The Domino Effect, Bugs in the Merchandise, and A Stressful Day in My Life

I had another day of calm eating for the tum tum yesterday and this morning it seems more normal. I will ease back into eating and adding more to the soft diet. I told George I felt like I could eat air fried salmon for dinner tonight as it is light to eat but we don’t have any. I am going to Publix after work so maybe I’ll pick some up along with some things I can eat. I’m glad I’m pulling out of this without the dreaded antibiotics. And I’ve also read an article that the antibiotics were not doing that much good anyway. So far out of the last several years of episodes, I’ve been able to pull out of it with what I’m doing. I just need to morph into the mode of how to prevent it from happening.

Yesterday was just WILD with all caps. It went something like this:

  • Out the door at 6:50 a.m.
  • Pulled into parking lot at work at 7:00.
  • Couldn’t get into the 2nd door of the building to get to my office because the new card the IT person gave me wouldn’t let me in. (He said it wasn’t the card, but it wasn’t the door because everyone else was getting in. It was the card. It wasn’t assigned appropriately or something. I’ll know today if it works. I mean shouldn’t that be a simple thing? I used those very cards at Atlantic Envelope with no problem. But who knows, technology can be weird unless it was human err at work. I don’t know. Hopefully I can get in the building today.

Got the mail, began printing PTO forms, and reading emails, pulling up my checklist for Monday and realizing oh yeah I still have most of Friday’s work to do where I was on vacation and —-oh yeah, I wasn’t there Thursday afternoon either because that was Mom’s doc appointment. So the Monday work load was something else.

It took me most of the morning to organize everything, work on everything from Friday. I then remembered I had to do backpay where another department had not entered raises correctly and they didn’t go through and I had to pull and copy a punch of time sheets for two different people over a period of weeks. I had to go and look at each day of all of those weeks and see if they made incentive for the day, and then tally up those hours to see how many hours they got incentive for and then add up all the hours they missed the increase for. It took a little minute to get all that done. Normally I’d be working on time sheets by then and almost finished.

  • Stopped to call and make Mom’s hair appointment around lunch time.
  • Microwaved my rice and chicken bone broth separately and made a soup out of it.
  • Did World Bible School – graded 1 test, adopted 12 students and introduced myself (same message pre-written, so it’s easy and quick), and answered a couple of emails on their system.
  • Called the City of Lebanon and talked with them about Mom’s tax relief application for city and county taxes. We need to send in both. I have forms from both where Mom had called and ordered them. I called to see what all I needed to do or if I had to take Mom in. I think Mom said I had to take her initially but I don’t. We just have to send copies of her ID’s, cards, documents and tax returns. So I’ll have to bring Mom over here with her stuff and we’ll copy them here. I don’t want to take those things away from her to copy them in case she needs them or risk of losing them.
  • Had to call Mom to let her know that her account was low in checking where she had more going out than what is coming in this past month. I had to transfer some over to savings. She always says she doesn’t have anything to pay and asks where the money goes. She has locked herself out of her account and I’m going to have to help her access it. I’ve had to list off what she spent or what bills came through in the past month every time we have the conversation. It all adds up. She had $350 or more that was spent at the home store buying a Christmas tree, she had $600 or more in health expenses from copays, medical tests, and meds that fell in the donut hole. Those alone created an issue. She immediately went into what else she wanted to buy. So I’ve told her she needs to be looking at which investment to close out because the savings gonna be gone soon. We will have property taxes to pay. She gets a return from it but we have to pay them first. We don’t have to loan because George is retiring and our money is in investments too.

By the time I was ready to work on time sheets my boss was doing executive payroll and I could not be in the system. So I could not finish my PTO forms where I look up the average rate with incentive (changes every week) and PTO is paid by that. I have to look up their hire date to see if eligible for PTO b/c even though they have a balance they might not be b/c they accrue it from hire date but can’t take it til after 90 days. Some employees have tried to push it through anyway but I catch it because I do that check. I also have to check their PTO balance to see if they have enough to take that they are asking for. So it takes a few minutes each week to do these as each employee has to be looked up on the system in three different screens. (Hire date is on a different screen than the PTO balance and then you have to hit a 3rd button to get to average pay.). But when you can’t be in the system at all…….lol

Posted on Instagram…..

I also could not work on my time sheets either to fix the many errors I found. Always a plethora of errors on the day I have the least time. So I ended up having to late. But I will put those hours in my bucket to use for my dentist appt tomorrow morning. So no harm no foul.

I think my boss was late getting the exec payroll done because someone was late getting her the information she needed which domino impacted my day. So when one person fouls up it makes the entire system foul up. So it messed up my day after work also since I stayed later than intended. I was not able to run all my errands and I did not even get finished. I’ll have to finish up Monday’s duties before doing payroll today. So not only people are getting dominoe’d but the processes are as well. I had it all under control and all should have worked out perfectly but you can’t control the actions and twists and surprises that others bring into the situation like having to do the back pay, or having to wait til exec payroll was finished during the time I was planning to do my time sheets. If those two things hadn’t happened I would not have had to work over and I would be done with Monday. I had staged my work accordingly but I can’t control everyone else. Lord knows I’ve tried, LOL. But lo and behold they are all accountable for themselves. And I’m sure they are glad they are. I quit trying to prod and remind and prevent six months ago and it felt good to let the trains wreck and ships collide because I was wearing myself out and everyone else trying to get things to work like they should. So I quit worrying about everyone else and just do my job and everyone else just has to do their things without me prodding. If something goes wrong, I just do what I did yesterday – put in my ear buds listen to the likes of Thomas Rhett, Blake Shelton, the Cars, and any number of pleasant artists to keep me humming while I work – even if through tears because I hadn’t been able to eat and I was starting to get hungry, tired, and irritable.


  • After work went to Staples to return an item that had bugs in it. That was unacceptable.

The item had already come without tags or labels and was shrink wrapped in a bag while just shoved in the bag – not folded or anything.

Had the shirts not had bugs I would have kept it if they fit. And would have a review letting others no how it arrived. But when I saw the bugs, even though they were dead, I was just like NO. I’m not accepting that level of negligence in a business. So back it goes. I also uploaded pics for Amazon.

I am pretty sure this came from China. What they are doing is coming up with new names for these companies and changing them periodically and that is why there is no label. I may have to stop buying unless I do research on the company now. I see what is happening. I think they get shut down or denied by Amazon but they come back as another name because they are sub par in service. You see the ones. The names are even getting lazy like and weird. You can spot them a mile away. I’m not saying every Chinese brand has a problem but man some of them do. Bugs is not acceptable and this level of treating their merchandise is unacceptable too. I mean at least fold it? They are not proud of their brand if they don’t advertise it. They didn’t want me knowing who they were.

Also it was my SIL’s birthday so I wished her a happy birthday and got texts from Katy. Our cutie pie has some artwork!

So I didn’t have time to go to Publix and get the blood pressure med refill, but I’ll do that tonight. Tomorrow night I take Mom to get her hair cut and out to eat.

We also have a phone call with George’s sister tonight sometime b/w 6 and 9. Hopefully I will be home by then. We miss them. So we have decided to talk and catch up.

We are also needing to discuss plans with our friends, the Irelands, for Saturday’s outing to see them. I miss all my peeps.

Anyway, gotta go as I’m now going to have to rush to get to work, but it’ll be dominoe’d too likely. It always happens. I stayed over yesterday, which made my home schedule delayed, delays sleep, and then delays my morning getting ready and everything scoots back by the amount of time inconvenienced by the day before. Which means I’ll probably domino again today and have to leave later.

I probably won’t rush. I’m not good at that anymore. lol

AND THAT WAS MY DAY YESTERDAY!!!! FEELING BETTER THOUGH AND CHOOSING NOT TO HOLD ANY GRUDGES. IT IS WHAT IT IS AND LIFE GOES ON. But days like yesterday are very full and it’s a struggle and a balancing act. The truth is, most days are just like it. This was just a snap shot.

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  1. I’ve said time and time again I just don’t know how you keep going, I really don’t. I do remember those few months ago when you stopped worrying about the late arrivals etc etc That certainly helped you, you’ve never been quite so stressed again. After all it’s not up to you to keep nagging the others that they should get their figures etc to you by a certain date……I’m glad that you are feeling better but do wish you didn’t need to change your diet to …cure…it !! Take care xx

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