Grandchildren at Christmas is a Beautiful Thing

I just have to show him off. My sweet little Grandson. So for Blogmas Day 19 it’s sharing Little Roo with you.

So in recent days we have made our plans for meals for Christmas Eve and for Christmas brunch. We have our plans made for the week this week- grocery trip for the fresh items Wed night and coupled with a night out for Vietnamese Pho – just the two of us before we get the rest of the fresh stuff.

We have two nights of Hello Fresh this week (Tues and Thurs). And Uncle Ken bought all of our dinners out tonight at Cheddar’s. We had a great meal there after Mom and I got our toes done after I got off work. And Mom wanted to go to the Dollar Tree next door so we got that done.

I’m just trying to get the work week done and over with. George works through Wed but I work through Thursday. His physical is Thursday and the kids head this way then too, with a stop in Little Rock the night before.

Keep them in your prayers for their safety in travel and to keep the snow storms/ice storms away.

Ok it’s after 9 and I need sleep to keep with my 4:30 morning alarm.

Hope your week is going well.

Nite Nite. zzzzzzzzz

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  1. Hi Sonya, its3.45am over here but I woke up and went along to the toilet….don’t usually need to do that at night….but wasn’t feeling very well….whilst there I suddenly realised I hadn’t taken myocarditis zomorph pills and that was why I was feeling odd….it’s only the second or maybe third time I’ve forgotten them but it’s withdrawal symptoms. I really am a fool….mind you it’s good in some ways cause if I were in pain all the time I wouldn’t forget …anyway that’s why I’m awake hopefully now I’ve realised I will feel better soon. It was nice though to pick up my iPad and see just arriving the lovely photos of the wee one. He really is such a gorgeous wee boy his smile is going to break many hearts in years to come !!
    You and George have a busy week ahead so please try to rest some any minute you do get. Glad you had such a nice meal out with your Aunt and Uncle when do they go home ? Or are they staying over Christmas ? Take care. God Bless. Xxx

  2. What a good picture. He has really grown. I know he will be excited to see you guys at Christmas.
    We are going to have to bundle up this Christmas. It is going to be cold.

  3. River is going to remember this Christmas. Kids bring excitement to the holidays.
    🙏for Katy & Co. to have a safe trip.
    It sounds like you’re in good shape for the week.
    You’ve done an excellent job of blogging every day this month.
    Later lady😊

    • Oh yes as he gets older he will remember more and will love coming to see us. I’m glad we get to face time.

      Blogging has been a bit of a stretch but many days I already had subjects planned which helped.

      Also I wasn’t sharing time with doing videos. I did get a couple out this month and another in the works but I don’t see it happening before Christmas.

      Having some PTO time helped!

      I’m tired this week and have an earache that shoots pains up my head but feeling better after doctoring it.

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