Surprise Doc Appointments and Several Toaster Ovens Later…..

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Surprise doc appointment. So I got a text from Mom’s heart doctor yesterday that her six month heart check up was this afternoon. I had it marked off and I had our appointment for the 23rd. ::sigh:: So I called to see what was going on (after having to wait about 15 minutes to get someone on the phone). For some reason I marked off the wrong one. I’m usually very organized with my schedule but these doctors call in the middle of my doing taxes and such and I’m having to fool with doctors while in the middle of working so I guess I wrote the new one down and then when we got off the phone marked the right appointment out instead of the wrong one. (Insert eye roll emoji here). It seems like doctors are moving their appointments more than they keep them! We usually have Thurs or Friday appointments and that is why. They want the day off next to their weekends. This doctor is already not taking appointments on Friday. So Thursday is his Friday. Anyway I will try not to blame this on the doctor….but it’s true if they wouldn’t change their appts so much we wouldn’t have to scramble with the schedule.

So yeah…surprise appointment today. I am working on month end taxes but it’s ok I should still have time to do them before we go to San Antonio, so I kept the surprise appointment so we didn’t have to reschedule. I had been thinking how lucky we were to NOT have doc appts lately. Haaaa. Joke is on me. So I’ll leave work at 1:30 an hour and a half early and go get Mom today. I have hours in my bucket to use. I think it is at six hours and 15 minutes where I worked over doing year end stuff.

Toaster Oven Dilemma. I got Mom’s return scheduled for the toaster oven. I got a text saying to order another one around $100. Turns out she was trying to tell me she had already ordered another one. (She voice texts and I guess it didn’t hear her right.) But I’m glad I called her or I would have done what the text said and ordered another one.

So I have picked up the first toaster oven but George and I have to see if we can repack it to get the top to close. I have the return label for it and George said he and I could return it Sunday.

Then yesterday she told me the 2nd toaster oven was not going to work for her either. She cannot see the screen. So now today I have to put this oven in my car. If I get pulled over, the cops are gonna think I’m in some kind of toaster oven sting. lol But this one was from Walmart so I have to figure out how to get the return label from Mom’s table to my phone so I can return it for her. So George and I will either have to drop that off to UPS or take it to Walmart and get them to return it.

So she still doesn’t have a toaster oven and that is how she prefers to cook anything inside the oven as she does not like using the main oven.

So today after the doc appt we will go grab something to eat and then go to Target or wherever she wants to go. There’s not many places. But she won’t be able to tell unless it’s just real basic because nothing will be hooked up to electricity. She just doesn’t need anything with a digital display.

So yes, we have two toaster ovens to return. And I’m telling you, I have little faith about the third for some reason.

Door bell. I think she has a nest or ring. Not sure but she had to buy yet another door bell system with camera and have it installed. And that was around $700 I think but it is working. She can’t see who it is on camera but she can talk to them. At least she can hear them and knows our voices.

It takes two or three purchases of everything to get the right things to work. Doorbells, recliners, ________, fill in the blank. Nothing is ever easy or pleas-y. But we keep our pace on the hamster wheel.

I’m going to get a soft patch of memory foam and attach it to my wall, so that I can beat my head against the wall without sending myself into a coma. I wish I could keep things from breaking, wish things would calm down, wish things would just work right over there and make Mom happy. But there seems to be a black cloud causing “the crisis of the day”.

Some days we can help with that. Most days we can’t until we can get time to deal with things. This week alone – We have gone Monday to get groceries and today to the doc and to get her toaster oven. So I’ve been gone two nights this week by the time it’s said and done after work. And then there will be Sunday. George and I will be switching off Sunday’s again except for life group days. He is giving me this Sunday off and taking her to church and we will ride in separate cars and I will meet them there. That way we get some Sunday back in the schedule.

Next weekend we have Fancy trim, errand day, and then Sunday is our life group day and I’ll have to take her probably the Monday after for groceries and then we leave for San Antonio. Please pray for our trip and that that it goes well and nothing spoils it. I’m afraid to hope for any kind of fun. lol. But I hope we get to go.

George and I are working on another trip – talking about it, for June. We will just need the getaway again by then and we’d really like to go back to Maine. We are hoping Cody and Katy can go but not sure if they can or if he would have enough days. We’d do a long weekend.

Ok I need to hurry and get ready to go. I decided to blog this morning but it took longer than I meant.

Off to the races! ::sigh:: Please pray that we can also find Mom a toaster oven and get her settled!!!!!! And that NOTHING else breaks and the black cloud moves somewhere else. Should we hire an exorcist? lol. I may have to light one of those little sage bushes and carry it around the place to ward off evil spirts or garnish Mom’s door with garlic? Yeah we’ll need a BIG sage bush – not one of those little things. It’s gonna take a big one! Two people to carry it, and a fireman to help keep the flames down. lol

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  1. Oh dear Sonya, Whatever next. You live in a perpetual state of stress and it’s got to stop love, you really have to find the strength to say a big NO to Mum’s just to bad that she rarely stops moaning….Anyway hope all goes well today. I myself am a bit stressed today….VERY UNUSUAL for me..but will try to explain sometime. Take care. God Bless

    • Well I’ve taken on the challengeand have to see it through. Unlike some parts of the family that wash their hands of it entirely. Balance is key, but everything keeps breaking and she can only see certain things. So it’s trial and error- and it’s very frustrating for all but what can you do/ except buy an RV and head west and forget life. lol 😂 No I won’t do that, but don’t think I’ve not thought of it!!! The appointment mix up was likely my own fault. Just too busy to get the date right!

  2. I hope you can find her a toaster oven she can use. She does seem to have bad luck with things. It has to be hard for her not being able to see things. I myself need cataract surgery. I was shocked I thought I was too young for that yet.
    My insurance will only pay for the plain lens but to correct my vison I will have to pay $4.000.
    Always something it seems.

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