Busy Weekend Vibes, Magi Project, and Girls Day Out

Busy Weekend Vibes ahead. You can watch this week’s episode HERE.

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Everyone have a great weekend!

2 responses to “Busy Weekend Vibes, Magi Project, and Girls Day Out”

  1. Hi Sonya, Thanks as always for your latest Vlog. I to have a wee boy I sponsor through a charity he is 6 now this will be the second year I’ve had him. We are encouraged to send small gifts at birthday, Christmas etc I’ve done it for many years now but this is the first time I’ve had a wee boy and I find it harder to get things for him than for the girls I’ve had before. I think I have had three girls over the years ..It’s good to just let them know someone is thinking about them. I do it through World Vision. Anyway it was fun seeing you gather your bits for the Xmas Box the young lass will be delighted with the things you’ve sent. Sorry you coudnt get the soft toy in as I know how much they love them…maybe next time…. Glad all went well with Fancy she is amazing really how she gets along at her age. Well love thanks again for making time in your busy life to let us have a peep into your daily chores..
    Night night. God Bless xx

    • Oh we sent the over flow – little bear and sponge to church as they were collecting items also to put in boxes. So that went in another box. 🙂

      That’s awesome you have six year old that you sponsor!

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