Mom’s Latest Crisis and My Mother’s Day Dinner

The week has moved fast. But it’s not without its crisis with Mom. I’ve not blogged in the last day or so – nothing interesting to tell. Just mainly all work and very little play. The video is uploading to YouTube for Saturday. It was uploading last night but an interruption in power stopped it and I had to restart it this morning. (Insert eye roll emoji here). So mainly I have edited for 15 to 30 minutes coming and going all week as I’ve had time.

Mom’s Day Talk

We went to Long Horn last night for MY Mother’s Day meal. My Mom’s day gift from Katy hasn’t arrived yet. She said it was on the way. I wonder what it is. :-). I love surprises! We had Texas Margarita’s. They were good. And on special. But we enjoyed a steak dinner, salad, and potato. It was really good. I always enjoy my meal there. And the ambiance is just one that I feel good in and it releases built up stress somehow. It also did that back when I worked at the envelope company. Long Horn was our favorite lunch spot.


My ear has been stopped up this week. I’ve been taking an off brand of Sudafed. It’s working to unstop them and it is a non-drowsy formula. But the first day I felt like half my head was in a barrel. I’m not sure what is going on. I just got over a virus like cold 3 weeks ago and now this. It’s not a full blow cold this time, just my ears so far.

Dexter Dog: Daycare Rocks!

Dexter went to doggy daycare yesterday. It was a huge dog day! The dogs gather around the humans when they come and go. Look at that! Dexter is in the middle of the pic between the blue pool and the green stage.

He has been tired as usual. This has really helped him I think to get some energy out. Last night when we went to Longhorn, he had the run of the house, minus the carpeted bedrooms. And he was fine. Here he is at bed time last night.

Mom’s Latest Crisis

Mom’s car battery died. It’s not really much of a crisis since she doesn’t drive anywhere but to the mail box, but anything that is not fixed pronto, to her is a crisis. But like most everything else, she has to wait because we work and can’t just revolve our life totally around hers. Sunday was to be George’s day off from doing Mom stuff, so Saturday is usually my day to get things done here. But we’ll go Saturday afternoon and deal with this.

I told him I could do something at 3:00 or after, which would give me most of the day to get something done here. Of course in the afternoon is where I usually do some of my office work or vacuuming. But gosh, I will just have to give up something and I can tell you right now it’ll probably be house work, lol. So I’ll lose about 4 hours of my day from 3 to 7. But just happy to have the morning and early afternoon at least, before tiredness sets in. We’ll go eat BBQ afterward so there is a reward, lol.

It’s my Sunday to also do her groceries, so Sunday will be a long day over there. I also have to work on her finances some this weekend, as I was going to work on a timeline of what is coming in versus what is going out just to help me get a visual. But that may have to be put off to another week if I can’t get my stuff done. I have to leave time for our household and personal needs. Goodness. It becomes hard to do this. And I try not to be upset over being so far behind, but good grief. It just never ends!


As you know, we just don’t get much free time so I have to be picky and choosy about what I do with our time. And that is this week’s update.

I’m working on a topic for a blog post coming soon. I don’t get a lot of time to even think about blog topics these days. I used to enjoy jotting down notes and ideas. But my brain is on overload. But one came to me yesterday! Ya’ll seem to love when I just do life updates anyway. And that is what this post is about today.

Everyone have a good rest of the week. The weekend will be here soon. Plans for the weekend?

4 responses to “Mom’s Latest Crisis and My Mother’s Day Dinner”

  1. Longhorn does have the best steaks. I like the flos filet. I took my husband there for his birthday.
    No wonder Dexter is tired he has lots of fun I bet with all the other dogs.
    Nothing much planned for the weekend. I do want to go to Lowes and get flowers for our flower beds. It has been too hot this week to plant anything.
    We had bad storms Tuesday night. 80 mph winds. huge trees ripped out of the ground. We luckily don’t have any close to our house.
    Hang in there the weekend will soon be here.

  2. I’ve had a busy week…..for me anyway!! Quiet by your standards !! So today was even harder Thursday is the day I have the church cafe to organise etc etc..I have to be up,there by 9am to get things set up, thankfully I’ve got two great helpers who do all the table and chairs setting out. People start coming in around 9.30…Every other week we offer lunch of home made soup, bread etc from 12-1 almost everybody stays to that. Todays offer was mushroom soup…I did not like it one little bit and have felt sicky ever since…I’m so tired tonight. I have said it before I’ve know idea how you cope with the hours you work and Mums demands on top of everything…..
    Anyway only tomorrow Friday to get through then it’s the weekend when hopefully we will be able to recharge our batteries….Take Care…

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