My Healthy Food Haul, Beautiful Sunrise Pics, and Valentine’s Evening

Ok so I dove into Thrive Market. My only beef is they used a carrier I’d not heard of and delivered it to the curb instead of the front door like other carriers choose to do. I’m surprised that it was still there when I got home. It would have been easy for someone to stop and pick up.

The above was my “free gift” for joining. It’s $60 a year – kinda like having to pay for Sam’s or Amazon. But honestly the products are very nice and healthy ones too and I’ll have more time on line to shop for healthier things than I will at the store. I don’t get time to peruse labels when there at the store as we are usually either with Mom and she can’t stand to be on her feet for long or we are doing the shopping while she is in the car, or trying to do both hers and ours. So this is my answer to try and meet some healthier goals this year. I hated to pay the $60 but I’m glad I did. It will be fun to shop and plan some healthier meals through the site. I saw they had recipes too and a blog. Here’s some things I ordered.

I’m gonna make some black bean enchiladas before long and bought this to go with it. I’m also going to make some homemade pizzas for us. And so next month I’m ordering some healthy pizza crusts and pizza sauce.

I tasted these and they were really good. Most of this stuff doesn’t have any ingredients you can’t pronounce. It’s just food. Real food. This will work for my “crunch” desires.

This is for the smoothies. I can’t get unsweetened in the smaller packs so gonna have to go with this one. Hopefully will entice me to make more smoothies. I think my favorite is banana smoothies! šŸ˜‰

Wow I forgot what I paid for this, but it’s a lot bigger than I thought or intended. It’s vanilla bean. And smells good. I love vanilla tastes in anything. I can put my smoothie bar together this weekend. So excited to have Saturday at home. It will be 21 days by then, since I’ve had a full day at home. Most Saturdays and Sundays we have been gone. And it’s really taking a toll on me this week. That 3rd week is really hard. It’s all I can do to get out the door and I’m feeling very unbalanced and just almost mad at the world. We must get our selves some private time or we go bonkers. I think it’s funny. Going bonkers on a continuum of time is a bell curve. Too much time to yourself you go bonkers. Not enough time to your self you go bonkers.

Here’s the Collagen Peptides I bought. I’m anxious to see if it has an impact on me with my nails, hair, and skin. I’ll let you know. I got packets this time to try. I think you can even put it in your coffee or spaghetti sauce or whatever, lol. But my intention was to add to smoothies sometimes, but not limited to that.

The sun is starting to come up now on my way to work. Oh my, I needed this yesterday and it was a gift from God after I’d prayed for him to help me find some “good things” about the day. I was struggling yesterday. I did not feel good. I was mainly tired and just REALLY having a hard time leaving the house because I really really really needed to be home and do things. So many things. But out the door I went out of duty. If I’d not had a good work ethic, and cared, I’d have called in yesterday. But I would never do that on a payroll day – but I have called in and taken PTO days for a mental health day. I really need one of those but usually the rest of the year yells for my PTO time for various things. So I have to save them.

But check THIS OUT. This got my day off to the right track. Someone was behind me while I stopped to take the pic. I was quick, but I didn’t care. I was getting the shot! And from that angle!

My computer scenes are pretty! I snapped this before I left yesterday. I need a beach and seafood in my life, but I doubt I will get it any time soon.

Valentine’s Day was yesterday too and George and I had our little date night out. We’d already had our big day out on Saturday, but George wanted to go out again. So we headed off into the town, might I add, with the rest of the community. It was difficult to get to the restaurants section of town.

Haaaaaa! George gave me a pop corn flower. He was going to put it on a stick but couldn’t find one. lol This is so funny. I love my popcorn.

We ate at Taziki’s. We love to eat here but hadn’t been in so long and we were so excited. The food was so good.

Then we were bad. I’m not doing well on my challenge this month. But it was a special occasion. We got an Italian ice/soft serve dessert at a new place in town called Jeremiah’s. I had coupons but didn’t have them with me. They are on the board at home in the kitchen. So drats! We will have to go back. It was so incredibly good. I got coconut. I loved this.

Ok over and out. I really squeezed this in this morning. If it takes some time out of my work bucket it’ll be fine. I think I’ve worked a little over 7 hours in OT (that I don’t get paid for b/c I’m salaried) in the last month – 15 min here and an 30 min there.

I hope you guys are having a good week.

Oh, I’m working on another video for Saturday and also have been approved for World Bible School to be a study helper. The emails came through yesterday. So tonight I will go in and sign in and enroll using my sign on’s they gave me. And I think there are some tutorials so I’ll start on those. One more thing on the plate, but I decided this was the most important thing I could do and saying YES to God and saying YES to someone that is interested in learning more. What could be more important.

So the struggle will be tight and it’ll be interesting to see what goes from my life – but I imagine it’ll be like everything else – everything will be spread a little thinner on the cracker of life. Just like now when I sneak this blog post in. I really wanted to so I did. Now off to work.

What are you guys up to this week? I love to hear from you. Let me know!

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  1. Your Valentines meal looks good. I have thought of trying Thrive market. Several people I know get it.
    We just had a quite Valentines day at home. I bought filets and husband fixed them while I made a sweet potato casserole and a salad.
    He bought a beautiful white orchid for me. I got him a card.
    So it was a good day. We have been having really nice spring like weather. Daffodils are coming up and trees are blooming.
    I hope you are having a good week at work.

    • Hi! If you decide to do it, let me know. I think if I send you an invite it gives me some credit on my next order, šŸ™‚ Iā€™m looking forward to using and trying things and happy with the prices.

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