OH NO! Company’s Coming | And Yesterday’s Financial Crisis

Well, after a little break, the next video is HERE.

You know that feeling of having a big group over? Is my house good enough, clean enough? Will everything be perfect enough?

I’m almost a perfectionist but mainly I just fuss over the details. George always grounds me to the reality. You will have to watch to see if it every comes together! 😉

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Crisis of the Day with Mom

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It’s been a busy day yesterday with Mom and her doc appt and when I finally got to work she called and her internet was out which meant she couldn’t peruse her pad and could not watch TV. She was all excited.

Internet is not one of the bills that I pay for her. It’s supposed to be automatically deducted. I looked and it hadn’t been coming out. She couldn’t even see her bank b/c she has it on her pad and her pad was not connected to internet. She called and paid with her card. I’m sure this will take her below her balance and she’ll need to transfer her money.

The late accounts and pitifully managed bills the last couple of months (ahem, a year) are coming to fruition. That is what is going on. She jokingly said I had jinxed it to which I did not think was funny. She said that my logging into her account must have done something. Then she denied she said it was my fault.

No, what went wrong was her lacking of handling and managing these things and forgetting to pay them. We’ll just toss it to the fact that she is 78 and another reason she is a step closer to assisted living. I knew I’d be blamed for something – that’s the way it has always worked even when I will little. It’s always someone else’s fault. To be involved means you are at risk of being accused. I expected that. But the good news is there are records with this that tell the story- EVERY TIME. I knew it would happen, expected it and was not surprised. I took it in stride but I would not allow her to blame me. When she does, I will always prove her wrong. I told her she could have it all back if she thinks I’m to blame.

I reviewed with her each case what occurred and none of it my fault except for the one payee that I set up wrong and sent the check to Momma instead of to the agency, lol. That was really kinda funny. You can’t argue with written provable bank transactions or the lack thereof. But I called the company and fixed it and RE mailed it.

I got multiple calls yesterday on this from her at work, while driving home, while at home. I had to go in and do something on the internet to get her back on line – but looks like it won’t be til Monday.

When I took on her bills, I will thinking it would be just paying her few bills. I didn’t know it would be the nightmare it has become this week. But since everything else is always a nightmare that should be simple, why would this be any different?

I was to the point of feeling harassed yesterday. I know she was just upset, but so was I, to the point of just wanting to run out the door screaming at the top of my voice. I felt I could not find peace, nor get away from these demons that seem to follow her around, and me having to try and fix them. I’ve prayed for God to keep the damn things away – these evil spirits – and today I feel much better after sleep.

I just want to wake up and this all to just go away. I’m so close to getting in the car and just running away. No I won’t do that. But I feel like it.

Anyway, that was yesterday’s crisis. Who knows what today’s will be.

I hope you like the video today. It was fun to do.

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  1. Hi Sonya, it’s late now but I just had to make time to comment after watching this weeks Vlog. Thank you for making it you looked so tired and weary…..I’m glad everything went well. Just sorry you felt you had to try to do so much tidying around just cause you had visitors coming. I’m pretty sure your visitors are coming to see you, not your house, and it’s the warm welcome and good food and conversation that they will remember …if that’s not why they came then they are not real friends….
    As usual I’ve enjoyed the Vlog it was a bit…slow…at times but that was more to do with how you were feeling than anything else…I know it’s Sunday tomorrow so hope you’ve got to bed and tomorrow will be a lovely day for you. Take care. God Bless x

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