Some of my Thrive Market product items I Bought Online This Week

Not a lot going on this week other than work and video editing and getting the house ready for our life group lunch on Sunday. But I thought I’d share my latest Thrive Market haul. I didn’t video this one. Although I may do an insert in an upcoming video using the photos.

I’m enjoying my thrive boxes that come in. I don’t do ALL my shopping through them but I’ve ordered a lot of things like tuna, beans/rice, salmon packs, snacks, my shake/smoothie ingredients, herbal tea. So the idea is really to stay away from the bad aisles of the grocery store and mainly get the fresh things I need, if I can. I’ve been thrilled so far. It’s no more than grocery shopping since I limit the grocery needs.

I’ve put my smoothie bar/oatmeal bar together – actually you can throw some of these ingredients into lots of things. I order from Thrive about every two weeks. And I’ve been collecting my smoothie items over time. So now I can add Chia seed and Flaxseed.

This hot sauce was reportedly not too hot. I remember when George and I were in our thirties, we had a ham panini sandwich at the Farmer’s Market area of Nashville and it had Wheeler’s Peach Hot Sauce on it. We bought some of it. That sandwich was good that peach hot sauce on it was incredible. So when I saw this, I had to get it. I guess I’ll have to make some ham panini’s now. Actually this would be good on pork or maybe even chicken. I bet it would be good with a few shakes on top of black beans and rice or inside a black bean burrito, huh?

This was really good. I wanted a red fruity tea. I had a friend that gave me some “happy tea” as it was called and it was about this same blend. Since I’ve been sick (well even before then, but especially now) I have been drinking some hot tea during the day. It gives a break from having too much coffee or a break from plain water. This was really good and I look forward to having some today! I’ve also been doing a hot green tea blend which seems to have helped me a lot while sick. So when I saw this, I thought….this is going to be mine. I need it. So glad I got it. And I smiled remembering my “happy tea”.

Well if I like this laundry detergent, it will prove to be pretty cheap I think. However it did say for large loads use 2 pods. So most of mine are large loads. However, 60 pods for this price was pretty good I think. I’m anxious to see how the “peppermint” works. We will smell like candy canes? Will we be all minty fresh like chewing gum? Will our clothes open our sinuses? LOL. I’ll have to come back and let you know. I plan to buy more cleaning products from them but I’ve just not needed any yet.

I don’t know that we are really saving money on the beans, but we were out and I bought them. And honestly these are easy to take to work and eat half one day and the other half the next with some ready to eat rice cups that I keep. I really try to not go out and eat burgers and chicken fingers or even salads with bad-for-you dressing oils. And I save money taking things to work. I never have to worry about having something to eat at work. I keep stocked up usually with healthier things. I still eat too much of it though, which is my problem.

Dexter says “hello”. He went to doggie daycare yesterday and played so he’s pretty zapped this morning. But he’s a happy loving dog. I picked him up yesterday and he was so happy to see me.

Ok I think there will be a video Saturday morning. It’s got a lot of footage in it. I’m almost through editing and should be able to finish tonight and get it ready for upload over night so tomorrow I can work on thumbnail and it can go live Saturday. I’m not happy about the way I look because I was pretty sick while doing the filming/videoing. I may take a break the following week. There’s nothing much exciting going on, I’m tired, still not up to par, and need some good rest.

The dizziness/vertigo went away but I still get sensations like it could come back. It’s a feeling you get right before it happens. But I manage to pull out of it before it does it somehow. It’s mainly that I cannot turn over and sleep on my right side. I’m so afraid to. I can barely sleep on my back. I usually have to sleep on my left side but I get tired of not being able to roll over without being dizzy or setting off a spin. So I’ve slowly tried to ease in sleeping on my back. So far so good but it’s a little iffy. It’s almost like I’m on a boat and I have to look at something to steady myself. Kinda weird and I’ll be glad when I feel comfortable to sleep any way I won’t. George and I are both still very sinus-y but I think it’s getting a little better every day.

My sickness went into bronchitis, and I have periods of being very tired and just ill. But push through. Every day the bronchitis part and sinus is better at least. But whatever this is/was – will be a 3 week thing when it’s said and done I think. It’s already into the 3rd week as I’m on the 15th day today.

Well I must hurry now because I really didn’t have time to do this entry. But I was thinking since it was just pictures, it would go quickly. Not so, because here I sit typing away, lol.

Have a great day!

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  1. Chai and flaxseed are great roughage. I went to the nutritionist via the VA yesterday to help me lose the 35 lbs. It turned out in the 3 weeks, I have lost 5 lbs. She was amazed! I won’t return as I already know a lot about nutrition and taking care of myself. I was reading my old media posts and it turned out about 10 years ago, I seriously hurt my right hip doing exercise at the gym. I wonder if this is responsible for some of my challenges today. However, it is getting better and now I am required only to do the PT at home every other day. I will take a virtual yoga class next week through the VA. I feel so healthy! I am lucky to have this opportunity.

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