Busy Mother’s Day Weekend So Far

Going Back to Friday

This pretty plant was blooming in Mom’s docs office’s medical building. It was so pretty. Friday was the long busy hair day of doc appt, work (also very busy), and then lots of financial stuff with Mom. All day Friday was about Mom. Regardless of wherever I was: work, driving, at home, trying to cook. I gave up trying to go to the store. We just went Saturday.

Here we are heading into the doc offices Friday morning. Mom was fussing it was too early for her as our appt was 8:30. I said “try getting up at 4:30”. lol

I don’t think I mentioned earlier that when we do these doc appointments it goes like this. This was Friday:

  • Drive from MOUNT JULIET, TN to Lebanon, TN to get Mom. (About 20 min drive).
  • Drive from Lebanon, TN to Hendersonville, TN (about 50 minutes) to the doc office.
  • Drove thru Gallatin, TN and ate a burger at Wendy’s at 10:30 a.m. as neither of us had really had breakfast but we wanted lunch.
  • Drove to Lebanon, TN to return Mom home.
  • Drove from Lebanon, TN to Antioch, TN where my job is (about 45 minutes).
  • Worked (tried to work) and Mom started calling about her internet being out. It hadn’t been paid for a while. It quit coming out of her bank automatically.
  • Drove home to MOUNT JULIET, TN from Antioch (45 min at that time of day) trying to explain I had not done anything with her finances or bank account to make it stop. That it had nothing to do with my sign on.

I thought these plants were pretty. I had a small one of these in college. The plants did pretty well in our dorm room window. A dorm room is small and I was more apt to remember to water them. I think when I had Katy and we got a bigger house, life became so busy that I forgot about my plants. I had to give up caring for them. Even today I cannot keep an indoor plant. And not really good with the outdoors ones either.

Friday night, I fixed spaghetti with turkey meat. It was so good.

I opened a bottle of red to both 1) drink and 2) sip. I’m cutting back on sugar and also wine as that has sugar in it. Friday was a day I was NOT skipping wine and not skipping comfort food. lol

The many Calls…..

Mom called and said she got the account taking care of but I had to go in and do something on the internet for her. I mentioned that in a previous entry, so sorry if I’m mentioning things twice.

Mom called back stating she really thought someone had hacked her account. And that is why her internet was off. She said she was calling the bank Saturday. I guess she thinks they are getting that payment.

I never really understood why she thought the hacker was in her account. You can see all the banks transactions and there are no weird charges in there. But you don’t ask Mom anything twice, so I let it go. But I think her internet was not coming back on until Monday according to the website. She was not happy.

Moving into Saturday

Honestly, I was just unavailable Saturday. I was NOT going to work on any of her stuff Saturday. I went to bed distraught, discouraged, and basically just hating my life- if I’m honest- on Friday night. The evil spirits that hover over her like an umbrella -more like a cocoon- was trying to hover over me now. I have actually told her she has evil spirits around her. And that I am praying that God sends them away so everyone can have peace. lol Hey at least for her that is a good thing because she can blame the evil spirits for anything that goes wrong, so that is good for her ego, I guess.

I was wondering what I had done to deserve such a day – or a week, like I had dealing with the mess of her finances. I read my Bible in search of how to find peace and contentment within my soul. And when I woke up I was in a much better mood. I actually put my phone on “do not disturb” because I did not want my only few hours I have to myself, I was not going to be doing her stuff. And didn’t want to even hear about it. I needed to keep my peace and not be rattled. I mean even God rested on the seventh day. And I’m going to have to use “focus” on my iPhone while I’m at work so I can get my work done.

George went yard sailing and then went to the store to get something and brought me back some flowers. It was a huge bouquet and took two vases! I rearranged them to divide them into two. So pretty. I had actually thought I’d buy myself some. After seeing the flowers at the doc office and just how pretty they looked to me, I woke up thinking I’d buy myself flowers as a token for how bad the week was. And then I did not mention it or think of it again but George did. I think it was a God thing.

Dexter also gave me a big huge hug. I think he knew also that something was wrong with me. Friday night he kept watching me, trying to understand. Dexter was happy to see me happy Saturday morning.

I worked on laundry and then my SIL and BIL came to leave their car here while they go to Ireland. We had lunch with them before we left at ML Rose.

I got another burger. And it was one with pimento and cheese on it as well as bacon and onion straws. So I did not eat all the bun, got a salad for the side instead of fries, and it was the only meal of the day. Then we took them to the airport. We stopped at Food Lion on the way back home since we had to go to the store. I was excited to shop there. The meat was a little cheaper but I think many other things had inflated prices over what we do at Kroger. This is not very close to us but since we were coming home from the Nashville airport we stopped where we knew a Food Lion was on an exit coming home.

I finished laundry, watched a few YouTube training shows on how to do descriptions on YouTube and what you can and cannot do on YouTube. I had promised myself an hour a week of training. I read and went to bed. And I slept so good. I did get up in the night for an hour or so as I was awake, but then finished strong and slept til 6. I need to go take a shower now.


I’ve structured the day where I have very little housework to do. I’m trying to avoid housework on Sunday’s and do more lighter housework things and office work (more of my things) on Sunday. I am not one that is trying to keep a Sabbath, but in reading God’s word, I do feel He wants us to have our rest. So I am working toward having a more leisurely and less stressful Sunday cramming things in. Of course we are gone til 3 or 4 on Sunday doing Mom’s things. So there’s not a lot of hours left to cram things in. Mom placed membership by the way. I was kinda shocked. But she did.

It’s Mother’s Day so we are going together today. I think next Sunday may be life group day. Nothing has been committed though so I don’t know. George and I usually need good notice as our schedule fills up. So anyway, I get Mom’s stuff the next Sunday and George gets a break. We are flipping flopping it. But we go together on day’s like Mother’s Day or life group.

Thanks guys for watching the video yesterday, if you did. It did very well. Lots more views than they used to get. And more subscribers coming my way. I noticed after 100 subscribers the title of my YouTube channel changed to include the name. How ’bout that. A goal reached. It took almost 2 year to get to 100 subscribers. And about 2 months to get to 144, at the current hour. They come much easier now as YouTube is starting to suggest the channel.

Well, must go get my shower. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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  1. The first plant photo is bromeliads. They are beautiful in pots and outdoors, strong enough to anchor an oak tree down. The second picture is of a plant called mother-in-law or sansevieria. Snakes plants inside are supposed to be good for your health. Outside they multiply. Once we planted them under a window. Years later, we dug them up but they are supposed to be very good for breathing air inside (improving your oxygen). Happy mother’s day.

      • We started about two decades ago when we bought the house. It was a mess. Recently we have had more time. My husband is retired but I still work. But yeah, it has been a lesson and plants don’t talk back. Very therapeutic. Actually we had a heavy rain, so the foundation of our home is off a little so husband is off to Home Depot to fix something and plans have changes. We are good! Thanks. It is best to take care of the necessities like the family and home.

  2. I noticed how expensive these plants are at Walmarts. We would have offered people to come and dig up at your leisure for free as getting rid of them was not easy.

  3. Hope after church today you will get home and REST REST REST. It’s hard going with Mum, I think you could see it coming though, I certainly did…There really isn’t an answer to her continual want want wants…just keep asking for patience. It’s so hard.
    Anyway have as nice as possible Mothers Day. We celebrate Mother’s Day on a Sunday when it was custom many many years ago for maids to be given time off to go home or to their Mother Church, we always give Mothers in church a bunch of flowers that day..( all ladies get them !). Take care, hope the week ahead is less dramatic

  4. Happy Mother’s Day to you, Sonya! Here’s hoping this coming week is better than last! That was so sweet of George to get you the flowers.

    Just think about how exciting it will be someday when you hit 1000 subscribers on Youtube! I’m sure that day will come if you keep at it. What a celebration that will be!

    • Yeah hopefully next week will be better. And it’ll be crazy when it hits 1000. I noticed when it hit 100 my title changed on my official link to include less hustle more coffee and not just a random link.

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