Making a Quiche and Working Hard in the House

Ahhhh, what a nice weekend but a busy one. It was nice Saturday knowing we had the whole day. I did my normal Saturday routine since I was home to do it. Five loads of laundry plus I started on extras like blankets and then today I have sheets going as I changed the sheets on both beds.

I made the quiche above, having gone to the store on Friday night for the missing ingredients. I can mark it off of the bucket list now. The taste was awesome. I video’d making it so it’ll be – not on this week’s video but the next one. I used a “garlic herb” feta cheese in it and I think that really made the difference. I used a Kroger roll out pie dough mix, but the sides didn’t come up high enough for the mixture, so I think next time I would try to buy a pie shell already made. The main reason I made them was to freeze them for breakfasts to have something hearty to eat. However, needless to say, the quiche may have spinach in them, but it has a lot of butter, milk, and cheese and crust. So it’s not light! But I wanted to see if I could make one. Looks like I can.

I also vacuumed and mopped the (luxury vinyl flooring) floors. And finished dusting what I didn’t get to last week. Of course I cleaned the kitchen a lot of times this weekend and got the ironing done of my work pants – just pressing them since the air dried.

I filed some in my office as my filing folders came in weeks ago, and I cleaned off my office desk, going through piles of notes and now I have more filing, lol.

I did my Amazon order…and decided not to do the Thrive order this week because the main thing I wanted was pizza ingredients, but I think we will have to wait until after our trip for the next order as I had forgotten that we have pepperoni flat breads coming with Hello Fresh one week and then chicken BBQ pineapple flat bread the following week. So I better wait. I have enough snacks and meals to get me through for a couple of weeks.

I ordered my next ThredUp order as I had credit. I had credit to buy one blouse but I still had $2 left and I didn’t want to waste it. So I bought another blouse and at least got to use the remaining credit toward part of that. Plus I had enough points to get free shipping. I thought last time was my last order. But I think now I don’t have any more items up for consignment. Now you have to pay them to take your clothes I notice. And it’s about the same amount I usually got in credit, so I’m not going to use them anymore. It wouldn’t help me. They have it fixed now where they make the money and you don’t, unless you just have some high designer stuff. Not going to happen here, lol. But this time it was like buying a blouse and getting one free. I believe both blouses were “New with Tags”. It’s been fun but this is it. I guess I’ll just donate to Good Will from now on. It’s ridiculous to pay someone to take your clothes. lol. Who has heard of such? So I will let someone have them for free rather than pay someone up front to sell them – for the same amount I’d get paid for it. I net zero. Anyway it was fun while it lasted.

George and I watched the Glass Onion (I wasn’t so keen on it) but our Outer Banks is back on in its third season and we’ve been watching that. Always exciting.

I have done my work daily with World Bible School. The work so far is very easy. Oh it’s not paid, in case you wondered. This is just me signing on to share God/Jesus/salvation with others that are interested in learning through an on line portal. I have now adopted 11 students. Some of them are postal students and someone else is handling those. But since I’m online, I can adopt them and pass the information to the rest of the team for the mail in ones. I knew I could not do postal right now. I won’t be able to get to the church and post office every other day.

But mostly people sign up for the Bible lessons and then don’t complete the lessons or never go back to it. So about every 3 days I adopt 3 more. I’m not seeing any action so far. But as a student helper I can go in and encourage them and so I try to encourage about 25 students a day to continue on to do their lessons and learn about God. The system allows a scripted message so you can send the same one and not have to retype it with every student. Once someone completes a lesson, I am go grade it and send an online certificate for it. I was warned that this would happen and to be patient. And then also they said not all of them have internet and have to just do it when they can. Some of my students are in Nigeria, Africa, and I even have one in Memphis. But no one has completed a course yet. But I keep encouraging. And will keep adopting. I’ve not yet figured out when they drop off. After so long with inactivity you would think they wouldn’t be there anymore. So I will have to get used to looking at dates and not the complete list. My coordinator told me not to adopt too many at once so I didn’t get overwhelmed. So far I’ve yet to see anyone finish a course so who knows what will happen.

I’ve not slept good the last two nights. Maybe even more than that. I don’t know why. Last night I finally sat up in bed and just leaned my head back against a prop up of pillows and tried to meditate to see what all my head and thoughts would conjure up – there wasn’t much substance to it. I wanted to see my thoughts in little individual clouds floating by – but nothing was there but just words….tired..weekend…much to do…

I did however, laugh in my sleep last night as I was listening to a man who was trying to speak in English but would accidentally revert back to speaking Italian. I was in an audience of people listening to him and he kept messing up and getting frustrated with himself, and finally he laughed and then everyone else laughed when he was revert back to Italian. I laughed when he said in his story that he got a “promotion” which came out as “I got a promossi”. I have no idea what the Italian word is for promotion but in my dream it was promossi. I woke myself up giggling. I took that as I sign I could laugh again.

Ok so today was church day. We had one service and Sunday school and then George and I went to life group. We told Mom we’d take her home if she didn’t want to go but she texted last night and said it was all too confusing and she would just stay home. My guess is that she really wanted to go out to eat and if she couldn’t do that then she wouldn’t go. That is my guess though. There wasn’t much confusing about anything. I think she really just didn’t want to go since we were not going out to eat. My guess is that is her way of letting us know she doesn’t like it when we are off routine. But I’m not going to feel bad or feel guilty because we DO need to connect up with people at church and we finally found a group with a time that will work. We just couldn’t do the group that met on Sunday night as we have to go back to Lebanon at the end of the day again and that was not working but this one will always be after 2nd service and will be every 2 to 4 weeks as everyone is available. We are watching “The Chosen” as our study after the meal.

So I told Mom I’d take her out to eat and we’d get groceries tomorrow night, knowing that she likes to get out. She really wanted us to get groceries today but it was almost 4 when we got home and we needed to get to Dexter today. But she was happy about getting out tomorrow. I will have to put off my Monday night video work til Tuesday night. So I don’t think it will take me long to edit the video material that I have for this week.

So soon we will be having life group over to our house. Probably April is the soonest we can do it because of our trip. But we’ll see. Our house is not near as fabulous as everyone else’s. I feel embarrassed. George does not like to upgrade and we have everything old and not in date, except for the floors. Now add on top of Dexter’s issues with the damage he did to doors and door frames. George says we’ll get it fixed but again, he is never in a hurry and I still have things that are not fixed in my house from years ago of “yep we will get it fixed”. So I have a lot of cleaning to do since basically I’ve not been here much to do anything the last two years. You all know I’m working on that. But our stove and kitchen needs updated. I know it’s not all about who has the neatest house, but I’m still embarrassed. Anyway we will participate and it won’t be up to par but it’ll be adequate enough to feed everyone and watch Chosen and people will be able to see that we enjoy our house and have a good time in it when we are there by it’s books, musical instruments, hobby zones, reading nooks, coffee centers, tea centers, cooking and cookware items – and the wine racks and liquor bar should be interesting for Church of Christ folk to see but George and I agreed we will be who we are and not hide it. We are not drunkards, lol. But we do drink. Even Jesus turned water to wine. Sharing a glass of wine, or even a rum and coke or fruity drink sometimes on the weekend is just something that George and I bond over, and cheer life on with. So anyway I hope we have no issues with that but if we do, I guess we’ll be found to be in the wrong place for us.

So all that to say, I have to buy a few things to make the house neater at least. Nothing big – but also need some cleaning tools like a fan brush and long reach ceiling wands. I had both but don’t know where they are now – no where to be found. So I will stop at Walmart this week on the way home.

I also will buy stove eye covers for the stove because we have an old model and the oven eye pans (not sure what they are called) are so hard to keep clean. I used to order new ones annually but now they are not standard anymore and hard to find. It’s on the list to upgrade our stove/kitchen but we have a few payments left on the flooring and I’m wanting to retire early and there is the option that we may move anyway. So I’m not sure we need to do a total overhaul, but the kitchen is getting on my nerves. lol. I need to order more nice guest hand towels as mine are all worn out. I need to probably get some place mats for up to 10 people. Everyone so far has had everyone to sit at the table. I’ll have to bring in a card table or the sun room table or just have George and I stand up and eat. But I don’t have enough plates to serve that many people. I only have 8. I have fish plates, lol. George and I can eat on those. I could use china but I don’t want to have to hand wash them, lol. Anyway I need to buy Dexter a true place mat for a dog. Things like that. Just a few things to clean with and spruce with. Oh, but I am thinking of getting the rugs the den and living room too. I was going to put it off but it will add so much warmth. I think Dexter will be good with them. He no longer messes with the carpet. I also have to buy a rug to cover over the carpet as George has also decided not to fix that, lol.

We have to move every few years or the house will fall apart, lol. But we’ll eat well, play well, and be gone a lot. So there’s that. We have done some major upgrades but we are so slow to do them we get behind. I swear one day (it might be in heaven) I will have an awesome house I can be proud of, with everything in order, clean, and beautifully decorated.

Ok enough whining. But yes, we do have a busy spring upcoming. I will also need to spruce up the porch, and we are going on a trip mid March.

All that said though, I feel 100% better than last week except for the fact that I have a 100 degree fever tonight from just pushing too hard. It’s normal for me. I was on my feet all day yesterday and not much sleep and pushing hard today being gone and now tomorrow I’ll be pushing from 4:30 a.m. until about bedtime tomorrow night as I have to go take care of Mom’s stuff and see that she gets out. We were supposed to have Hello Fresh tomorrow night but we’ve had to move everything over a night.

Anyway, over and out. If you made it this far you will have to let me know and I’ll be super impressed!

8 responses to “Making a Quiche and Working Hard in the House”

  1. Are you impressed? lol
    I’m glad you had some home time this weekend. It’s hard going to work & feeling like you’re so behind at home.
    Your quiche looks divine. I always say I’m going to make one but I never have. It’s a lot of work.
    Give Dexter some lovin’ from me🥰

  2. I certainly read to the end ! I really enjoy your blog read in the morning. I sit here praying you are in bed and fast asleep. I wouldn’t worry to much about the state of your house when you have people over. It’s full of love and that’s what matters most. Sorry you felt you had to work all weekend I had hoped you would have found more time to sit down and relax….but I know that’s just not you when you want to see …things….done. Hope this coming week will be a good one for you. Night night nGod Bless

  3. Your quiche looks delicious. Your activities tired me out reading about them. Are you still working from home?

    My interview outside of education and teaching went well but I have not heard anything. If not, I have a teaching position for the fall and am now still working online. It is nice to be home to take care of my husband, house, and my right hip with VA appointments. Hopefully, it will not get worse. My husband has cancer and this month is a busy month for him, so for a change I am glad to be his support while at home instead of working on site at a public school.

    I read that the retirement age for women is usually around 63, so I have about 2 more years. I had hoped to be working on site but I am cautiously treading with a hip affected by mild to mod arthritis. The doc is also sending me out for other scans, etc. Other than that, I am in great health so can’t complain. I am able to walk the pug in the morning with a little limp and if I do return to a school or work site, I may have a cane. For the future, a hip replacement might be on the horizon but for now-30 minutes of painful but needed exercises. Thanks for listening! Have a good week!

  4. Your quiche looks good. I have never made one but I need to. I love stuff like that. Your church group sounds really nice. Your house is fine. I would just keep it simple and try not to stress. You could use paper plates and pretty napkins. What kind of food do you plan on having? I would make sure I had iced tea and coffee and some kind of good dessert.
    It has been cold and damp here at night. Husband and I have been sore and achy this week. He cut down a huge bush at the edge of our yard and over did it He carried and burned the limbs.. I don’t know why I hurt so much lately. I guess it is just arthritis. It took me a couple days to recover after we went out of town to visit daughter. I think we need extra sleep this time of year. Like a bear hibernating I guess.
    Have fun with your Mom.

    • Everyone else so far has had a sit down meal with plates and place settings and decorated table. lol George and I love to throw a party. So we will get it done when it’s our turn! I’m gonna start getting ready now before we even have a date! lol Hope you get to feeling better! Hubby too. Y’all rest!

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