Tried Online Grocery Pick up: Why it Doesn’t Work for Me

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Well, you all, as well as my friends and family, have been trying to get me to try out the grocery pick up for Mom as we are just trying to streamline things to make our lives easier and keep her taken care of. Delivery not for us I don’t think b/c I don’t want her having to be wagging the bags in – it’s hard enough for me to do that. But I did make “an attempt” to do on line ordering for pick up.

I’ve been putting it off because it seemed tedious to me to have search for and find the items and then you don’t know sometimes exactly what time you will be ready to pick it up, and I’ve shopped online before with both Walmart and Target. It was a while ago for Walmart and we waited about 45 minutes in the car and didn’t have all our items and a substitution. Not a very good experience and vowed never again, but that was years ago. With Target I order personal items (make up and cosmetics, toothpaste and shampoo – mainly b/c I like their makeup remover towelettes and it’s been good for my face). With Target it’s been ok the one time I did it, but I think I had to return something then too.

Anyway, so I put Mom’s selected grocery items in the cart after she texted it to me and here’s what happened:

  • Somehow I got stuck in the DELI department and was looking for 2% milk and none ever showed up. I think I clicked on the deli where it said “order now” to get my order started but it took me off the main store order thing. And of course deli doesn’t have milk so that confused me. I’m scratching my head thinking “ok we don’t have milk so this is not gonna work”
  • I figured out what I did wrong and then found my way to 2% milk. Mom doesn’t usually want Kroger brand of anything so Purity is what I would buy and it wouldn’t let me. It said “In Store Only”. (Insert a few choice words here, lol.).
  • So I texted Mom to make sure Kroger milk was ok. It was ok. She can deal with that.
  • So I put Kroger 2% milk on the list
  • One thing I had to do was to learn what sizes are in oz. The pictures are misleading so am I getting a big jar or little jar of mayo. Go check my own in the fridge to see. Ok I need to get the big pricy one b/c the other is too little and wow, can I zoom in that pic to make sure that is regular mayo and not the diet one. (I was doing it on my phone as that is likely where I’d have to always order it from.)
  • I went through all of her items and placed them in the cart and careful to check and make sure they were what she would want.
  • About to check out and she texted one more item (story of my life). So I went back and tried to find the deli department for her fried chicken (hot) – I guess she wanted it for lunch today. Found it and added it finally and went to the cart to select time for pick up.
  • Well I went through my mind to see what time we’d be through with church. We have a special meal today so I wasn’t sure. But I was thinking noon at least. So I went in to select Noon for pick up.
  • The earliest pick up was at 2:00. What? That is too late, I’ll be back to my own town by then. The point was to save time so how does that help.

Well I guess no one mentioned I’d have to do this the day before to get scheduled. I thought I could do it this morning for a noon pick up. I mean good grief. It was in the 7 a.m. hour when I started the order. I am sure this works great for most folks but that was all a waste of time for me this morning. I could have been doing something else during the 30 span of downloading the app, getting signed in, getting her order in. Now I have wasted time in the app and have to actually go to the store anyway.

I won’t give up and I’ll give it another shot! But TAKE ONE was a NO GO! It just didn’t work for me in this scenario today. I gave George the option to go in the Kroger (we hate going in that huge store every week) or I could go back over at 2 pm and just do a lot of driving today. He said we could go in after church.

We have been looking forward to Publix opening as it is smaller and easier to shop, but their prices are higher and Mom has poo poo’d ever going there again, so ::sigh::. However, sometimes she may not have a choice since we are involved in having to go and get them. But I am cognitive of the fact that she does not work and so I get that she cannot pay those prices all the time. We end up shopping 4 stores at various weeks b/c there are different items we need from different places. But I won’t shop all of them in one week, so sometimes Publix is a must. By eliminating that one she may have to buy more in advance or either be willing to wait the week we go to another store.

Anyway, I gotta go take a shower.

Yesterday was fun, and I’ll blog more about that later. Gotta go to church.

6 responses to “Tried Online Grocery Pick up: Why it Doesn’t Work for Me”

  1. Oh dear Sonya, what a start to your restful !! Sunday. Hope that by now you’ve had a good service and been able to go collect Mums groceries and that everything is ok. It’s a pity that when the store delivers the shopping they don’t actually take the bags into the house. Over here they do if you ask them nicely…and perhaps give the deliverer a little tip….though just offering is all that’s needed, most refuse…. Anyway I think Mum is certainly going to need to get herself organised Ie giving you her shopping list a few days at least before they are needed and then told that’s that you can’t add anything later…if it’s not on the list it has to wait till the next week…..Hope the rest of today is a nice one for you and George . God Bless

    • I’ve never done delivery but the US is so litigious of a society- it’s a liability issue for a company to allow such i woukd think. Yes it’s the devil literally in the details so people won’t be kind to one another. I try to see what she needs once a week. George wanted me to take the week off but I couldn’t make her go two weeks. She WILL have to when we are gone two weekends but, it seemed proper to ask if she needed anything while we were on this side of town.

  2. It doesn’t work for me either. I buy a lot of produce & I’d rather pick it out myself. And forget all the substitutions.
    I know a LOT of people shop that way & love it .
    It’s a nice option to have.

    • I’ll try again sometime. Maybe this winter or when I know it’s going to rain. I get a lot of groceries from suggestive selling. lol I get ideas or remember things I see and want to have again – especially with healthier snacks items. I won’t give up but normally we enjoy grocery shopping. It just gets overwhelming doing two carts and trying to find things Haul them to car and then two different households.

  3. I would sure try Door Dash for meals delivered (especially when you’re gone for awhile) and insta cart so you don’t have to travel over all the time. Even with a larger delivery your mom could just take a nice carrying bag out to divide and conquer (and I would think with the door held open they would set the groceries within the door threshold inside. I would keep on trying now that you’ve got the app and some snags figured out. And you’re computer savvy!

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