Powerful Wind Storm in Tennessee, Doing Weekend Projects, and Opening the Sun Room

Another tree down – well part of one. It wasn’t horribly huge but most importantly it didn’t damage anything. The big wind storm was horrible. Our county had up to 79 mph wind gusts. The minimal wind for the start of a hurricane is 75. Only that is sustained wind. We had wind “gusts” up to 79. It was scary. The winds behind the storm were worse than with the actual thunderstorm. I was afraid that a tree or power line or sign would blow into or onto the car. I was relieved when I got home.

The power at both mine and George’s employers went out. So we both got off early. He went and got a hair cut and got home the normal time. I got home and took care of Dexter and began doing laundry. It was a great Friday night and weekend knowing I didn’t have to be anywhere.

The sunset went down and the winds with it. Momma said that her mom (my “Nanny”) said that when the winds would blow during the day, when night came they would calm down. I don’t know if it is always true but it sounds about right. If it blew all day, the system won’t stay here forever as it moves on. But the wind can certain blow at night if it didn’t blow all day, lol.

Our trees our blooming and grass is turning green and I bet we have another cold spell coming. It’s slowly looking like spring and it’s certainly acting like a windy March! The wind knocked one chair over and I turned the other one over because it seemed more stable that way. I noticed I still have my Christmas welcome mat out. I forgot about it. Even stepping on it many days, lol. I have an ability to tune out things in a big way.

I appreciate everyone watching the video (those that did) and left comments.

If you missed it, the link is here: Big Fridge Clean Out

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I worked in the laundry room yesterday dusting and organizing the shelves. It looks and feels so much better.

I took out some things that were in there that I am not wanting anymore. I want to make the laundry room a bit more feminine and pretty. I already have lace curtains and think I’ll put turquoise and lavender and/or pink colors I there. I’m in there so much that I’d really like to make it a special room even though it’s small. I plan on looking for a few things for the walls at consignment shops or thrift stores.

I’m keeping my Choose Happy sign and I like that color and so lavender or pink would be kinda nice. I like the look of wood and lace together. But I’m hoping to get the room painted along with the den some day. We may actually move though before we can get that done. I’m not sure what will happen at retirement.

There’s the downed tree from the window. Look how blue the sky is the day after the storm.

Yesterday and today, I worked on the sunroom. I still need to vacuum and dust though. I meant to do that today but got side tracked with doing another project I’ve been trying to get done for 6 months to a year at least. Maybe longer.

But it felt good with sunshine and 60’s to let the windows open and Dexter loved looking out the windows and hearing other dogs bark and watching the birds and squirrels. It was “doggie TV” for him. Doesn’t he look thinner? His coat has shed off and he looks like half the dog, lol.

Saturday was filled with laundry and much cleaning and vacuuming.

George offered to take Mom today and take care of her needs and I decided to stay home and watch the service on line for a much needed “mental health day”. I let myself do pretty much what I wanted – which was doing some things from my list – things hard to get to. I soaked the oven drip pans, did some more ironing, windexed things in the house, watched a YouTube, and video’d a lot today for a future video and I set up the blogs Disclaimer and Privacy Policy which every blog should have and it took so long to research and figure out. That took several hours just to get it INTO the blog and how to construct it and add it. I also pinned up some pajama pants so I can hem them which won’t be for weeks til I have that kind of time. So most of today will be on an upcoming video. I love vlogging. That made it even more fun. But I needed today so much.

The day sure goes by fast and so does the weekend.

Here’s what is coming up:

The week this week will be busy doing things during the evenings. Tomorrow I have to drop off Mom’s 2nd toaster oven to a Fed Ex place on the way home from work. George took the first oven to UPS. Usually I get a text or email immediately that the return has been received but I did not get one this time, but it may be different since the return is handled and approved through the seller which is different than the past. That is why it had to be repacked with label. We followed the seller’s instructions not amazon’s. So I’m sure that is the difference. We probably won’t get refund notice til the seller receives.

But yeah, tomorrow I’ll return the 2nd oven and it goes to a different place. I have to wag the oven downstairs again to get it in my car now that it has been repacked and relabeled. This has, I admit, been a lot of trouble.

So also tomorrow I will get my nails/toes done.

We have errands/to do’s through the week and then Friday is Mom’s eye appt and then Saturday morning is Fancy’s trim again and we will go out to eat and see if Mom wants to run shop anywhere. And then I’ll have to come home and do laundry and pack for our trip. Next Sunday is church and life group and then the Monday after will be the day we stock Momma up before we go on our trip.

I don’t know why, but I’m shaking. Even though I have had an off day. I think it was trying to get the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer done. I was so afraid of messing up the blog and it DID appear that when I did a back up that it messed with my media and photos. I was about to freak out. But finally I held my breath and it came together. I’m still tired even though I’ve had two days off. But I’ve tried to get a lot done as it will be some time before I have another weekend at home.

Ok over and out. I’m headed to bed. I am thirsty. And sleepy. And tired. Hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. Hi Sonya, it’s 3.40am. I woke after getting to sleep around 10.30 and can’t seem to get back to sleep so came on here and found you’d just posted. So here I am. Glad you had such a good weekend. Your Sunday sounded so good. George was so good attending to Mum etc only sorry you filled the day up and didn’t actually REST no doubt George was too, but I’ve known you long enough to realise unless your actually tied down ! You will be moving about doing..things on that list of yours LOL !! Anyway even though you still feel tired I’m sure you’ve had a feeling of relaxing…..sorry you had such a storm, I don’t like to think of you driving in such strong winds…. I’ve had an ok weekend. Peter took Mary and I to a fairly nearby town ( for you !! we rarely go there as it’s not on our usual …places to go….). We but Peter found a shop that had the kind of small chair we needed for Mary so it was worth going along the M4 to Swindon. and we found a chair she liked and will fit in the space she sits in….her old chair was looking so shabby and beginning to look very worn and old…the new one will be delivered Friday…..well love I’m going to try to get back to sleep. Hope you are asleep by now……night night if your not. Or. Good morning !!

  2. I see Dexter shed his winter coat. That’s a lot of cleanup for mom.
    We have had high winds & a big TALL tree landed on our deck. What a noise, at night no less. Very scary but we were lucky. I think 🤔 😕

  3. Hey why lug the oven down the stairs. I would pull up in the front and take it our the front door to the car. That would be the way I would do this one. Save the steps. Dexter looks like he loves having someone home with him.

    • George got it down there for me. It was lighter than the other but just bulky. I’m afraid Dexter might dart out the front door while trying get or something that big. If he goes to basement it’s enclosed. But we got it to car. Now I have to return it if I can find the FedEx place.

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