Weekend Recap and a Few Observations

Well it’s Monday morning here. And here’s a recap of what we did for Mom this weekend.

  • Made Fancy grooming appointments through the end of the year
  • Went to O’Reilly and got her a battery for her car Saturday
  • George put in the battery in her garage and got the car started
  • We took her to Snow White to get BBQ
  • Took her to church on Sunday
  • Took her to Chili’s
  • Took her to Lowe’s to buy more plants
  • I came home and worked on her finances and set up a spreadsheet

Here’s what I did this weekend for me/us:

  • Got the next video lined up in my time line and the next two video files are ready to go
  • Video’d a future video while I worked in the house doing these things below
  • Got 3/4 of the laundry done, the rest lies in waiting
  • Changed George’s sheets
  • Ordered Amazon order of dog food enough to cover vacation for Dexter
  • Ordered a swimsuit on Amazon and some vitamin supplements
  • Did a Target order: shampoo, face wash, make up, gallon and sandwich bags – $35 gets you free shipping!
  • Cleaned 1/2 of the bathroom: Swished toilet, cleaned tub, refilled TP, changed bath mat. Not finished with the vanity cleaning.
  • Went to Al’s in Lebanon and only spent $135 and came home with groceries for the week and all kinds of meat. Filled our freezer back up from 1/2 empty to full.
  • Read some at bedtime and watched a couple of YouTube shows, and a show or two with George. (We’ve been watching Lone Star Law, lol).
  • Took the time yesterday to take advantage of Yoast plug in on my blog.
  • Planned out some things going into the future so we can make sure Mom gets groceries before company comes, planned Memorial Day, and figuring out the upcoming weekends plans.

Here’s what I really wish I’d gotten done this weekend:

  • Ironing
  • Vacuuming
  • Changed my sheets
  • Dusting
  • Writing in Grandson’s journal book from Grandma
  • Started a Puzzle
  • Write the letter to Mom’s HOA

A Few Observations from the Weekend

Using Yoast Plug in for my blog. Man – it takes a lot of work to make the Yoast criteria list happy. I don’t have that kind of time. Maybe in my retirement I can Yoast away the day, but to have to focus that much on a blog entry makes it not enjoyable. I’d rather just keep my blog a secret and not worry about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and enjoy doing it haphazardly and as I wish.

I used my camera and I’m so happy about it. I’ve not really assessed what it looks like yet, but I think the settings were ok. I’m just happy to have used it. I think Dexter had gotten into my “microphone though”. The wind muff was loose. I had to put that back together. I hope the microphone worked. I’ve never been able to tell that the microphone worked. Anyway it’s a goal to start using my camera more. I’d just given myself a break from using it to vlog and will continue to use my phone mostly. But it thrilled me to use it yesterday.

Doing Mom’s Financial Spreadsheet. It’s called a “budget” but I’m not setting it up to give her a budget, lol. It’s her finances, she can do what she wants. But I set it up for me so I can know what is going in and what is coming out. I will guide her though if she is going high on the hog and let her know when taxes and insurance are coming due and try to accrue for those each month so it’s not a shock the month it comes up. May has been bad. So much has happened and she has bought a lot too this month.

It’s another week and as usual, I’ll be trying to get done what I need to do. But I’ve had some good sleep. Ahum, Mom called me at 11:37 Saturday night. But I’d had to put my phone on Sleep Focus. Apparently this happens a lot with the elderly. And so I took my therapist’s advice and scheduled my phone for Sleep Mode. She will have to call 911 in an emergency and then if it is not an emergency I won’t be bothered during my sleep.

But most of the weekend went toward Mom. At least I had most of my Saturday. But you get a glimpse of what our like is like now. We have to plan out our time in advance and pretty much pencil in time to go potty if we hope to get anything done. lol

Oh and you gotta love how Mom found out I don’t like to take her to Lowe’s (big place and it takes forever to find things with a 78 year old) so she immediately cancelled going to the grocery so she could conjure up a reason to go back to Lowe’s instead. lol

If I didn’t my blog and vlog, I think I’d go insane. And there’s a video about that coming soon. Have a great week.

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  1. I’m so glad you’ve got your Blog it’s good for you…and it’s good for us. You know not many people are really honest when they write their Blogs or Vlogs….I’m just pleased that we can be here for you. Take care….

  2. When Dad was quite ill we got a couple of “dementia” clocks. I think that is a really bad name to call them to be fair and we’ve got two in our house now where nobody has dementias presently and we are going to get another two as a surprise soon once I finish with Mum’s place. They are really good for a lot of reasons which have nothing to do with dementia at all and we had four set up at Dads for him so he didn’t have to keep asking what the time was.

    I’ll put a link in another comment so this one will go through. 100% these were worth every cent we spent on them and I now have one in the studio for work and one in the hallway for us.

    These are more of a bank clock so if I were presenting this to an elderly person that is the name I would use to prevent possible issues. Anyway might be worth getting one for your Mom. You might find them cheaper on Ebay as well, that is where we got ours.

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