A Week of Being Productive, Meeting Challenges, Learning, Living, Enjoying Life, and Now Resting

It has been a beautiful week. Monday was special with our grandson and his Halloween costume. He loved being Mickey! It’s so fun watching them enjoy the thrills and privileges of childhood.

We were told that at his first trick or treat stop a candy was put in his pumpkin bucket and he looked up and said “two?” lol. Perhaps he will be a grand negotiator one day.

George and I enjoyed our own Halloween out on the town. We went to Panera for a quick dinner as we had a gift card to use up and then we went Christmas shopping. An excellent night for that if you don’t have kids. It was quiet out and we had the stores to ourselves. We also had some success.

Quarter end tax returns have been completed officially as of today. I had a state site that was having website problems and we had two fairly new accounts that were not letting me in that I had to get the liability dates adjusted for as you have to set them up for the date of the first pay check with the state and not the date of hire. When I was in HR everything revolved around the date of hire. Live and learn. Accounting and payroll is a different animal. It’s all about the pay date. So all that is fixed and it’s done. My check lists are all checked off.

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.com

And I am half way through paying the taxes we pay monthly. Some include returns but I have one side of the business done. I will work on Transport’s next week. So that feels good having that off my plate. I try not to worry but you can’t help it sometimes.

The challenge has been going well. It’s a “push” or a “nudge” to try to push some things through. So far so good. Sometimes it is making me stay up a little later or get out the door later in the morning. I worked lots of extra hours last week so I’ve used some of those this week. But the hardest part of this challenge for me is getting the water in. Half my body weight in ounces is a lot, lol. I’m usually 20 oz under for the day. I can get close if I drink water instead of wine when I get home. I’ve done that all week except for tonight. I chose wine. The night is still young. A glass is supposed to be good for you, but even a glass of wine can negate the power of a glass of water because it’s dehydrating and also putting more toxins in your body. In the new year, I’m going to do a month without alcohol and write the changes I feel – moods, longing for it, etc. Should be interesting. I also want to do this with bread, gluten, and a few other things. Sometimes it is too much to do all at once. And certainly not this time of year. But you all can follow me along in 2023 as I set up these challenges for myself.

I started listening to a new YouTube Christian church on line based in the Phoenix Area. They had a study on spirits that caught my attention. We’ve known that there is obviously a spiritual realm and God has talked about this in the Bible. But Woah, I learned a lot about how to “deal with” spirits from this. VERY interesting and also very scriptural based. So this is what I will be listening to for a while. Yesterday I listened to Beth Moore. She has a channel also.

I’ve also done well at reading for pleasure. I’m finally making progress in my book. And I’ve been good about sharing more on social media. It’s in my goals to do that more for 2023, but I’m trying to be present in my stories daily in an effort to eventually connect with people and unify blog, vlog, and social media. So challenge going well I guess.

We have eaten well this week. Only two Hello Fresh meals though because we ate out Halloween and Mom had us over last night for some wonderful beef stew and cornbread.

We took George’s car to be serviced Wednesday night and picked it up last night. So it’s ready for our trip.

Dexter has been more calm but I’ve been unsure about letting him off the leash at Mom’s. I was told “yes, let him be”. He is curious about Fancy, and wanted to love on Mom, surprising the heck out of her as you can see here. She loves him but he surprised her (me too) as he threw his upper body at her wanting a hug! She laughed right after this but I caught the scary moment on cam! George almost looks like he is about to break out in a smile. He knows Dexter can surprise. But I remember I was told to let him off the leash. Fancy growled at Dexter most of the night and showed her teeth. She is almost 17 or so and just not wanting him around. Fancy probably does not have too much longer and Mom’s had a time getting one of his meds but she won’t hear of us trying to help her through our vet, as she is adamant about not using them so I didn’t suggest it anymore.

Any spare time I’ve had, I’ve worked on the video. Here’s a sneak peek of the THUMBNAIL ONLY. I’ll post the link tomorrow when it goes live. LOL

Mom called me both times this week two nights in a row and asked “what are you doing?”. My response “working on a video”. Now she thinks that is all I do, lol. I reminded her when I try to do my hobbies in the afternoons/evenings, I am interrupted about 8 times. I counted one night. I think 8 is the max. It’s not a big deal, and I’m not complaining as many of the interruptions were nice ones, but no it’s very hard to get them done at times. Still I’m on a streak of one per week and I never dreamed I could do it. So I told her “actually no with 8 interruptions – I’m really not getting them done. But I finally got it. We are getting close to Dexter’s adoption and I’ve already picked out my song for my new introduction.

Weekend ahead.

Photo by Daniela Constantini on Pexels.com

It’s not all gonna be hot tea, coffee, wine, rest, and reading, but part of it will be. I need to get all the Christmas stuff out we’ve bought and get it put on the list of stuff we have everyone and determine what is stocking and what is to be wrapped, and also what Santa will leave out for River Roo, because Santa comes to our house to see adults and children alike. But the children get a Santa spread in addition to gifts to open and a stocking. The adults just get gifts and stockings. lol. We will have opportunity to shop more on our trip (Hot Springs and then in Breckenridge TX). But need to get a handle on what we have.

Hope we can wrap some and I also want to create my Intro so I have some creative time to focus on it. I have a vision for it now for the most part. I want it to be simple but yet kind of give an introduction to who we are. Just not as long as the current one. It’s toooooo long. Needs to be sweet, to the point, and done!

Tomorrow is one of our few Saturday’s we have with no plans until after Christmas.

:-O But that said, I turned in 3 PTO days I’ve been saving just to be able to work on our family Christmas, decorating, shopping, wrapping, baking, cleaning. So much to do. But with these three extra days I can focus.

I seriously want to do Vlogmas and Blogmas but don’t know if I can pull it off. It would help with blog and vlog growth. But I’m thinking maybe not this year. I’m already feeling some anxiety with what is on our plate. Sometimes I like to dare myself to try. lol We’ll see.

Anyway, I’m cooking tonight and making spaghetti, so I’ll be back in the morning with the video link.

Ahhhhh I’m so ready for this wonderful blessing of a weekend. Lord please let me enjoy it and get all kinds of things done! In Jesus Name, Amen!

So what are YOU doing this weekend. And did you make it this far in the post? lol

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  1. I’m glad you’ve almost got everything done for week. I don’t think they know what a treasure they have on their payroll …They will soon find when you retiring …..
    Hope today has gone to plan. I visited our usual shops on a Saturday morning in Chippenham, then after a breakfast it was time to come home Beth and Max came over from Bristol and we went out for lunch which is lovely of them. We went out to a very nice lunch. It was very wet when we came home so Mary and I havnt done much at all rest of the day….I’m very tired tonight so hope once I’m in bed I will drop off to sleep…Enjoy tomorrows church and whatever Mum thinks she might need you both for….God Bless

  2. We went to Coopers Hawk this last week and picked up our wine. I had a tasting and found a wonderful one with chocolate and almonds. Boy was it good. I had to get 2 bottles. We ate while there and had a wonderful steak. I do not think Ken has put it in the wine cooler for me until we get through the holidays

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