Tripped Fuses and Electrical Boxes, Night Out with Mom, Getting her Settled

I left at 1:30 yesterday to go get Mom and get her to the doctor by 3:30. I was in Antioch at work so had to go to Lebanon and then get her and take her to Hermitage for her appointment.

When I walked in her house, (I have a key), Fancy was laying in a weird position in her dog bed with head hanging off into the floor. I thought she had died. But she was just in a deep sleep. And I yelled for Mom twice with no answer. Finally Mom answered from the back bathroom. I thought everyone had died. We woke Fancy up so she would know Mom was gone and not be looking for her.

We headed out of the neighborhood and Mom said “oh ______ (insert bad word – her favorite bad word is “shi_” – lol – which since I heard it often as a kid is sometimes my go to word for when something happens. It’s funny we think that word is bad but we say “poop” often, lol). She said she had forgotten her meds and we needed to go back to the house. So I turned around and we went back to the house and I could not find the meds anywhere. I went back to the car and she had them with her in the floor board. So once we had that figured out we could go.

She told me that she left George a message to stop buy her house and try to figure out what to do about her bedroom lights. I texted her that morning to tell her what time I’d be there and she said that my text made an awful scary noise like something awful and it scared her and she knocked her water off the night stand into the surge protector and now the lights won’t work and none of the sockets in her bedroom, nor her fan. She wanted George to see if tripped a fuse. She said he had not called her back.

I’ve told her before, I wasn’t sure why George even had a phone, because he rarely returns calls or texts. He is limited, he says, in the building he is in. So he can’t get service and then he forgets to check it later when he does. I told her he wasn’t going to be able to stop anyway as he had to pick up Dexter. But I told her I would try to look at it when we got back to her house.

Mom tried to get a handicap authorization from the doc but he wants her to walk more so he said no. After the doc appointment we went to Famous Dave’s and had BBQ and ribs. Mom bought my dinner and thanked me for all I was doing for her and told me I was doing a good job and she appreciated it. I told her I appreciated her saying that. Dinner was great.

While we were eating, Katy called and said that she had a scary close call with a tornado. She picked River up from daycare and got on the road and her phone went off with tornado warning. She was headed to the house as fast as she could. There’s not anywhere to go between Breckenridge and their house. Cody called and told her to go to the lodge which has a cellar. She said she drove way faster than she should have but got them there. And the storm passed quickly. This is my worst fear out there for them. That and a wild fire. She later sent this photo of the tornado as taken in a town past them that is about 45 minutes away by car.

After eating we went to Home Depot to look at toaster ovens. I didn’t think they sold them but Mom thought they did and I looked on line and they had them there so we went in and they did not have them in the store but they did on line, so we went through some back streets to avoid traffic (per my Waze app). And we went down Tulip Grove Road which cuts through from heavy traffic to hardly any but had a lot of curves and hills. She was not too excited about it because there are no guard rails or curbs. It was starting to get dark. But I went the speed limit and was familiar with the road and it got us to the interstate where we could get back to Mount Juliet and to the Target there.

Target had a basic toaster oven and we selected that. It was black with white lettering and she could read it. No digital screens – three knobs: one for temperature, one for timer, and one that you selected for “bake”, “broil” etc.

She also picked out an HP wireless printer. She is always wanting to print things. So we made it out to the car and I put those in the back seat. I still have her first toaster oven in the back part of the car for us to repackage properly this weekend and get the label affixed with a tape gun and get it sent back.

I unloaded both new boxes and got those in the house. She emailed me the label for Toaster Oven number two so I could get that packaged back up and returned. So I got that loaded in the car.

Then I went to the garage, knowing nothing about tripped switches and fuse boxes. But All Good’s construction team had labeled it well. I flipped the “Master Bed Room” switch a couple of times and pushed the button and I heard “yay” coming from Mom.

She gave me a bunch of papers to get copied for her taxes. I also asked her if she wanted me to start paying her bills so she doesn’t have to keep up with it. I’m already on her account. I think she is almost ready for that. But she said maybe later. It’s something I could do quickly from my office at home.

Anyway, it was a long night. I got home about 7:30 or 7:45 and George was eating dinner. He checked and had a voicemail from Mom and said “sorry I didn’t even think to check voicemail”. (insert eye roll emoji here, if I have an emergency he may find out days later as well – I have zero confidence in being able to communicate with him except through email at work or face to face. lol. I’ve always known I’m on my own – just me and God.)

So I went to the office and got the video finished. I just had to add a recorded video segment of my blog and add the “subscribe” button with the pop up sound and got it exported and uploaded to YouTube. It’s fully uploaded this morning but tonight I will do the thumbnail and schedule it to go live at 7:00 in the morning.

We have severe weather today. What Katy had yesterday is supposed to come here between 9 and 1 for middle TN.

Anyway I am running later this morning but if I can’t get my blog time in at night, I have to do it in the morning.

Hope you have a Good Friday and a great weekend ahead. Please pray for our storms not to be bad and protect our property and doggies and us too. We are happy to have tomorrow off. And I have Sunday as George is taking care of Mom. Ironically she says she has no needs (no grocery or whatever). We’ll see. Yikes the wind is picking up. Gotta go!

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  1. I saw on the news Texas was getting tornados and egg shaped hail. I wondered if it was close to where your daughter was at. So glad it missed them. This weather is crazy.
    Bless your Moms heart and yours. You two have quite the adventures. But it sounds like you took care of it.
    I am getting ready to head out and run my errands. We are under wind advisory until tomorrow. Plus heavy rains coming. I hope I am home before it hits.
    Enjoy your weekend,

  2. We saw news about the tornado and my first thought was Kate but I knew if she had been near the centre of the wind you would have asked us for prayers for their safe keeping…glad it passed them by. It did so much damage especially in one small town that looked almost totally demolished with many deaths. Glad you got Mum for her Drs appointment sorry though the Dr wouldn’t give her the form for the disabled driver form….we call it our blue badge,,,,although it isn’t a badge at all it’s a blue postcard size thing we must put on ours windscreen there’s also a …clock…Weser telling the time we arrived anywhere. We can park for up to 3 hours on a yellow line and we used to get free parking in most car parks but that has stopped now and we have to pay. I coudnt get to church today as there was nowhere to park I went round the block three times with no luck..I think it’s only the second time I’ve not been able to park close enough to get into church…..well love we put our clocks forward an hour last night and I’m very tired tonight……night night. God Bless

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