A Surprise Came in the Mail and Using the Sleep Focus on iPhone

I love surprises! And a good surprise came in the mail yesterday. A picture of grandson, aka My Mom’s day gift. I also got a surprise FaceTime call from Little Roo showing me how he can slurp spaghetti! He laughed, we laughed, and then he laughed even more with one of those belly laughs. Made my day!

My ear is finally unstopped and I’ve been struggling with hoarseness now. But at least I don’t feel like I’m in a barrel. I’ve been a little tired.

We had a good day yesterday celebrating with one of our coworkers who is somewhat retiring. We are going to miss her. We took her to lunch for a Mexican meal and then we ate cake/ice cream later. I decided to eat the cake but not all of it and get ice cream. It’s such a rare event now to get cake, that I participated.

But overall I’m trying to cut the sugar. Of course they brought sweet tea instead of the unsweet tea I ordered. I don’t think the people taking our order could speak or understand English very well. I couldn’t tolerate the tea very well until the ice melted some.

Less Hustle More Coffee Video Going Live Tomorrow at 7:00 a.m.

The next video is live in the morning. I did the thumbnail yesterday so it’s ready to go and scheduled. This one is where I do the shopping for the Magi Box for a girl ages 8-10 that lives in a poverty stricken area and then take Mom for a Day of Shopping.

The coffee is good this morning. My mood has been a bit sullen. Like I don’t want to do anything. I’m trying to take things hour by hour and not be overwhelmed or discouraged. I really do have a lot of things to be thankful for. But honestly, I’m just very tired.

How Do You Feel about the Sleep Focus “Do Not Disturb”?

Mom called me after I was asleep last night around 9:30. I’m in bed by 9. I had probably been asleep by 15 min or so. I was thinking “oh my gosh what’s it going to be tonight – what’s happened”. She just wanted my email address, which she already has, but has lost it. She has also lost total track of time, which is why I’m doing the bills for her now. She apologized. She didn’t mean to call me that late.

To resolve, I have set my iphone on “sleep focus” from the hours of 8:30 p.m. to 5 a.m. now. So if there is an emergency she’ll have to call 911, which is probably what she should do anyway. There’s nothing I can help with overnight anyway. We have to have our sleep.

woman sleeping
Photo by Ivan Oboleninov on Pexels.com

The therapist told me that this is a common thing and not to feel guilty for it. Her clients often miss sleep while increasingly having to care for elderly parents. Either in an effort to get things done at home or increased calls from the said parent.

She said she has to remind her clients that this is what they have to do eventually when caring for their elderly parents so they get sleep, otherwise the calls come more continually. I take it this happens a lot. I wasn’t sure how I felt about not being available during the night, but I see now why it’s necessary. And how true, just call 911 if it’s really an emergency. Otherwise it can wait til morning. Sounds good to me. Why make something an overnight emergency if it can wait til morning. She is one of those people that likes things pronto, so – this will cure that before it starts being a problem.

Happy Friday Guys! I’m happy it’s Friday but tomorrow’s line up for the day is huge. Plus we have to fix Mom’s battery. I laid the law and said “Not before 3 p.m.” because I have to be able to do our laundry and a few things for myself.

The tribe still speaks. 😉

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  1. Dash it my long message has disappeared…..but just to say glad you’ve got organised for no phone calls during the night hours. It’s a very difficult time as our older parents get less independent and need our attention more and more at a time we would like maybe a bit of help ourselves !! I wrote a lot more such as how difficult it can be even when they are living with you. My niece has her Dad living with her but is longing to go away for a couple of nights but is very fearful he falls etc and she is away……time will tell what the decision will be. I’ve said he could come here for a couple of nights but oh no he feels he is ok on his own…..well love looking forward as always to the Vlog tomorrow. Have a nice day today xx

  2. I will have to Google the MAGI box. Is it a bit like the ones for O.C.C? I like the picture of your Mom. I have a swing like that on my porch.

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