Mother’s Day Hiccups and Successes

Mother’s Day Hiccups

Mother’s Day went ok I guess. There were a few hiccups. So…First of all, Mom’s alarm did not go off. I’m wondering if she can see to set it properly. But she texted that she didn’t get up in time. So we went to church without her. I hate she missed it because her pic was on the big screen as she placed membership.

As we sat down in a convenient seat that no one else was on, I began feeling that my “seat” (ahem, bottom) was getting kinda cold. Then I realized the seat was not just cold, but it was wet. Church began at that moment as I was trying to tell George something was on the seat my pants were wet. I scooted waaaaaaaay over and it looked like we were mad at one another. I told him I wasn’t going to stand much because I didn’t want it to look like I’d peee’d in my pants.

As I sat there and tried to sing praise to our Lord and Savior, I kept letting my mind wander. Was it some child’s pee I’d sat in? Did someone spill their morning coffee and get up to sit somewhere else? Did the roof leak with last night’s rain? I could only believe the worst case scenario as I belted out “Jesus Love’s Me” as church released the kids for children’s church.

When it was time for the communion I had to reach for the communion cup. Since the lockdown days the church has provided individual cracker and juice cups in the little holes next to the songbooks. But I had to reach for mine as I’d scooted down away from them. I don’t know what happened but I dropped mine and it made a noise as it hit the back of the pew on the way down. Yeah, everyone looked. George scooted further away from me to indicate he didn’t know me.

Whatta-Experience at Whataburger

Church was over and we headed to get Mom’s groceries – just a few things from Publix, which was right next door to Whataburger, the new one. We have been looking forward to getting a burger on Mother’s Day to avoid crowds, and we are celebrating Mother’s Day meals on days other than Mother’s Day. We all loved Whataburger on the other side of town but was excited that the new one was open on Mom’s side of town.

We were ready for Whataburger, but Whataburger was not ready for us. I decided to ditch my thought of a burger since I’d had burgers the two days previous. Much too many burgers for someone who is on a weight loss effort. So I ordered an apple cranberry salad with chicken on it. I was excited for the salad and balsamic dressing.

We got to Mom’s and they did not include my salad dressing. Nor a fork. The fork was easy. But all Mom had was expired honey mustard. Until Mom found one in her pantry. Go Mom! So I dug the apples and cranberries out b/c who wants an apple cranberry salad with honey mustard dressing. Yeah the hamburger might have been just as good at that point. No telling how bad the dressing was. I ate the apples on the side.

George gave me the receipt as it had a bar code thingie, where you could use your phone to scan it and it would take you to their website to complain. Yeah that website was not working. I guess that keeps people from complaining too much about the new place. Clearly they need more training. Oh, there weren’t any napkins either. I’m glad we were at Mom’s so we can make up for their shortfalls.

Let’s Get Grounded

Ok so I’ve seen some “hype” about grounding and how that can free your soul and spirit from all that is going on and heal your soul, your psyche, your body. I’d heard of it, although I don’t seem to know of any scriptural base for it. I do know that sometimes being in nature has helped me feel better. And I long for things like the ocean (to sit and view it and be beside it or on it).

So I took my shoes off at Mom’s after inspecting for bugs. lol. I decided it was pointless as there millions of them down there. I took off my shoes and “grounded myself”. I can’t say it worked immediately but I do feel less stressed today. I really think it’s due to having several night’s sleep since last week’s stressful financial week trying to take over Mom’s finances and her thinking all kinds of erroneous thoughts about what went wrong.

Grounded in Italian Ice and Ice Cream

Or it could have been the coconut, watermelon, mango trio with vanilla ice cream that grounded me back to reality, love, peace, and communion with my fellow mankind. I had one free coupon left so I told George since my Mother’s salad basically sucked, I was going for gold. These little ices are not huge. So it’s just what my psyche needed to clear out the morning’s little snafu’s.

More pics from Mom’s

I gave Mom this rooster. She used to have roosters in her kitchen and so I gave her one for her patio years ago. She brought it with her. Look it has the Texas star.

I also love the clock on the patio. It looks good out there.

George hung her curtains with my help and Mom’s supervision. lol

This was taken with Mom’s phone and I downloaded it from Facebook so it’s a little blurry and wasn’t focused. It’s those curtains there that went with her new comforter set. Remember the other was returned that we bought a couple of weeks ago.

Video of Flag

George put up her flag pole. It was crooked so he had to go get some wire to attach to the post so it would stay up straight.

Fancy is 17 or 18. I’ve lost count. Bless her. She cannot hear good nor see too good.

Mom asked George to change out the broken globe in the pennant lights. The ones I told her wouldn’t work at Lowe’s. The hole is too small for the frame. But she would not hear of it. She was certain I didn’t know what I was talking about. I knew it wouldn’t work when she bought it, but she bought it and sometimes it is just better to let people do what they want and see for themselves than to try to argue. There’s just no point in that. I’m not going to argue.

So I announced we would be going home so I could have part of a Mother’s Day too. So I did basically what I wanted, watched some shows, read, got the next video project set up in Final Cut Pro, and finished some laundry. It was nice.

Other Tidbits

  • The HOA called. The original lady that wouldn’t return my calls. Her voice was broken. (Tell me the devil doesn’t try to mess with me?). But I prayed. So God overcame the devil’s schemes. She said she thought there was still hope on getting the fee’s returned. So I’ve got to write and letter and do what she said. I’m tired of typing so I won’t put all that here. But good to know there is hope.
  • I’ve lost another 1.5 lbs. Which is what my goal was – to lose 1.5 lbs a week. I don’t see how after all we ate the last few days, but I will say that we didn’t eat all the meals every day – maybe one big meal a day and a snack.
  • My psyche is definitely better today. Maybe from getting some extra sleep but also I really got some energy from our time with my SIL and BIL. We laughed and had a good time and I needed that! I needed something besides negative energy. It really makes a difference.
  • My sister texted me yesterday. Mainly to let me know Mom’s gift was on its way and she wished me Happy Mom’s day. So that was nice.
  • Also Katy called a couple of times on the weekend and my gift is on the way.
  • I had several friends to wish me Happy Mom’s day. I have a dear friend, Lisa, that texts about every week to see how it’s going. She beats me to the punch every time. I’m always so usurped by what all is going on (too much).
  • Today was a good day. I am looking forward to mine and George’s little date out on Wednesday night which I picked a special place for my own Mother’s Day.
  • We both had windfalls to help with the planned vacation – God answered prayers.
  • And surprisingly the last few videos have done well. Watch time is up and the subscriptions are going up. YouTube is suggesting me a little more. I’m glad to see the numbers going upward. I’m still not worried about the numbers though. I can’t really do much toward growing the channel while I work full time. There’s no time to work toward anything but cranking out videos mostly.
  • That said, I did get a couple of training videos in yesterday while ironing. So there’s that.

And guess who this is! I get to see him soon. They had a photo shoot (Katy and River). I think that was her Mom’s day gift.

There were so many good photos during the shoot. Here’s a couple.

Ok, I’m going to go work on the video so you all have one on Saturday! 😉

Life is full, but at least I’m happy today and it’s a blessing when I don’t feel like running through the neighborhood screaming, so it’s good day. lol

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  1. Grounding is for your health and wellbeing. I have been doing it for years. You take your shoes off and sit or stand with your feet on the earth for a minimum of 15 minutes. The magnetic forces from the earth enter and go throughout your body. I ran into this practice on one of my natural life sites. Modern people have taken this natural healing from the body by wearing shoes. Ken and I both do this. We can sit on our launi with our feet on the concrete. this concrete is not that thick and the feet can pick up the magnatic field through the concrete.

  2. I’m so pleased that you feel better today. Our Lord sends so many blessings our way it’s just a matter of acknowledging them…( what did you do about the .. wet….patch on your pants/ skirt ? ). George and you do so much for Mum I’m sure deep downs she appreciates you. I love that flag that you put up. It’s not a thing that you see over here but I loved to see it when we were travelling in the US…..The photos of Roo are just adorable he is so gorgeous, it’s great that your going to see him soon bet the days can’t go quick enough….Praying work goes better this week and that you get more sleep. ( You standing on the grass reminded me of a thing a teacher told my oldest sister many many years ago, she said. Margaret, always walk in bare feet where the green grass grows !! In the family it became an oft repeated phrase…)
    I bet she never realised 70+ years later I would be sharing it with a friend in the US
    LOL….😄. ❤️❤️

  3. What a cute photo of River and your daughter. He has pretty brown eyes. We went out to dinner Sat night for Mothers day. Daughter bought me a new pair of Nikes. Which I really needed. She and husband and grandson had ribs, I had baked chicken. I too am trying to lose the 20lbs I gained during the lockdown because of Covid. I did get a free dessert for Mothers day. A slice of chocolate cake with a bunch of layers. There is no way I could turn down chocolate cake which is a favorite.
    Sunday was a quite day at home. I mostly read and just took it easy. Husband cooked a vegetarian meal. Daughter had her hands full. Sils grandfather who is 89 came to spend a week with them. And he was not feeling well. So she was worried, and fixed him soup and gave him Tylenol. I think that long drive was too much for him. But he is feeling better today. I am off to get my haircut. today.

    • Thanks for your comment today. Love hearing about your world too! Glad you had a good day. Choc cake sounds perfect! Hope the grandfather feels better! Sounds like he’s in good hands! What are you reading? I’m still on the Spare.

  4. I am reading The story of my life by James Patterson. It is really good, I can barely stand to put it down.

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