Exploring Total Wines, Fresh Market, Gabe’s Discount and Unboxing my Thrive Market Haul

Good morning! Happy Saturday! Here is our video of our Brentwood and Franklin, Tennessee. We take off to Total Wines, Fresh Market, the Cool Springs Mall and Gabe’s discount store. Then we head to Connor’s to eat. It’s a quick little video with some expected humor from my sidekick George.

Also I do a Thrive Market haul and explain how it works. I know a couple of you are interested in that. So subscribe on YouTube if you haven’t already to my “Less Hustle More Coffee Vlog”. Give me a like or a comment on there if you can as it helps the channel.

My Thoughts for Today

As of today I’ve decided to keep doing the videos – just telling you how I feel and making a note of it also in writing of my own feelings as they change from day to day (hour to hour). As of right now I remembered that I should just take each day as I want to, video or not, edit or not, and the videos will come or not.

One you said (Monica maybe) “why is this such a big deal”, and nicely said “you are putting too much energy in this”. I can also do vertical video sometimes and post on YouTube and Instagram which I tried to do anyway. Now YouTube is allowing vertical video to play into the algorithm in a big way and has told YouTuber’s it is a must. I’ve been doing long form video only. So there’s that. The main decision won’t be made until April 1, announced April 2 because of the fact that I keep wavering. But I can tell you I feel relief having “compromised” in my head. I don’t have to quit it all together – just slow it down or change the mix as I need. And I truly think that is the answer. I’ve felt that way for two days now in a row which is a first. ha.

I’m so glad it’s Saturday and Dexter is too. I get to be home with him all day. George is going to a church indoor yard sale. It’s raining cats and dogs. It’s a perfect home day but we are all excited.

Yesterday I went to the store and bought groceries after work, took my Kroger card which I keep forgetting about. Since I had to buy a few things for Mom and keep them separate at the check out on top of mine and had of course two cards to pay with and two orders to keep separate, and remember to have them scan my Kroger membership card for discount – by the time I got through with all that I totally forgot about the card. Oh well. I’ve forgotten about it since November so it’s almost March now. I never remember b/c I never have gift cards for Kroger and so much is going on that just never think of it – especially having two orders to check out. All that said, I had a great time shopping by myself and getting to look at things and not feeling rushed.

I fixed spaghetti last night after I got all the grocery haul in. Kroger’s (the big one that I went to) had Mizithra cheese. So I made browned butter and Mizithra for it as well. This is my most favorite way to have spaghetti and it was delicious, if I say so myself. lol

And guess what, I video’d how to make my version of spaghetti, along with the mizithra. So wow, just like that, already have footage for the third video, ha!

Anyway today I’m making a quiche. I bought the stuff for that. I’m looking forward to the home time today. I’ll be dusting, cleaning, doing some “low hanging” fruit on my cleaning list and working on all the lists, relaxing some too, and just enjoying life. Soon we’ll be going to San Antonio and I think I’m going to want to video a lot of that. ;-). I think I’ve just been discouraged and depressed. And feeling like a robot. I’m starting to come to life. Starting to change things up a bit. Starting to think outside the box. We are even thinking of taking a mini vacation in June. I kinda think George has been feeling in a rut too. He hasn’t said, but I can tell.

So maybe things are all looking up. And thank the good Lord, I finished with Year End w-2 “hand entry” reporting yesterday. That lifted a load. Now I can work on some other things there too.

Hope you will enjoy today’s video. You wanted a “be on the move” video. And this one is! Now I’ll get a comment about how shaky the footage is and how too much on the move we were. HA! I cannot win with making a public video but anyway check it out and see. I wasn’t taking my big camera in all these stores. I’m too shy for that right now, lol.

Here’s a pic from the video.

What you doing this weekend?

11 responses to “Exploring Total Wines, Fresh Market, Gabe’s Discount and Unboxing my Thrive Market Haul”

  1. I do enjoy Krogers. We don’t have them in the Tampa Bay area but when my husband and I visited the son in Georgia, we enjoyed Krogers. There was a wine bar! I loved the store. My husband and I have different agendas in the store, also. He was like a man with a mission: get in and get out. I meander and enjoy the experience. Sometimes it pays to shop separately with two carts or different times. Enjoy your weekend!

    • Yeah we both enjoy the store but I do best on my own when I’m shopping for me for work items which is 2/3 of my food – At breakfast and lunch. But I like when both go too because it’s less to haul up the stairs when you you each take some. ha

      • I understand. When I work on site at the school, my husband will sometimes buy me $4.99 or so lunchables. They have prosciutto and cheese, crackers, etc. I have weird food habits but he gets me, mostl.y

  2. What a great Vlog this time round. George is such fun isn’t he, he makes me laugh and smile every time….You looked great going shopping etc and opening your big new box of tricks was fantastic…the company should pay you for your advertising powers !! I am amazed at all these things in the box, 90% of them I’ve never heard of and wouldn’t know what to do with them it’s long past time I came visiting to try everything out !!! But it’s a bit far to travel so instead I will just keep watching and seeing you use them and reporting back. Your supermarkets are so big I’m sure if I ever went in I would be lost for hours…you would have to get a search party out to look for me. LOL….Hope you’re having a good weekend and Church is good tomorrow. I’m going out for lunch after church with my niece and husband, Beth and Max.We are going to a old Inn called The George at Lacock…it dates way back to 1850 or even older…We have been there often and they serve good food so looking forward to that. Till next week then. Keep Calm. God Bless. Xx

    • That restaurant sounds wonderful! Yes the stores can be huge here- shooting for one stop shopping I guess.

      Glad you liked the vlog!

      Cleaning and cooking and doing laundry today but so happy to be doing it.

  3. Your spaghetti looks good. We went to a Italian place tonight. I ate a huge salad then several slices of pizza. I love a good pizza.
    That Dexter is a character. He has fit right in with you and George.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I am putting on my pjs and going to have a mocha then watch a movie A knock at the cabin.

  4. Enjoyed the video. I may have to check out Thrives to see if there are things I cannot get around here. I order quite a bit from Amazon and honey often finds me discounts or lower prices on there and I let Honey add the item to my cart and then delete the higher priced.

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