What’s For Christmas Dinner?

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What are you having for Christmas Dinner? Please note that in the south sometimes Dinner is called Supper. I think most of us “from the city” have begun calling the evening meal dinner. My mother still calls it supper and “dinner” is lunch. We have much confusion over what time to get together when either of us says “dinner”. lol

Here, we are having Christmas Dinner – an evening meal – (it’s my house so I can call it “dinner”, lol) – on Christmas Eve. So for Blogmas Day 20, Here’s what is on our menu for the evening of the 24th:


“Christmas” Appetizer Board – Several Cheeses, crackers, nuts, dried fruit, etc.

Smoked Turkey & Stuffing

Pea and Asparagus Casserole

Cranberry Sauce

24 Hour Layered Salad

Rolls and Iced Tea and Wine

Chocolate Cream Pie

I feel like it needs another side. George thinks we have enough with the appetizer board. No one will go hungry for sure.

In the past we have had Prime Rib for many years as a tradition. In some ways I miss it. But to serve the 5 of us, it’s just not working out – for this crowd of 5 anyway. Some like it rare, some medium and some completely leatherized, lol! So we just kinda wait and save prime rib for later.

Many have lasagna or Italian for Christmas just do something different from the turkey and ham that had become tradition for most. I WILL SAY that sounds appealing to me sometime.

My boss (also friend) and I are going to eat Italian tomorrow so I’ll get my spaghetti craving out of the way. I’m looking forward to it. Only two more days left to work this week.

So, what are you having for your Christmas Dinner?

The snow storm I think is not going to be much snow but just cold air, down to wind chills of negative 15 degrees F. I keep checking the weather as Cody, Katy and River will be coming in from TX, spending the night in Little Rock and then headed on to Tennessee! We are planning to spend Friday with them. I also still have to get some food prep time in as well. We go grocerying Wed night and have a few things to do Thursday night.

I have had an earache, it started as a nerve ending in my head but I’ve narrowed the problem to my ear, which was what was really hurting. I have put alcohol/vinegar mixture on a q-tip and also most helpful was putting some (not dripping but just barely wet with it) on a cotton ball and leaving it in my ear. It seemed to rest and soothe my ear not having air go into it. It’s better tonight and hardly any more shooting pains. It feels a little congested though so not healed entirely. I guess this is probably what caused my dizziness a while back. My ears have not been right.

Anyway things are happening fast and I need to get off of here and get tonight’s list done. No video this Saturday. I just haven’t had time to focus on the next one. I wish there were more hours in the day because I have some footage to share, but I can’t get it done. I committed to doing blooms and I’m sticking it out through the 25th. I figure I will be doing New Year Stuff after that, lol. Maybe not every day.

I’m looking forward to Christmas now and just having a day afterwards on the 26th to chill out! I’m looking forward to not having to “get ready” for anything (no shopping, wrapping, lol). I need some time to read, finish my book, plan, write, do hobbies, hug my dog, play with my dog, catch up on everyone else’s videos, and make more of my own. So looking forward to some down time.

I have a LOT of goals and plans for 2023. I want to attack it! Hopefully IT won’t ATTACK ME! lol

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  1. I call it Supper or Dinner but I never called Lunch, Dinner. hmmm
    Although my in-laws always had their dinner at lunch time.
    We are having Linguine & red sauce & green beans fixed some way. I’ll probably throw in a salad or something. Nothing extravagant but it will be good & we’ll be FULL.
    Don’t sleep on that ear & wear a scarf please.

    • I think the older crowd called it (lunch) dinner. Back when the big meal was served on the farms at lunch time and they rang the dinner bell lol had biscuits and leftovers for supper.

      Your linguine sounds good! Grilled green beans would be good!

      I love my scarves. It’s gonna be nasty cold! I’ll take care of the ear and usually I can turn it around. If not I’ll go to walk in clinic but don’t want to swap it for flu or other viruses.

  2. Have you tried to put a warm wash cloth or heating pad for a few minutes on your ear? Sometimes geat helps. We typically grill tenderloin but we’re supposed to have below zero windchill so that’s out. I suggested lasagna or do the feast of the seven fishes (Italian tradition) but got no votes on that idea. Maybe a roast….

  3. Well for the very first time ever I am going to be out with Mary and Peter for Christmas dinner ( 12.30 ) on actual Christmas Day…..We had to pre- order our meal a couple of days ago. Weare all having slightly different meals but I am having a starter of Avocado and crab, followed by Steak with all the trimmings, to finish with Christmas Pud. ( I will never be able to eat all that, but Peter said just order you know I’ll help you !! ) both Mary and Peter are having the traditional Turkey with all the vegs….So there we are. The Inn that we are going to is lovely it’s set by the canal and dates back to the 18th century it’s called The George at Bathampton, just outside Bath.

  4. Good morning, Sonya! Your Christmas Eve dinner sounds wonderful. We have a tradition of going out for seafood at Red Lobster on Christmas Eve and then have a wonderful brunch at my stepmom’s house on Christmas Day. We don’t do anything for dinner/supper on Christmas Day. We just kind of graze. Hope you have a wonderful holiday! It sounds like you’re ready. I can’t believe it’s almost here!

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