something to consider. But if I do, I will probably discontinue Audible for a year. I am enjoying iTunes tremendously paying the fee each month for unlimited songs. And I love the mixes they do for you.

George fixed a meatloaf in the clay pot last night. It was great!

Oh and we began watching Bloodline on Netflix (not to be confused with another show called Bloodlines which I think may be about vampires or something). I guess it is filmed in the Keys. Or at least they have pics of the keys and the movie is set to be there. It’s really good. We are enjoying it. It has Sissy Spacek in it as their mother. The parents run an inn on the beach.

It kinda reminds me of the show Dallas in a way, with all the Sibling rivalry. Some of us know what that is like, lol.

Anyway its fun being in a beach setting. And it’s always a good show and cliff hanging. Could easily binge watch this one.

Oh and during the commercials:

Look at all these people in a bar in Spain- no masks, no social distancing:

And I’m not sure what this guy was doing in his office in Japan:

Maybe he is like me and has a stuffed animal version of his long lost pet and just needs to see it every now and then. Or perhaps they are a toy company, lol. Or maybe he bought it at lunch for his grandchild. Who knows.

So, off to get ready and go to work. Not sure when I’ll have time to check out Social Media, lol. Maybe at lunch.

See ya later! That’s all I have for now and it’s time to go and I need more coffee!