Full Moon, Fed Ex Returns, and Busy Times

full moon in blue sky
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This week has really been hyped up by the Full Moon. I’m pretty certain the earth has slid a few feet off its axis, making things spin out of control. I’m not even sure what to say in this entry. It’s just time for me to blog and so I’ll spout off whatever comes to mind. It could get interesting. But then again I’m a tired girl tonight.

Work has been crazy – especially yesterday. I have not seen so many needs at once since I was in HR, lol. It’s like someone got on a bull horn and shouted “go” and the stampede began by all methods of communication – in person, by office phone, by cell, by email. I was glad to get off and try to do something relaxing.

I also got Mom’s echocardiogram scheduled for August set up yesterday. I was going to take the 2nd toaster oven to the Fed Ex store but I forgot to put it in the car.

So after work, I got my nails done and toes. I walked in and as I was picking out my color, the groomer called and cancelled Fancy’s (Mom’s dog) trim for Saturday that we had made several months in advance for. It couldn’t be helped. The lady broke her arm. They could take her the Sunday we’ll be in San Antonio but that won’t do. Mom won’t take an Uber, lol and there is no one else to help. They could take her during the week, but I draw the line at doctor’s appointments. I don’t take off work for pet grooming. So my guess is we’ll have to wait until six more weeks when the next appointment is. They didn’t have anything upcoming and I was at that point seated with hands held over being foiled, and talking by speaker. I broke the bad news to Mom and told her I’d try to find something later in the week when I had more time. But doubted anything would be available anywhere. Honestly don’t know that I will have spare time to find anything either. It’s just too hard to find on Saturday’s w/o scheduling months out.

While seated in the chair, Katy called also but had to let it go as I was fully foiled at that point and couldn’t get the phone. I enjoyed my pedicure though and could catch up with life on my phone again and text Katy back.

I told Mom that I would still take her for brunch out and errand running Saturday. She wants to go to Lowe’s. You know that is my favorite thing to do …not…lol. Mom has a list of things and I never know where things are and she can’t walk far so it becomes a challenge of our wits. We find ourselves nearly begging the workers to help us when we pass one. They usually are happy to do so, thank goodness so we don’t walk endless circles (miles) around the place. Mostly what Mom needs is always requiring a scissor lift. Why is it always on the top shelf near the ceiling? I used to think I wanted to write a book about HR and my funny, weird, and exasperating behind the scenes experiences, but I think maybe my experience with Momma would be a best seller entertainment novel if I could somehow turn it into a comedy. Maybe I should be YouTubing all of this into a comedy YouTube called “taking care of Momma”. But I’ll still with my current channel. Speaking of Less Hustle, and More Coffee. I need a little of both. Thankful to George for the downtime Sunday. I felt with every part of my being I needed to take advantage of the day. The way this week has been I see why.

Today was payroll closing day. I had one plant that was totally NOT ready for payroll. They totally forgot to do their editing. It set me back a bit but I had to put that plant last. It’s a bigger plant and I hate doing the bigger plants after lunch. My brain starts to get tired and mushy after lunch. The connect the dots are not connecting as well by then. Sitting at the computer from 6:30 to 4:00 every Tuesday is wearing me out. I work an hour over on Tuesday’s to cover my eye appt doc with Mom. I’m already tired and wanting a nap by 1:30 as it is. lol lol lol Normally I’d leave by 3 or 3:30. But finally at 4 pm I was ready to leave and guess what? I remembered the 2nd toaster oven! So my plan was to quickly drop it off on the way home so I could get home and do World Bible School stuff, my videos, the blog, read, eat watch TV with George, play with Dexter and head to bed.

Not so.

person in black leather boots sitting on brown cardboard boxes
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I really hope Mom never orders from Walmart again. The place I stopped would not take it and he told me the nearest thing was in Nashville. I couldn’t return it at Walmart because I didn’t have the card she charged it on that we wanted the return on. And the instructions said we had to get it to a Fed Ex office. I am not going to be in Nashville any time soon. I googled to see when the place closed. It said 8 p.m. so I decided to go ahead and drive all the way to Nashville, near the airport to return it so I could get the blazing toaster oven returned and get it off my reeling, already-overloaded mind.

I used the Google Map direction thing-y straight from “directions” from google. It was pitiful. It led me to the airport. I got all encircled within Nashville commute and airport traffic and had to just get out of that and find somewhere to park so I could RE-LOOK UP the directions and put it in WAZE so I could decent directions. Finally got the toaster oven to Fed Ex and they accepted it. I said to the guy, “the things we do for our 78 year old mothers”. He winked and said “I know you are doing the right thing”. Thank you. I needed to hear that. That was from God.

So I drove back from Nashville to Mount Juliet and pulled in. George was taking care of the neighbors dogs next door and Dexter was all worried about where George went and why he wasn’t coming back in the door yet, and he was happy to see me. I got greeted twice and told him he gets to go to doggy daycare tomorrow. He was so excited he went and picked up a toy to play.

I was so excited to get these TWO toaster ovens returned that I wanted to stop and get ice cream or some kind of coffee Starbucks drink but I was already late enough so I passed. Plus I wanted to see my Dexter. I had texted George that I was off in Nashville. I was afraid he’d wonder where I was. I don’t really think he noticed that I wasn’t there. I didn’t get a text back and I have been home for an hour so my guess is he still doesn’t even know where I went. lol. I’m not sure why I bother to tell anyone my whereabouts. Maybe next time I won’t. It seems fruitless if no one reads your texts or texts you to see if you are ok. It’s a good thing I’m very individualistic. I kinda have to be at this point at times. I had a relationship many years ago that required to know my every move, so I like this better at least. lol. I beg for someone to care where I am. lol

I’m not sure what to say except that maybe tomorrow I can work on my next video. It requires some VoiceOver and maybe another little segment of filming. It will be me fixing my favorite spaghetti and mizithra. I think it will be a fairly short video. I’m hoping to get this one done and part of another one done, so I won’t be too far behind because of the traveling we’ll be doing next week. Will be nice to get both videos edited and scheduled. But likely it will all catch up with me because we’ll be gone when I need to be editing. So I’ll miss one or possibly two weeks worth of videos at some point b/c of or travel and busy days before and after, plus Mom, plus everything else. It’s just very busy right now and if I can’t get the videos out, I won’t push myself too hard.

I really want to read tonight and I need to check in with World Bible School. A busy weekend ahead too. Friday Mom has her eye appt, Saturday we are going to keep her errand day even though Fancy’s trim is cancelled. I know she likes to get out. She is also going with a friend on Thursday to eat. I’m glad she has a friend to go eat with too.

Sunday we’ll have church and George and I have our life group which is going to eat and see a movie, lol. I think it’s the Jesus Revolution. They referred to it as “the Jesus movie” so that makes sense.

Sometime this weekend I have to do laundry and pack. I guess that leaves Saturday night and Sunday night. I will do payroll Monday and Tuesday next week and then we will fly next week mid week. Dex goes to boarding. Sad, but he will be all busy and tired and playing and eating and sleeping. Neighbors will be watching and checking the house. I’m glad we have cameras. Peace of mind. Neighbors are also taking care of Little Bit.

So it’s all going to go by fast. I will get done what I can when I can.

gray and orange clouds
Photo by Diego F. Parra on Pexels.com

Today while taking Mom’s oven back, I was dismayed at having to drive all the way to the airport and God placed a prism in the sky. It looked like part of a rainbow like this pic above. I tried to take a pic but it was blurry. Here it is below. Completely mostly clear blue sky but yet a little “sun dog” or little rainbow type of thing. I totally believe it was for me and to remind me that God keeps his promises. Someone told me this week there would be stars and jewels in my crown. I don’t know about that, but at least he gave me some color, some hope, that things will be ok. Usually these sun dog types of things mean “change” is on the way.

Ok going to go do the next thing. Love to you guys! And I’ll be back in a couple of days, Lord Willing. Busy times. I’m looking forward to San Antonio and I know it will be busy there too but it’ll be a fun time and we’ll get to relax some, be tourists, eat well, shop some, watch people and read. Mostly I’ll get to see River and my daughter and my SIL – a rare event.

We are hoping to plan a getaway in June for a long weekend, but we’ll see. We may need to save money. That said, I wonder how many summers we really have left where we feel like going places. Just a thought. My dreams of seeing a lot of places are kinda over. George won’t want to travel much. It’s sad, but at least I have the YouTubers. Thank goodness for that. I love watching YouTube! I still want to get a van or truck camper and go see a bunch of places. But I think that is out of the cards.

Ok really gone this time. I managed to get a post out and a lot off my mind.

9 responses to “Full Moon, Fed Ex Returns, and Busy Times”

  1. I bet you’re looking forward to that San Antonio trip! I’m excited for you to go! I hope you get to go on the other little adventure in June too. It sure is medicine to the soul to take those little trips.

    Glad you got the second toaster oven returned so you can get that off your mind. Wow, Sonya, I would never have guessed your mom is the same age as my step-mom. My 78- year old step-mom acts younger than I am and I can barely keep up with her. I can’t imagine needing to take care of her the way you take care of your mom’s needs. If anything, she’ll end up taking care of me. lol. She still works, too, part-time at a flower shop for fun.

    Hey, I found a Youtube channel that I think you’d love – not that you have any spare time to watch Youtube videos! Ha! But thought I’d mention it anyway. Her channel name is Diane Schmiane. She’s a gal in her 50’s who has the dream to travel (in a van or RV), but her husband doesn’t have the same desire. Made me think of you. You would love her – she has a great sense of humor and her videos are so fun and entertaining. She just started her Youtube channel last year when she decided to convert her car into a mini-camper and take a solo trip for a month to see places out west. She’s trying to balance her desire to travel and see the country while keeping her husband happy at home and her marriage intact, and she wants to become a successful Youtuber while at it. Her videos are addictive. I watched one and ended up binge watching the rest!

    I’ve been enjoying your videos too and hope you keep making them! I enjoy having my coffee while watching your videos Saturday morning. I like having coffee with a friend. 🙂

    • Yes Mom has heart issues and very heavy and can’t walk far without running out of breath. Makes me want to exercise more so I don’t follow suit!

      I will check out that YouTuber! I’ll work at making mine more interesting lol – I like getting ideas from others. I need to be happier on mine. I’m so sloppy tired now trying to progress. I decided not to quit. Several days there though I was really questioning it. I’m giving myself til April 1 to make the final decision but I don’t see quitting and I appreciate your cheering me on!

  2. My mom was in poor health and only lived to be 70, so I know what you mean about wanting to exercise and be in better health. Me too. The odds are stacked against me though with all of the cancer, strokes, heart problems etc. in my family history. That’s why I retired at 61 and try to live every minute of life to the fullest while I can! That Youtuber I told you about, Diane, had someone close to her die suddenly last year, and that’s when she realized life is too short to put your dreams on hold and she made the decision to travel part time without her husband (because he didn’t want to) and become a Youtuber, which is another dream she had.

    I’m glad you’re leaning towards NOT quitting with your Youtube videos. I, for one, would miss you! Besides, April 1st is my birthday so you can’t decide to quit then. lol

  3. I am happy for you that you get to go see your daughter and sweet River. I hope you have a good flight. My grandson came to see me Sunday. He has grown so much. When i hugged him bye he is almost as tall as I am. He is in Sports and now has made the track team so I don’t get to see him as much as I would like. I guess such is life. You have a good day tomorrow and enjoy your weekend.

  4. The Full Moon can be brutal.
    Was Dexter a little extra crazy? Or just you? lol (kidding?)
    It’s almost impossible to buy a simple toaster oven. Now they do everything except dishes. Ugh
    That was extremely nice of you to deal with the hassle X 2.
    I hope you were able to schedule an appointment for Mz..Fancy.
    Well it’s Friday Eve. That’s s good thing 🙃
    I see WP has once again made commenting a bigger hassle. Jeez

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