Expired Food in Fridge Clean Out, Plus Laundry Hack, and Smoothie Bar Set Up

Good morning! Here’s a fun video for you. Just filming on a Saturday getting some projects done, cleaning the fridge, and having some fun getting things accomplished.

Here’s the link to this week’s video: –> Fridge Clean Out

If you have not subscribed to my YouTube Channel or followed me on Instagram @lesshustlemorecoffee, please do so you won’t miss the shenanigans we find ourselves in. Soon we’ll be traveling to San Antonio and I’ll be filming some there too. Enjoy the video. And your weekend.

10 responses to “Expired Food in Fridge Clean Out, Plus Laundry Hack, and Smoothie Bar Set Up”

  1. Great fun Vlog this week Sonya. By now I expect you’ve got your fridge cleaned out and everything back in place…hopefully !!

  2. I love the smoothie bar. Great idea. I like the protein powder. I add all kinds of things to mine. Your fridge looks so much better. I told my husband I am afraid of getting Ptomaine poisoning when ours gets out of date and messy. I even bought some liners for the shelves. I always am the one who has to clean it out. He does help some around the house.
    Dexter looks so sweet snuggled in the bed. I know he is a joy to you.
    I enjoyed your video.

  3. P.S. I would sneak and toss out that food that is 11 years old. It might kill George.
    Food poisoning can be fatal
    I got it once from a fish camp. I honestly thought I was going to die. It was horrible.
    We had guest at our house. Husband had to entertain them while I was in the bathroom sick as a dog.

  4. I loved being inside of your fridge!!
    I try & toss out condiments when I know they’re old or they simply don’t get used.
    That Dexter boy is so cute. I love his fur & markings. Nice 😍
    I’m glad your day with your mom went well. She was nice to you & thanked you.
    I like your recliner that you inherited. Looks comfy & perfect for unwinding.
    I hope the latest toaster oven is a charm.
    My mom only used a toaster oven in her later years. She fixed everything in there.
    May God bless your Sunday 🤗

    • Yes the 3rd oven one worked! We got the first one to UPS and I’m taking the 2nd one to Fed Ex tomorrow. They were horrible trying to pack back up like they came. But we got it done and labels printed. This last week has worn me out!

  5. That’s great you’ve accomplished so much! Good work! You probably already know this, but you can return Amazon items at most Kohls, Whole Foods, and UPS locations without a box or label. Makes it so much easier. (Of course, you can also hand a packaged return to any UPS driver anywhere. Lots of folks just take their returns to work and give it to the UPS driver who delivers to their office. Makes life a tad easier!)

    Have a great week!

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