Southern Charm of Snow White Drive-In

Snow White Drive-in is known for their old Southern Charm. Great BBQ, Burgers, Hot Dogs, and favorite sandwiches known through the decades. They will still bring it out to your car. Or you can sit at the picnic tables around the restaurant, and there are a few tables inside.

Every time we go I think, why did we wait so long. Our last time to visit was here:

Want this old southern charm experience like Snow White Drive-In? Here’s a list of some other drive-in restaurants by Food & Wine. Maybe one is near you.

Southern Weekend Vibes

I spent much of Saturday doing laundry and working on the To Do List. I video’d a series on Ways to Stay Sane While Caring for an Aging Parent. I’ll probably title it something different but that is mainly the gist of it. It will be about 3 videos away.

I thank everyone who watched this week’s video on You Tube that went up yesterday. If you missed it, you can find it here.

Also there are some new subscribers both on YouTube and here on the Blog. So welcome. Less Hustle More Coffee is also on Instagram as @lesshustlemorecoffee as well and on Facebook. Join the community.

Everyone have a great Sunday. We will be going to church and it’s my Sunday to take Mom to get groceries too. I need to get a few of my own as well. But I’ll minimize it so it won’t be so much carrying around.

A Charming Week Ahead

Looking at the calendar, there is not much happening this coming week for this gal. Mom and I take Fancy for her vet appt Thursday and will do a quick grocery run for fresh items. She has company coming next weekend. And I’ll get my nails done one night. The video will be easy to edit for next week, so it looks like an amazing week ahead.

I hope yours is too!

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  1. I was surprised the list doesn’t include ‘Sonic’ which is what we have here. Same principle and I think they still even skate to your car, or at least, they used to.

  2. I fondly remember our Snow White Drive-In here in central California in the small town where I grew up. It was a real treat to get food from there, as we hardly ever ate out. I don’t remember the hamburgers as being special, but sure remember the soft serve cone. The large one cost 25¢ at the time 🙂

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