What is a Colonoscopy Like? Pills or Drink for Prep?

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Well, I did this video for anyone who really dreads a colonoscopy or doesn’t know what it’s like. With so many having cancer and stomach situations, it’s really a good idea to get it done when the time comes. So I decided to document my experience.

I really hope it helps ease some anxiety and tension. So here you go. The best part is getting some time off work, lol. For the best experience, please click “watch on YouTube”.

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Ya’ll have a grand weekend and I’ll be back tomorrow, most likely with a weekend update. Off today and gonna enjoy it. Rain is on the way.

8 responses to “What is a Colonoscopy Like? Pills or Drink for Prep?”

  1. Good morning, Sonya! I usually watch your video first thing Saturday morning but I’m headed out for a brunch date with my friends so will watch it when I get back. I’m going to put it on the TV and have my sister watch it with me. She’s having a colonoscopy on Monday, so your timing is perfect!

  2. Funny you posted this. This helped me. My Dr is insisting that I get one. I am really nervous because I have never had one. I had to go to Ortho Dr. for my shoulder hurting really bad. Next he wants me to see a different Dr. about my neck. He thinks it is a pinched nerve. I can only deal with one thing at a time. Coloscopy will be next on my list. I hope I can keep that stuff down. I have a bad problem with that sort of thing. You did great.
    Hope you have a good weekend. Get some rest.

  3. Well Sonya, I’ve relived these few days with you. I’m glad everything went so well….
    Looking forward to your next Vlog….Hope some maybe new people will have read of your experiences and it will have helped them…..

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