Christmas Cookies and Christmas Smiles

Blogmas Day 21 finds us having a really busy day, so we will bless you with a peek of the peanut butter tins I took to work and a few smiles. Yes they were as good as it looks. No worries I’m not bragging as it was not from scratch. I bought two packages of cookie mix from the Dollar Tree and it said it would make 12 cookies each, but I guess I made them too big. I ended up with about 16 or 18 total instead of 24. So I took 3 small tins and placed them around. We have someone that REALLY likes to devour the ones at the main coffee pot – even the tins/containers disappear too, so I made sure to put a stash back in a more private place and to send it in things I didn’t care if I got back. Someone has sticky fingers. And it’s not just from the candy. :-O It’s very sad. I really miss my stolen vase too. And someone’s tin yesterday was taken and they wanted it to use again. ::sigh:: I suggested to put a private camera up and then they’d know, so perhaps they will.

My boss (friend, but out of respect, I call her my boss first) and I went to Olive Garden for our “holiday meal” at work. I’m calling it that anyway since our company didn’t do one this year. 🙁

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It was nice to get out. We go somewhere about every six weeks – usually either right after quarter end and maybe right before the next one b/c we know how busy it will be. So Olive Garden was great. We both got the Tour of Italy plate. And ate half so we could eat the other half tomorrow. I think I will always do that now. I usually get spaghetti, but I will probably never get anything else now because that was so incredibly good with having some of all of these: chicken parmesan, Alfredo, and spaghetti. Yummy.

And here is your smiles. I tried to get Dexter and I in it for a smiling picture for you but this is the best I could do with his Sir Wildness State. He’d been cooped up all day and was really wanting my fullest attention and ready to play. He was trying to give me sugar.

So we’ll have to go Dexterless. I think my makeup wore off today as it was in the 5:00 a.m. hour when it was last applied. But here goes my best Christmas smile to you.

I was told today that I should wear large earrings all the time with my short hair cut. Maybe so. I’m always self conscious of wearing them too big. These are Texas big. lol

This was on my tea bag yesterday. I had the best berry immune antioxidant tea yesterday. I liked it and will try to find it in the store. A coworker gave it to me to try and I really like it. Appropriate to stick in the blog today for my SMILING Christmas Entry.

So “the kids” as we call them (never mind they both turned/turing 30 this year), are on their way to Little Rock for the evening. And then tomorrow morning they will leave and come the rest of the way in, ahead of the approaching storm system. Thank the Lord. We are praying over their travel.

So George and I are eating Pho tonight then doing grocery shopping for our fresh items for Christmas (except the sushi/donuts etc, will have to be retrieved on Christmas Eve). He has the physical in the morning and he is off and can spend time with Dexter and enjoy his day after that.

I have a very busy day tomorrow and have offered to help out with my next door office neighbor who is feeling poorly. I offered to print and stuff the a/p checks if she doesn’t feel like coming in. Her back up is my boss, but she was hoping to be off tomorrow. So I offered to do the printing from the office so she wouldn’t have to come in, and do the stuffing. I don’t have the extra time but I’ll do it because she has done so much for me and you never know when they may have to cover for me being out with something. So we’ll get it done. It shouldn’t take too long. But I have to do my Thursday and Friday work tomorrow since I am off on Friday. And then our Holiday is on Monday and I close payroll Tuesday so I HAVE to get everything done. No chance on Friday or Monday! But I’ll try to work fast.

So I’m looking forward to the Christmas Holidays and seeing everyone open their gifts and even giddy about seeing what all gifts are coming my way. I love being with everyone but I too, am like a kid when it comes to gifts. I try not to act like a kid but I feel so excited to open a wrapped gift!

And we always look forward to the 26th. A day at home, to relax, goof off, watch TV, eat, re-look at the gifts, clean up a bit, recover. I really feel it when I don’t get the 26th at home. And we get it this year – so it’s awesome!

Ok, over and out. These blogmas days are having to be creative. lol.

I had plenty of ideas but some of them require some work – like taking pics – or a bit of research, or a lot of remembering and writing and some days in December it is just busy from sun up til (sometimes) after bed time.

Anyway, Christmas is almost here, George is home. Dexter is restless and I’ve played with him as I’ve typed this entry to run some energy out of him. But now we have to leave him again to go out for our night. But he’ll have a fun filled several days before we go to work again. We’ll get him tired out for next week.

Also the weather is going to be frigid and a bit of snow Thursday but not much. And it is going to be horridly cold for a couple of days with negative 15 wind chills. Some of my thoughts yesterday and today are the same as I keep talking about the future.

So I’ve got to go…let me know how you are doing and what is on your mind and what’s going on at your place.

6 responses to “Christmas Cookies and Christmas Smiles”

  1. I’d love to catch the sticky fingered person(s) at your workplace. That’s ridiculous.
    That’s an excellent pic of you. Smile & all.
    You can get by with larger earrings. They don’t get hung up in your hair. Take advantage.
    That Dexter boy is a lovebug for sure. He’s going to have a good Christmas 🎄.
    I’m all done at my house. I just have a couple of dips to make & sausage balls, of course!
    The spirit is here!

  2. Well love what great photos smiling at me this morning Thank you. It’s lovely that you offered to help do even more work today I’m praying that you get enough energy to keep you going. Praying that the …kids….will have safe travels today and that the snow that you say is forecast doesn’t arrive before them….Hope George go on ok with his physical. Take care today. I’ve got quite a busy day ahead as well ( although nothing like as busy as you !)
    This being Thursday is the day I have the church cafe to open etc etc I think I’ve got everything we need. It’s so near Christmas we might not have so many come in. I’m hoping to leave early as I have my niece, husband, and brother in law, arriving around lunch time it will be nice to see them but would have been better..any other day….Anyway love take care of yourself in next few days. God Bless

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