Maddie Dog is Moving Up in the World

A quick pop in here, as I’m running late! But Maddie has moved up in the ranks of the world! She is able to roam the house with Dexter while we are gone. We have watched them together for enough weeks now to see they will be fine. She holds her own and he gets scared when she barks, lol. She rules the roost for sure. They will keep each other company, just knowing another dog is in the house nearby. But they won’t curl up together (yet).

So not only does she get to roam around with Dexter during the day but she also gets to sleep with me at night. I tried her out last night by putting her little dog bed on my bed so has a confined shape to curl up in that she is used to. That worked great. She stayed in that bed all night on top of my bed. I pet her in the night when I woke up. I think we both liked having each other there more closely than across the room. Even when I got up to make coffee, I told her to stay in the bed til I came back and got her to go outside. She knows the routine and stuck with it. She waited to get up til I could take her out. (I like to get the coffee going so it’s ready when I come back in.)

One morning I will share our routine. But I’m not getting a lot of time to blog anymore in the mornings because I ended up sleeping later and staying up later, lol. So much for a schedule change. Any blogging I’m getting done here today will just make me that much later for work today. Then I’ll have to stay later or use my bucket hours.


Something must be wrong with her new phone. It’s not letting me text or call her. I reached out to her on Facebook to let her know because if she has an emergency and her phone is not working she can’t call 911. I’m not sure what the deal is. The more we deal with this kind of thing, the more assisted living needs to happen. I just don’t think she can deal with technology anymore. She’s setting her security alarm off a lot, can’t really see the thermostat too well but finally memorized it I think. But she has this new phone which is the same kind (Samsung) but for some reason now it won’t call me. So I’m not sure what is going on. But I think she can’t see too well to mess with it. So there’s something gone awry. I don’t know anything about Samsung and I won’t see her until Friday night. So I guess I’ll just send her a message on her Facebook wall, that we will be there to pick her up for pizza. SMH.

Stocked Up for Work and On-the-Go

Little things life morale. This makes me happy! 😉 Quick breakfasts or snacks on really busy days. I also have “egg bites” from Hello Fresh in my freezer and bean burritos. Did you know I like a bean burrito for breakfast some times? It gives protein when you need it.

Eating Well as Always

The roast George made was great recently. The temps were cool enough in the evening that we could eat in the sun room. It was so good and we had leftovers for lunch. One night we had lamb chops. They were really good too. I may have already shared that.

More Doggie Tales

Dexter was squeaking his chicken yesterday and making Maddie mad. She doesn’t like it when he gets rough with his toys. She will bark at him to calm down.

Maddie’s favorite time of the day is after dinner when I sit down in the recliner and we watch a show. She gets so excited and fills me with kisses, play bites til I make her stop, and hops up and down in my lap. I mean it’s over kill she is so excited, lol. I give her hugs and have to tell her to calm down and we watch our show.

She sometimes hops down and goes to visit her Daddy too.

Last night she tapped out early and fell asleep.

Ok gotta go my friends. Hopefully I can work out a schedule to be back more often but it’s still so hard to get it all done these days. We do pretty good to get done what we do. I did get a bit of office time last night. I had a short video this week. So it’s giving me some extra time. I’m a month behind on videos so I might take a break one week or two, and not film anything to catch up here and there. I like to be two to three weeks off and not four! Anyway, it’s only going to get busier as the year goes by. Until 4th quarter of the year, I’m going to work hard and enjoy this third quarter as we will have some time to work on things (goals, to do’s). Not much but more than next quarter, lol.

Take care.

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  1. I’m so pleased you grabbed a few mins to tell us how things are going. I’m sorry though that it means you’re working longer hours to make up for it….maybe you could just write up on the one day in the week ….I’m pleased to see that Maddie is settled in now and that Dexter is good with her, I was so worried he might not like her getting attention…..great for you that she is on your bed, great company for each other…..till next time, God Bless…

  2. I just remembered they make phones with big numbers for seniors. You can even put pictures where they can call that person. I just went into google and found them.
    It might make things easier for your Mom.
    My aunt had vision problems as she got older.

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